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Some Suggestions for the October 17, 2006 Cosmic Trigger Event
October 13, 2006

Re: Cosmic Trigger Event To Occur October 17, 2006 (Sep. 25, 2006)

Subject: October - Cosmic Triggers
Date: Sat, October 14, 2006
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

Thanks for your site. I don't pretend to understand all of it but a large portion of it resonates with me.

I'm very much a 3D guy with an interest in the Law of Attraction and Vibration...manifestation and realising that which one focuses on; I'm no energy sensitive nor do I have any psychic abilities. However, I do have a pretty good imagination. That said, I would be interested in your thoughts, if you have time, in how to prepare for any trigger event that will arrive in October.

I have read elsewhere that October will precipitate some awakenings - maybe it is on the run in to 2012. That's the general impression that I'm forming.

Does one try some extra meditation, and in so doing, what should I focus on? 'World Peace' seems pretty abstract to me.

Should I visualise my immediate environment being peaceful? Should I try and focus on my local environment being blissful? Should I personalise it a bit more or is that selfish?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,



Hi Tom,

The article about October 17 says that our thoughts will be AMPLIFIED during the time frame discussed in the article. We are working under the premise that THOUGHT CREATES REALITY. A greater Collective of thought creates a stronger reality than fewer participants in that thought. A large number of people who COLLECTIVELY think the same thought, will cause that thought to MANIFEST into reality sooner than if only a few people think that thought. That's why the article said that they need at LEAST ONE MILLION people to fully participate in this exercise to bring it into 3D manifestation. Synchronistically, this collective application of thought/ manifestation was also covered by Matthew Ward in his October 13, 2006 Message from Matthew.

What I plan to do is to hold the thought on that day that the NWO takeover agenda is failing badly and collapsing under its own weight.

I'm going to hold the EMOTIONAL FEELING that the idea of Peace is suddenly manifesting itself in thought and deed all over the world where turmoil now exists. I going to pretend in my mind that it's VE Day all over again, and everyone's just jumping with joy that World War II has finally ended.

I'm going to play a movie in my mind on that day in which every human robot who is participating to any degree to enable the NWO takeover agenda here in America will think to themselves and say "what am I doing? Why am I helping these satanic fascists destroy my own country, take away my liberty and that of my neighbors? Why am I helping to enslave my own people? Is this the America I want my kids to live in?

I will imagine that the true meaning of LIBERTY and freedom from government tyranny will dawn on every sleeping Pajama person in this country-and around the world- to awaken to the obvious intentions of the NWO crowd to create a fascist, police state society. WE have the capacity to stop it in its tracks by denying it our COOPERATION. They only have power over us if we GIVE IT TO THEM BY COOPERATING WITH THEM.

When you relax, become quiet, and go into a more meditative state, you slow down the frequency bandwidth of your brain waves. Normal activity brain wave are in the Beta range which runs roughly from 14 Hz up to 35 Hz. Slow that down frequency below 14 Hz and you go into Alpha, then into Theta, and deeper yet into Delta.

We produce SCALAR WAVES with our brain, but they have the GREATEST effect on reality when the frequency of our brain waves is at its lowest bandwidth. Thoughts consciously directly from the Delta state will produce far greater results than thoughts broadcast from the Beta state. So Alpha is superior to Beta, and Theta is superior to Alpha -if you can work consciously from the Theta state. Most non-mediators can't go into Theta, but they can get into Alpha if you relax enough and allow yourself to slow down and become quiet inside.

I've noticed that the skies in my local area have been largely free of chemtrails for months on end. They just started to spray again in the past week or two, but the spraying is not continuous like it used to be a couple of years ago. They spray for a day or two, but the Sylphs come in so strong and in such large numbers, that they take over the sky and just vacuum up those chemtrails like it was a commercial for a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. I take photos every time I see anything in the sky whether it's chemtrails, real clouds, or Sylphs. I never see chemtrails without seeing the Sylphs come in and neutralize them. So for many, many months, I've had an inner feeling of joyfulness whenever I go outside and see real puffy white clouds and dark blue skies and those beautiful Sylphs putting on their Magnificent Show. The Spray Boys attempt to come in now and then, and try to lay down their broken lines of chemtrails, but the Sylphs begin to show up within 30 minutes of their spraying and start their clean up work. The Sylphs are so HUGE now that they take up one half or more of the sky over my head. And I think to myself: "these helpful air elementals are here to assist us and Mother Earth to stop the poisoning of our air and our lungs from these chemtrails." Just THINKING that, I believe, helps give the Sylphs more energy and power to do their work.

I think of the Sylphs as allies who are here in solidarity with us to resist and overcome the Dark Siders who are immersed in spiritual ignorance and don't recognize the benefits of working with the Light Side. I don't know who are flying those tankers (if they still use live crews), but if they are piloted by humans and those people happen to be American citizens, then I know that they are not happy with themselves or their 'work'. They are in the business of poisoning people for population culling, mind control influencing, and disease proliferation. They must have wives and children of their own. How can they do this work and live with themselves? I could say the same thing about truck drivers who deliver these toxic chemicals to the sprayer planes and the work crews who keep these planes flying. All who contribute to this work are in the business of poisoning and killing people. They are doing exactly what the Nazis did who we hung at Nuremberg, committing crimes against humanity.

These are the people we have to direct our thoughts  to on October 17, along with the great mass of Pajama People who are under cell tower mind control influencing and don't see the treason, even though it's plain as day and right in their faces. We want to imagine we are living in a world that is now rapidly becoming enlightened, aware, and possessed of an expanded consciousness towards the value of life and the wasteful futility of selfishness, greed, and destructive behavior.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going along with this exercise, so that's why I'm doing it.

Regards, Ken

Update, Oct. 16, 2006:

[Lilly of the Women's Warriors sent out this note today about the Oct. 17 event. We'll be involved with boosting work starting at 5 PM Pacific time. Any prayers or focused intentions to assist will only add to our results. Join us with your positive thoughts from wherever you live in the world..Ken]

Subject: boosting tomorrow
From: "Constantin & Lilly" <>
Date: Mon, October 16, 2006 2:33 pm

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is okay and happy - life is beautiful Okay.. few of us want to meet tomorrow, Wed, Oct 17th for that "cosmic trigger event".

I have a feeling there is something about it and I hope the energy of many people who will boost tomorrow will not be hikjacked. Please mention that in your prayers. I will be in the chat, before 5:10 (Pacific) when the "thing" supposedly happens, so if you guys can make it please be in the chat before that, so we can raise the frequency before 5:10 pm (pacific). 4:50 pm (pacific) would be great. I would boost/pray for a stronger connection with God, individually as well as globally, (a theta frequency).

See you there, if not please boost with us.



Subject: 'Some Suggestions for the October 17, 2006 Cosmic Trigger Event'
Date: Sun, October 15, 2006 7:57 pm
To:   Editor

Hi Ken

If I can add to your posting 'Some Suggestions for the October 17, 2006 Cosmic Trigger Event': Last year around the time of Halloween I wrote to you about visualising the filling of dark entities and areas with pure, white light.* It seemed to have some degree of success due to the very strange 'visitation' that followed the next night. May I suggest on Oct. 17th the same process be done to the dark energies we may find when we scan in a meditative state.

Warm regards and looking forward to doing the same this Halloween.

Rex Lightfoot
Melbourne, Australia



Subject: October 17
Date: Sun, October 15, 2006 1:58 am

Dear Ken

I have just read what you are going to do on October 17 and it is wonderfully thanks to your web site I realized who the Sylphs were. They are my great friends and i have been aware of them for years i just did not quite understand the full picture as i do now. On October 17 I will be on Weymouth beach with my orgonite wand and the new Enigma music that i feel is right for the ceremony i wish to perform these are going to be my thoughts.

That all secrets that NASA are keeping on the new technologies will be in the open. That all lies and nefarious activities that politicians and global companies have done will come out in the open.

But most important

That all the air forces on this planet rescind the order to shoot down the ships of our Space Family. and

That all nuclear weapons of any kind will be transmuted by these energies into duds.

Thank you for your web site my the force be with us all on this important day.

Janet ( Stormwolf)


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