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Unusual Color Bands Photographed with Seattle Sylph

[Editor's Note: These photos were taken with a camera phone near Seattle, Washington in the last week of August 2007. Camera phones use digital technology and digital cameras can capture frequency bands not normally seen with the naked eye or caught on conventional 35mm film  This is why so many people discover UFOs or other odd phenomenon with digital photographs. In the case of these photos from Matt, I'm going to assume that he couldn't see the red and green color banding while taking the photo of the Sylph. I'm convinced that these color bands are not an aberrant by-product of the camera, but are indeed some form of energy lines associated with the Sylphs. I'll send these photos to ZS Livingstone and see what he has to say about them. Update Sept. 5, 2007: I got a. beautiful response from ZS Livingstone on the nature of the activity taking place in these photos and it's well worth you time reading. You can find ZSL's comments below the Sylph photos seen below..Ken].
September 4, 2007

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From: Matt Day
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Subject: Re: chemtrails & sylphs


Here are the sylph pictures I took with my camera phone; thanks for the technical help. Let me know what you think.

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From: Matt Day
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2007
Subject: chemtrails & sylphs

Hi Ken,

Thanks to your website I'm familiar with the subjects of chemtrails and sylphs and have kept my "eye in the sky" looking for evidence to back the information available through your site and others. There's been plenty. I now have no doubt we are being poisoned, not only from the sky but also through our food and water supplies in the form of aspartame and fluoride, amongst other substances. It's sickening and degrading to say the least, but living a healthy life centered around family, good food and water, responsibility and knowledge, and a clean emotional/spiritual system seem to be the way to persevere.

What prompted me to write this email is driving to work today in Seattle there seemed to be far more chemtrails in the sky than usual . After three hours of work, there were even more. I saw quite a few planes that weren't airline jumbos or little cessnas flying around. It definitely seems the activity is up here. That reminded me of a week ago, when I think I saw a sylph for the first time. I took some pictures from my camera phone but don't know how to get them on a computer yet. I'll send them when I can. It was very interesting looking, and wasn't quite a cloud or a chemtrail. It looked like a long spine with wisps coming out both sides, and it held shape as I was driving along, whereas the other clouds shifted and changed. I just read on your site that it may be possible to initiate communication mentally [with Sylphs] , so I'll try that next time.

Anyways, thanks for the increase in awareness!

Matt D

Sylph Seattle Washington late August 2007

Sylph Seattle Washington late August 2007

Commentary from ZS Livingstone
September 5, 2007

Ken and Matt,

My first impression of the red bands is of strontium salt chemtrails at a different elevation possibly lower in the atmosphere. As the photos were taken within minutes of one another and the red bands move separately from the sylph and the surrounding clouds, scientists and meteorologists are laying down the red bands checking wind drift around the sylph. They are looking at the outer energy fields or the organizing structures creating the sylph cloud.

The green "ray" appears to be emanating from the spine of the sylph overlaying the older white chemtrail. The green is what the scientists were trying to find.

Some of the scientists working with the chemtrail sprayers recognize these organizing structures as living beings. The more materialistic minded meteorologists are perplexed by these anti-entropy activities eating away at their chemtrails. I am using the word entropy the same as "scattering". Sylphs gather together chemtrails for transmuting into water and air.

In Matt's photos can be seen a near perfect "human" spine. The tail bone curve at the bottom of the sylph cloud and the S-shape of the lumbar then thoracic and neck bones can be plainly seen. The shoulders can be seen also. What cannot be seen are the arms legs and head of the sylph.

In order to transmute the poisons in the air the sylph has activated its own kundalini power.

When a sylph is working with higher energies communication with the sylph is best done with one's own kundalini activated. Like attracts like. By activating one's own kundalini one is assisting in clearing the air.

Matt, did you feel the thrill of recognizing the spiritual power in the sky above you? If you did, your kundalini was working. The apparent blindness of most people to sylph activity is due to their lack of a kundalini.

Chemtrail activity has been more selective and concentrated over the jet-stream. As for most of the summer of 2007 the mid latitude jet stream has been over Seattle more chemtrails have been seen in the area. The chemtrail program in attempting to steer the jet-stream north of Seattle are trying to move hurricanes in the North Atlantic. The Pacific Coast hurricanes now hitting the west coast of Mexico are being steered from Okinawa. In that the jet-stream is refusing to go where the weather manipulators want it to go, the category five storms are further to the south than in 2005.

The aetheric ice used to pump up the size of hurricanes is randomly spread on all the oceans, not just the tropics. Somebody upstairs is making it difficult for those who want to create disasters.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


----- Original Message -----
From: Matt
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007
Subject: chemtrails & sylphs

Ken and ZS,

I didn't see the color bands when I was taking the pictures; prior to sending them to you I noticed the odd lines and assumed they were some sort of field interference from the sun, which was in the upper left beyond the photos, or from the windshield of my car. I checked all my phone camera photos, which included a good portion of outdoor shots, and none of them show the same phenomenon. I also experimented with taking some more shots through the windshield, but to no effect.

ZS, my energy level really shot up when I identified the sylph. It was all I could do to get my phone in camera mode, take the picture and not swerve in traffic! Next time I'll see if actual communication is possible, which is an exciting prospect.

Take care all,



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