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YouTube: H1N1 Killer WHO Flu, Vaccine RFID Implants, Martial Law Rehearsals
August 29, 2009

YouTube: H1N1 Killer WHO Flu, Vaccine RFID Implants, Martial Law Rehearsals (Sep 3, 2009)

Subject: sacramaniacsmc
From: Keith R
Date: Sat, August 29, 2009
To: Editor

Hi Ken ,

if you have not seen this guy yet allow me to introduce his youtube site titled " SACRAMANIACSmc " msn Doc is a veteran and has alot of accurate info including in this video of his titled

"H1N1 and FLU RFID Implant and the hidden authorization"

He discusses that our military has been doing nonstop drills on U.S. soil practicing door to door home invasion drills and the mobilization of large groups of people.He states these drills are ongoing 9 months now.

In Case you would like to see my youtube site it is titled birdflu911

Here is the link:

I started it 2 wks ago.

I think everyone should discuss these issues with their families, friends, loved ones, and everyone they pass during the day and they better do it now.We had better step up and do this now. I HAVE noticed the water line mains are modified with cut off wheels/valves around town now and at the end of my street even.I can see how easy it would be for FEMA to station a gaurd and keep our water turned off.This would put us in utter despair in 3 days without water. We must mobilize now as United States American Citizens and resist at all costs.Waiting for someone else to do it for you will NOT work and we will be overthrown.

Best, Keith R.

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