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Dr Henry L. Niman: Swine Flu Propaganda & Its Deadly Consequences

"The Swine flu hysteria campaign is the greatest act of deception and propaganda ever foisted upon humanity" ..Ken Adachi
October 16, 2009

Dr Henry L. Niman: Swine Flu Propaganda & Its Deadly Consequences (Oct. 16, 2009)

From: June
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Killer Swine Flu
Date: Oct 16, 2009

Dear Ken,

I received an email from Kip's sister, a nurse in Everett Washington who said "yesterday (October 13) was super busy, we are seeing a lot of the type A influenzas which the H1N1 falls under- hardly any type B's yet which would be the seasonal flu".

Now she is considering taking the Swine Flu shot! She still won't take the mist, because of the live virus. And my mom reported 4 deaths of healthy people in Spokane from the Swine Flu.

What is going on? Mutation of the virus, new virus, or fear mongering propaganda? I pointed out to our sister that if the virus has mutated, or is a new virus, the vaccine will not work.

Now that the 15th of October came and went and we don't hear "mandatory" anymore, here is another tactic to get people to line up for the vaccines! According to the article above, it is working to some degree. "patients in the Inland Northwest have flooded clinics and doctors offices for their regular flu vaccines this week – even before swine flu vaccinations begin."

Here is what I wrote to our sister, the nurse (cheeky of me to challenge a health professional, I know... but I love her.): "I love you very very much and I believe this vaccine is just not good. Please consider keeping yourself well with salt water gargles twice per day and nose rinses, lots of hot beverages, vitamins C and D3, lots of rest, fresh air, exercise, good food, lots of hand washing, do not touch your face (hard for me!) and Kip suggests drinking vinegar water. Gramps used to drink pickle juice but alas, that was before they put "preservatives" in pickles."

We also use a lot of 1 ppm colloidal silver, but I didn't mention that. Sigh. We have a spray bottle of it at every sink, at the shop work bench and in the car and the truck. We get the empty bottles at the dollar store.



Hi June,

You have to do your best to inform her of facts which she does not possess.

The incidence of death from "Swine flu" is being exaggerated and hyped through the roof.. Yes, people are dying, but in almost all cases the newspaper story adds the caveat of "compromised" health conditions. People have already, and will continue to die in the wake of TAKING the wonderful Swine flu vaccine. You can take that to the bank.

Three hundred and forty seven Navy personnel were vaccinated by the wonderful Swine flu vaccine on or about April 18 of this year. Two weeks later, while at sea, 345 seamen experienced some level of "flu" symptoms, while TWO THIRDS of those vaccinated came down with very "serious" flu symptoms which required EMERGENCY treatment from a special team of medical personnel flown to the ship. Two of those Navy men DIED as a result of being given the wonderful Swine flu vaccine (one report indicated that it was the ship's CAPTAIN and a Chief Petty Office who died, but I have no confimation at this time if that was the case). The story was shut down completely by the Navy by warning any Naval personnel (or their wives or relatives) who said anything about the incident to the press (or anyone else) that they would be arrested as a breach of "national security". The PERMANENT damage done to the immune systems of the other 345 Navy seamen who survived in unknown, but judging from the track record of Gulf War I syndrome survivors, their futures may be compromised.

Nurses, like doctors, are trained in ALLOPATHIC medicine in this country. They follow the curriculum in school which was DESIGNED and FUNDED by pharmaceutical interests. If your sister-in-law had attended a school of nursing to assist Naturopathic, or Ayurvedic, or Homeopathic, or Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians, she would posses a completely different mind set about the value and efficacy of vaccines. She's a product of her industry, and has been brain washed by that industry, along with everyone else who's immersed in it, into believing a multitude of fabricated "studies", "peer reviewed" hokum, and falsified "science" to make the pharmaceutical model look good.

The Swine flu hysteria campaign is the greatest act of deception and propaganda ever foisted upon humanity. Nothing is human history parallels the deception and well planned fear campaign that we are now being subjected to. You cannot TRUST or assume anything in mainstream media as accurate or honest.. These people are WHORES. They are lying through their teeth because they are expected to tow the CDC Party Line and they do what's expected of them. They would lose their jobs, connections, perks, etc., if they said anything beyond what they are instructed to say.

Pharmaceutical shills and propagandist like Dr. Henry L. Niman, who is given top billing on Jeff Rense's web site, is spinning wholesale yarns when he says that the Swine "flu" evolved NATURALLY, and that NOTHING in the Swine Flu vaccine was created in a bio-weapons lab, and that EVERYTHING is on the up and up, and there's NOTHING to worry about in taking the vaccine, and that ONLY taking the vaccine will SAVE you from this growing menace of a PANDEMIC which will take out MILLIONS of un-vaccinated people UNLESS you get your vaccination in order to PROTECT yourself.

Dr. Niman is in bed with the pharmaceutical industry up to his eyeballs. This man is a propagandist of the first magnitude.

Gary Null and Richard Gale recently published some excellent papers which I've posted to my web site that leave no DOUBT that there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to support ANY of the FALSITIES promoted by Dr Henry Niman about the nature of this so called "Swine Flu Pandemic" and, most importantly, about the TRUE nature of that toxin-laden vaccine and the severe crippling of the immune system (or worse) that can follow in the wake of being vaccinated.

Dr A True Ott, from the very BEGINNING of the Bird Flu/Swine Flu hysteria campaigns, has been posting an equally impressive array of SCIENTIFIC PAPERS and SCIENTIFIC STUDIES that make it crystal clear that the Swine Flu itself is an utterly contrived HOAX; and that the Swine Flu vaccine is composed of THREE SPECIES of genetic material - pig, bird, and human- that COULD NEVER, EVER, EVER combine "naturally" in Nature and could ONLY have come about by RECOMBINANT genetic technology performed inside a bio-weapons laboratory. Dr Ott was also instrumental in bringing to light the role of Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger in going to Alaska in 1997 with his "team" of CIA agents and Fort Detrick microbiologists to retrieve a sample of the 1918 Flu virus from a corpse that was still largely intact, and use that sample to genetically map and REPLICATE the 1918 virus using the stolen PROMIS Oracle 8i software technology.

How is it that the Rockefeller-created World Health Organization could obtain a PATENT on the so-called Swine flu vaccine BEFORE the Swine Flu "outbreak" even took place in Mexico in March/April of this year?

How is it that Don Nicoloff could come upon an upper echelon executive office memo -written in 2006- from IBM France that predicted with 100% CERTAINTY that a worldwide "pandemic" would erupt "within five years" and discuss plans for how the company would handle the 'disruptions' caused by that "pandemic"?

Only an IMBECILE could believe the CDC party line promoted by Dr Niman and his ilk. Dr Niman is on the INSIDE of the pharmaceutical chess game and he has FRIENDS and BUSINESS ARRANGEMENTS which we are not hearing about when he delivers his soft-voiced radio interviews, or more accurately, pro-pharma infomercials. These people are poised to rake in BILLIONS in windfall profits from this Swine flu hoax, while serving the population reduction agenda of the Club of Rome and their Illuminati masters.

While pharmaceuticals make ADDITIONAL billions in profit, people like your sister-in-law, will pay the ULTIMATE price for her foolishness in placing her trust in these Illuminated devils. She will survive with her health intact if she DOESN'T take the vaccine. The long (or short) term consequences of taking that vaccine are totally UNPREDICTABLE and CHANCEY in the extreme. She can always get another job or move to another state if she's facing mandatory vaccination, but to do it willingly, is wholly unwise. The documents which support the statements I'm making here are found on this and other web sites -in volume- for those who take the time to read them and investigate.

Regards, Ken

October 17, 2009, 12 Noon:

This Youtube video was just sent to me this morning by Boris.

Just take a look at the "extremely rare" vaccine damage which 26 year old Desiree Jennings now has to live with for the rest of her life following her "seasonal flu shot" at a local grocery store (how convenient!). I'm sure that she was convinced by the plethora of mainstream-media propaganda LIES and HYPE promoted by the likes of Dr. Henry Niman that it was PERFECTLY SAFE and WISE to get the flu shot in order to "protect" herself from the MENACE of the terrible and frightening "Flu".

Too bad for Desiree, that she, of ALL people, should have the misfortune of suffering such a RARE and "unexpected" consequence of taking the wonderful "seasonal flu" vaccination! After all, it's EXTREMELY RARE for anybody to suffer such a vaccine-induced debilitation. Do not allow your TRUST and your CONFIDENCE in pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers (and their shills) to be swayed in any way and stop you from getting YOUR flu vaccination this year, as the vaccine is perfectly "safe" for "the majority of people".

October 16, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A few weeks ago, Desiree Jennings was training for a half marathon. Now, she's struggling to walk, talk and even eat.

According to the Loudoun Times-Mirror , Jennings, who has been working with the Washington Redskins as an ambassador in hopes of becoming a cheerleader since April, developed severe and possibly life-threatening side effects from getting a seasonal flu vaccine seven weeks ago at a Safeway in Reston.

Twenty-five-year-old Jennings says she was healthy and active and was not in a high-risk group at the time of her shot.

She says she received the vaccine to earn points for her work health plan that gives perks for each level of wellness that is attained. It was not until ten days after she received the shot that she began to experience flu-like symptoms.

Her physical therapist at Johns Hopkins Hospital say she is suffering from dystonia, a neurological movement disorder where sustained muscle contractions cause body jerks, and abnormal or repetitive movements. People who suffer from dystonia often are required to re-learn even the most basic routines. It is a rare disease and is not completely understood.

"You realize your life is never going to come back the way it was", Desiree told the Times-Mirror. "My goal in life was to one day be a CEO. Now, I dont know if I can ever return back to work."

Loudoun Times-Mirror -- The Flu, & a 'Shot to the System'



Subject: Fw: YouTube - Redskins Cheerleader disabled after taking flu shot . Homeopathy could absolutely reverse her affliction !
From: "luke gatto" <>
Date: Tue, October 20, 2009
To: " Ken Adachi

The swift acting homeopathic remedies that can antidote flu vaccination toxic effects are:


All these ARE selected by her displayed symptoms , and taken {one-at-a-time} in 30c potencies - could rapidly act to reverse this poor young
woman's swine flu vaccination damaging effects !


[From Ken Adachi: Luke Gatto is a Homeopath who has helped many people overcome the toxic effect of vaccines and other difficulties with information on homeopathic remedies. Hhomeopathic remedies can usually be obtained at a Health food store or through mail order. Most people don't know about homeopathy and have no idea just how effective it is, without ANY of the side effects and debilitations assciated with pharmaceutical drugs, or God forbid.. vaccines! . A good book on learning to treat yourself with homeopathic compounds was recommended to me years ago by Luke. It's called "Homeopathic Remedies" by Asa Hershoff, ND, and can be obtained from:

Minimum Price Homeopathic Books (
PO Box 2187, Blaine, WA 98231
UPS only: 250 H Street, Blaine, WA 98230
Phone: 604-597-4757 (Tolls apply). Fax: 604-597-8304 (Tolls apply)
Orders: 800-663-8272 (Toll-free from US and Canada)
Greg Cooper, BSc, Director - Email: greg (at) ]


From: June
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: "healthy" individuals dead from the swine flu
Date: Oct 17, 2009

Dear Ken,

Thank-you for your very thoughtful response. I had already sent much of what I'd learned from your site to our sister, and despite that and the fact that she has never gotten a vaccine for the flu before, she was considering getting the swine flu vaccine. I continue to send her info. I usually don't bug friends and family so much, but this is important, and I may have influenced a retired chemist friend of mine. I know many of my friends and family consider me a nut. I can take it, and it has been worth it to see just that "one less" vaccine. Thank-you for your support.

Our family has been going to a really good naturopath. She has also become our friend. Since she is based out of Spokane and N. Idaho, I asked her about the Spokesman Review report. I also mentioned much of what I have learned from you over the past several months, and the same list of suggestions for health I had for our sister. Her response is relevant to the whole country, I believe:




This explains to me why our sister is seeing type A flu in emergency. I remember last year during flu season she said that the young people nowadays are wimps. They were succumbing to the flu and colds even when the older people were not so affected. Now I know why!

I thought you would like to know about the affect of junk food on "apparently" healthy young people's immune system. This, I believe is a key piece of the puzzle too.

We aren't through this yet, thank you for your continued efforts on your site! It seem I'm sending up prayers all day long, as I do what I need to do. The prayers are that people are waking up. Since the powers that want to be have taken a big fall back position, I am encouraged.

Again: Thanks for all that you do. Blessings.


Dr. Horowitz Debates Dr. Niman: H1N1 Genetics: Nature, Accident or Genocide?

Swine Flu Hoax & the Genocidal Agenda Behind Swine Flu Vaccinations: Index of Articles


Subject: Today on Drudge! Woman Says Flu Shot Triggered Rare Disorder; Doctors Back Woman's Claim Of Adverse Reaction To Seasonal Flu Vaccine
From: Nicole
Date: Fri, October 16, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Woman Says Flu Shot Triggered Rare Disorder

Doctors Back Woman's Claim Of Adverse Reaction To Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Hi There!

Long term reader, first time cliche! Thanks for your work on the site in any case.

Just saw the above sfv articles on Drudge today and am interested in your take...whatever happened to the road blocks slated for yesterday?

Also of note, while I'm writing, a giant chemtrail "X" was over my house a few weeks after I began reading your site, and though I live near a small military reserve base, about 2 weeks ago for a few weeks in a row, military helicopters were flying over almost daily, as well as a jet my neighbor and I saw and couldn't miss hearing and an enormous cargo copter. Curious coincindences...

Thanks again,
Nicole R.

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