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Subject: 2012

From Ken Adachi, Editor
May 12, 2011

Subject: 2012 (May 12, 2011)

Subject: 2012
From: Sergio
Date: Thu, May 12, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


I'm not English speaking so excuse me for not aplying the right words. My comment and question is about 2012.

Is this chain of natural disasters (earthquakes, Haiti, China, Japan, Chile , volcano eruptions (Etna today), floods) decline in world economy, corruption cases all around the globe, political instability especially Middle East) what 2012 is about ? Is a process in progress?

I would like to have your opinion.

Thanks, Sergio


Hello Sergio,

All of the events you mention are staged. The "natural" disasters you allude to are engineered artificially. The economic downturn is also manufactured artificially. The Middle East 'rebellion' is also being manipulated and likely instigated by our Iluminated friends. I never heard of the "Muslim Brotherhood" until stories about the Egyptian protests against Mubarak began to appear in the press. The Muslim Brotherhodd, not unlike Al-CIAda is a manufactured bogey man needed by the manipulators to establish the Hegelian dialectic "opponents' of the manufactured 'conflict.' The bombing of Libya with depleted uranium bombs under the pretext of "protecting protesters" is about as Orwellian as it gets. I guess Gadaffi is no longer desired or needed, so the Amercian/British/Israeli planners set the stage for 'protecting' protesters and to fund and arm the Libyan 'freedom fighters' who will replace the Bad Man Gadaffi with a sainted puppet of an American/British/Israeli - style 'democracy'.

Everything we are told about 2012 is a set up to create an environment of panic, fear, and foreboding.

Much of the technology for causing the 'natural" disasters, like the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, are earth based and include nuclear devices placed under the sea. HAARP (and even chemtrails) plays a role in weather system modification such as droughts, hurricanes, and tornadoes, but big earthquakes are due to planted nukes and space based weapon platforms that emit some sort of PULSED, very low frequency signal that incessantly pound a weakened fault zone. Don Nicoloff feels that there is an additional deep space component as well coming from very negative extraterrestrials many light years away that are playing in role in manufacturing these tremendous earthquakes. .

If there was no Illuminati, no CIA, no NASA, no British Intelligence, no Mossad, no Zionists, no NSA, no military intelligence, no Pentagon, no CFR, no Trilateral Commission, no Illuminati sponsored 'think tanks, etc., etc., etc., then 2012 would come and go like any other year and no one would be raising any concerns about Planet Nibiru or Elenin or The End Times, or Armageddon, or the Apocalypse, or the Killer bio-plagues, or The End of Time, or the Mayan Calendar, etc.,etc.

Read Project Blue Beam ( and you will see that the "natural" disasters being created artificially are part of a pre-planned script to have you believe that all of these dire circumstances are due to some great Apocalyptic 'prophecy' that was (supposedly) revealed in the book of Revelations in the Bible, or that time or humanity or the earth is going to end or dramatically and profoundly change on December 21, 2012. The third prediction of Fatima of 1917, never revealed by the Pope in the 1960s as he was suppose to, also hinted at a very dark and gruesome ending for humanity.

It's ALL bull crap. None of it is true.

We are being deceived and manipulated by the Illuminated Ones and their legion of minions, witting and unwitting, to help them convince you that these dark events are predestined 'prophecies.'

Have more faith in the basic goodness of mankind, the power of love to transcend negativity, and the Creator force that animates the universe. Think positive things and act in a positive, productive fashion in order to dispel and lower the negative vibrations created by negative thought, ideation, and ruinous ruminations (to coin a new phrase).

Sincerely, Ken

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