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Letters to The Editor

Suggesting targets for your intent
August 30, 2006

Subject: Suggesting targets for your intent
Date: Wed, August 30, 2006 8:02 pm
To: Editor

Hi, Ken.

I'm sure many of your readers are familiar with computers that suddenly don't work, important equipment that gets fried, etc., and not just because
they've been hacked. Perhaps they are victims of electro-magnetic or DOR energy coming from others. At least that's the impression I've gotten from time to time.

I've had the experience of my car being stopped, my computer getting frozen up, and now recently my CD player and even my radio won't work ... but I've also had the experience of being able to start these things up again just by concentrating on it.

I'm sure many people have heard of "technology jinxes." Here's a web page on the subject:

I've also heard of remote viewers or remote influencers being able to take out entire computer networks. What could a group of people do against cheating touch-screen voting machines? Lying on propaganda news networks?

I would never, ever advocate hurting our democracy or an honest voting system, but when our vote is privatized, when there is no accountability, transparency, and there's definite cheating going on. Isn't it worth sending out the intent that hey, whenever a machine switches the votes or tallies votes that aren't there, it will malfunction? It simply will not register the change, or something?

We need to send out our intent that we won't tolerate this technology that those with vastly superior financial power are employing to use against us. That includes propaganda network satelites, too. We shouldn't have to put up with these things if we can do something about them. But we must take care and ask our higher power that we do it in a responsible way.


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