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Mom Worried About (Swine Flu) Vaccinations & 'Proof' for School Attendance
August 25, 2009

Mom Worried About (Swine Flu) Vaccinations & 'Proof' for School Attendance (Aug. 25, 2009)

Subject: Swine flu vaccine
From: Zareen K
Date: Tue, August 25, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

I was wondering if you had anay insight on the ongoing swine flu drama. Our children's schools are beginning to ask that kids begin the school year with proof of vaccination. Is this flu thing a money making hoopla and distractor from the powers that be or is it more sinister ?

If so what's the best we can do to work around this problem. I am already giving the kids fresh garlic and cilantro and lots of vit c , hand
sanitizers and hand washing etc etc and preparing like I normally do for the flu season.

Your input will be very valuable.

Thanks, Zareen K


Hello Zareen,

It's both a money making scheme and the most sinister plot ever perpetrated against humanity.

Your email addresses the most COMPELLING issue facing parents of school children here and abroad.

They are going to START the Swine flu poisoning campaign with CHILDREN, and then pregnant women, and then First Responders, and then medical personnel, and then elderly, etc. They are going after the most vulnerable and politically weakest first, and then they will attempt their quarantine/forced vaccination scenario on the general public.

Witness the UNBELIEVABLE passage of a FASCIST dictum in Massachusetts yesterday in which those NWO sell-out , Barney Frank-sponsored rats, stooges and SWINE, who are masquerading as legislators, passed a bill which will fine citizens $1000 per day AND put you in jail for 30 days until you agree to be vaccinated with a PROVEN poison cocktail of BIO-WEAPONIZED, BIO-ENGINEERED , and World Homicide Organization PATENTED Swine flu "vaccine"!

What happened yesterday in Massachusetts is TREASON of the highest order. The 4th amendment of the US constitution guarantees "security of your person" , yet they pass this Nazi edit. Those legislators who passed that bill should be hunted down like the vermin they are and treated like vermin by the Massachusetts electorate. They just sold their own constituents out to a shortened life span spent in a wheel chair or a quick trip to an early grave.

The purpose of this unprecedented attempt to force a vaccination for a "pandemic" that doesn't even exist is the most overt attempt to date to commit massive and worldwide GENOCIDE. The purpose of the vaccination is to cause people to WEAKEN, SICKEN, and eventually DIE. This includes all of the young children they insist must be vaccinated before going to school. This is overt, mass genocide! I can't say it any plainer than that.

Dr A. True Ott has been doing internet radio shows almost daily talking about the DOCUMENTATION that supports everything I'm asserting in this e-mail.

Get your school vaccination EXEMPTION forms (for every state in the union) from

Contact Ingri Cassel and Donna Carillo at < >

Do not allow brain washed IDIOTS from your school, from your local Board of Education, the school nurse, from the local Health Department, from your doctor, etc, etc, etc, tell you that your child MUST have vaccinations in order to go to school. They would be completely, totally, unequivocally, and decidedly WRONG if they claimed such a thing (but most will, because most of them are the aforementioned BRAIN WASHED, ignorant, uninformed, and smug variety of compliant stooges). Study the info available at Vaccine Lib and BECOME an expert in the LAW and PROVE to those BULLIES (which you will encounter, I promise you) to BACK OFF and follow the LAW; not what they IMAGINE the law to be, but the law ACTUALLY says.

Do not allow children to be vaccinated no matter what.

If you won't fight them on legal grounds (which you will win), then start HOMESCHOOLING those kids IMMEDIATELY and notify the state of same.

If you can't convince them on your own, then get some allies quickly. Talk to other parents and ORGANIZE into a group. WORK together and act as a united front. Pool money and get a lawyer if you have to sue the school and the Board of Health to make your position clear.

The law is clear. You cannot FORCE YOU to take vaccines -at least in all the states except Nazi-controlled Massachusetts as of August 24, 2009

Keep me posted on what you do. This issue affects every child in this country and won't go away unless you FIGHT to protect those kids.

Leave the state, leave the country, but don't allow your kids to be vaccinated with the Swine Flu Killer shot (or ny other vaccine).

Regards, Ken

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