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Forced Vaccination of Cows in Sweden
September 29, 2008

Forced Vaccination of Cows in Sweden (Sep. 29, 2008)

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From: Christina Olsson
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008
Subject: Vaccination

To Ken Adachi,

Dear Sir, they are going on mass vaccinating cows in Sweden against Blue thoung. I was born against all depressing methods and people, but for some years I have lived in my universe trying to see, hear and think good only (even if knowing whats going on).

Is there ANYTHING I can do for the animals and future generations as a member of society without spoiling my energy for nothing?

Thank you and All the best from Christina Olsson


Hi Christina,

I didn't know about this program. There is so MUCH evidence in scientific studies and reports that PROVE the damage caused by vaccines and the relative INEFFECTIVENESS OF vaccines. If you were to organize local farmers who are DEDICATED to the principles of organic, Natural living, you could block the plans by launching lawsuits that could tie up their vaccine plans for years in COURT. You can find the studies by putting together a research team (I can help point you in the right direction) and then try to get volunteer lawyers to sue for a moratorium or temporary injunction to prevent the cows from being vaccinated until the MANUFACTURER of the vaccine can PROVE the SAFETY and effectiveness of the vaccine -- WHICH HE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO. You could also lobby politicians with the same lack of SAFETY and ineffectiveness data and persuade them that forced vaccinations are a NO NO. Of course, they will microchip the animals so they can track them and prevent people from SECRETLY raising animals for food. It's all about FOOD CONTROL in the future. It's also possible that the vaccines could contain STEALTH, bio-engineered organisms to cause the cows to die off over time. They have no problem vaccinating humans with stealth organisms which eventually causes disease (E.g. AIDS in Africa, Gulf War Syndrome, etc) or they drop them from above via chemtrails, so it's not too surprising that they would limit the food supply using the same genocidal operations.

Whenever anybody has ever thwarted any evil plan, it ALWAYS began with a SINGLE individual who was upset enough about it to TRY and do SOMETHING to stop it. Is is possible that YOU could be the catalyst to save those animals, their owners, and by extension, the people of Sweden?

Since when is the righting of a wrong or the prevention of an evil intent a waste of one's time or energy? What higher purpose could you serve for God or humanity?

Kind Regards, Ken

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