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The Folly of Repeated Surgery and Disease Control
September 6. 2006

Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 13:55:00 -0700
From: Eileen
To: Editor
Subject: Colloidal: Education, Information, Confirmation

I have been taking colloidal silver for almost 1 year on and off. On when I have a shingles outbreak or lupus outbreak, stress outbreak, etc… up to 500ppm, I douse my system external and internal and it’s a miracle, contained shingles and healing in ¼ time. HOWEVER, although I go sometimes a month or two between any doses, after the last 1 ½ month break prior to my current shingles/lupus flare-up, I noticed that not only did the effects diminish it was almost non-existent.

I read about Silica and Gold as properties that would benefit my body and lend healing elements to my diseases. I want to verify this information. I was also told that the monatomic was far more effective than the colloidal. Please assist me in my search for health hope. I have spent the $, we have scraped, I have undergone MANY excruciating surgeries, I am 33 now without Insurance due to “Administrative Error”, LTD from my job (with no health insurance and a NEEDED surgery that must be performed every 3 months on my bladder and is 7 months overdue), the shingles are back to back now (my first outbreak was in October of 05, each case has been combined with impetigo and is getting more severe, having traveled to my left eye, right ear, continual travel down both sides following a nerve pattern and then trailing back up), already I have bionic parts on my Christmas list due to the dwindling number of organs I have left (definitely no extras!)

All female repro-GONE full abdominal, appendix burst prior, mass lumpectomy, small significant nodules in lungs, bladder disease, recurring kidney stones, migraines, ruptured discs, broken tail-bone, frequent spasms in back-burning, zapping “short-circuit” sensation upper body-primarily top of shoulders through neck and head-very very intense and loud like an audible zap that gets more and more intense-faster-it is very painful and it’s like being electrocuted repeatedly with a bee sting type sensation over and over like a pin cushion and is relentless no foreseeable or obvious triggers no medical or medication induced reason, i.e. surgery etc.

Well that’s enough about me, sorry to take up your time. I figured I would just jot a quick note asking for information to educate myself. I am miserable, pain riddled and disease laden with no “cure”, “money”, “alternative” remaining. Don’t get me wrong here! This is NOT a sympathetic vote I’m trying for in hopes I’ll become elected to President of Parents in Pain. There are others far more qualified than I for that award and I am VERY blessed in most other aspects in my life. My children, husband, friends, family, and four legged companions are a never ending light even during my most overcast days. I am human, imperfect, flawed, and sometimes so frustrated the word extreme pails in comparison to the desperation to end the onslaught and overwhelming demons that plague my mind, body, and soul during my longest plights. I have been purchasing my colloidal at Wild Oats here in Reno, NV. I am VERY wary to try ANYTHING consumable by way of ecommerce and MORE wary still by the “enlightened” ones distortion of what the TRUE qualities may be and ARE of colloidal MINERALS and monatomic MINERALS comparatively or alone. I would greatly appreciate your assistance. I am in need of some relief and thousand of dollars to go to the hospital and be injected with meds I need weeks to recover from just seems more harmful than helpful regardless of the pain and medical condition. Whoever flourishes confined to deaths front door must indeed have a different sense of recovery conducive surroundings than I.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate ANY clarification on this broad and controversial subject matter. (Just remember, it matters to me and my family J



Hello Eileen,

It's a shame to read what you've gone through when it was so unnecessary. You need to read my pages about Forbidden Cures and my Cancer page and come to understand the allopathic/ orthodox "medicine" game:

You are not working with Nature, and that's why your problems keep coming back . You are working with mechanics who are looking for a mechanical "solution", so that's why they keep removing more parts of your body-and charging you for it. They, of course, don't understand how to work with Nature either. You need to remember that a 'cured' patient is a 'lost' patient and these people are in BUSINE$$.

There are many ways to HEAL your body by working with Nature. I don't have the time to manage your case for you, but you can do it yourself by studying the right informaiton.

Buy Dr. Hulda Clark's book The Cure for All Disease and start reading it very carefully and follow her recommendations to the letter. See this link:

The ultimate PROBLEM is YOUR IGNORANCE. You must educate yourself so you can properly take care of your body. Obviously, orthodox medicine has failed you completely. Why do you stay with them? You can resolve all of these problems. You just need to learn how to do it. Read Hulda's books and you can learn how.

Here's more on CS:

colloidal silver info index

I don't recommend ingesting gold., bad idea.

Kind Regards, Ken


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