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A Sylph Encounter of the Fourth Kind?
March 11, 2006

Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006
Subject: sylphs

After googling "sylphs" at the direction of a friend, I came upon your website. I had an experience many years ago, which now I believe was seeing a sylph. I was camping with my husband on a high, grassy hill overlooking the Pacific ocean in central California. We were hiking above Nacimiento (south of Big Sur). We had stopped to rest on a large, rocky outcropping and were gazing out over the ocean. As I was contemplating the beautiful sky and sea I saw a strange movement far out over the ocean which seemed to be a being moving toward the land, but it was "swimming" in the air! I commented to my husband and asked if he could see what I was seeing; he could not. As I observed this large, long, undulating form, it moved closer to land and appeared very tall and lengthy.

The swimming motion was similar to the way an eel or long fish swims, only instead of a side-to-side motion, this was up and down. No arms were visible at this time. As it came closer to land, I observed that it looked human, although it was transparent and much taller. When it saw me observing it, it slowed down and cam to a stop on the hillside across and above me. As it stopped, the perpendicular aspect changed to vertical and indeed it was humanoid and extremely tall; I would say between 25 to 30 feet tall! I became frightened and didn't know if it was dangerous. I had never seen nor heard of anything like this before. My husband was totally oblivous to it and at this point I didn't want to say anything more to him about it, especially if seeing it was a danger to either of us. He continued to converse with me and I was unable to answer. I looked away and pretended not to see it anymore, hoping that would protect us from any harm. As I observed it from my peripheral vision I saw that it had a strange face - very regal and similar to Tibetan and Thai temple statues and paintings of deities - that is the closest description that fit. It wore a crown-like object on it's head and seemed both masculine and feminine.

The garment of/on it's body was very fluid - almost like water held in place and there were faces that morphed in and out of view on the body/garment/fabric that were grimmicing or exibiting dramatic emotions, very intense emotions - almost like souls in torment or extreme discomfort. Even though I could see completely through it, I could still feel it's shadow on me as it passed between me and the sun. I was still feeling quite fearful, not sure if it was going to harm either me or both of us, even though it did not seem threatening; it was so large and strange and alien. I continued to look away while still checking it out in my peripheral vision. After several more minutes it seemed to dissipate, almost like a cloud, quickly evaporating in the sun. After it had seemed to vanish I felt some relief and then I looked back out over the ocean to the west and noticed a strange thing in the sky. It looked like a giant slot machine; 5 wheels were spinning independently and all five were spinning in the manner of a slot machine or ferris wheel. The face of each of the five wheels were covered in hundreds of symbols - they were very large wheels; each symbol seemed representative of a language, although many were unrecognizable by me.

I did manage to notice Cyrillic lettering, Greek, Roman, Babylonian or Sumarian, Egyptian, Celtic and many more. Each wheel stopped on an English letter one by one, left to right, consecutively spelling out in capitol letters the word S T O R M. Then the wheels too, vanished. I was stunned and could hardly relate this to my husband who had gone on talking to me, not noticing what was occuring. I have pondered this event for many years, perhaps eight or ten years I have asked many people, including therapists - I though I was psychotic! (Although it didn't tell me to do anything or believe anything or kill anyone)!

Yesterday, I was attending a training to become an ambassador for the Template ceremonies (see<>) and was sharing this story with other trainees. My friend, Dawn, who also has had many unusual 'visions'or visitations by different entities remarked to me that my experience sounded very much like a Slyph. I googled the word, Slyph, and found your website. I would be curious to know how many others have had this experience. I thank you for the opportunity to share this.

Catherine Grillos


Date: Fri, 5 May 2006
From: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
To: Ken Adachi <>
Subject: Sylph Visions

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From: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 7:45 AM
Subject: Sylph Visions


Yes you saw an intradimensional being, a sylph. Your not insane, in fact you might be the sanest of the sane. I see them in their "human" form too. The question I ask is why you saw that particular sylph? Such communications take a lot of preparation and days of planning. You asked for the experience from the soul level and the sylph did everything it could to be visible to you. Your apparent unresponsiveness sitting beside your husband who could not see it, led to its attempt to "make faces" at you, to see if you would respond. When it became evident that you were seeing the sylph it then gave you the vision of the five tumbler slot machine and the word 'storm'.

I have seen sylphs since age two in 1953. My first 'human sylph' was in 1971 and like you it was in symbolic imagery. Sylphs will communicate warnings to anyone and often do. The 'storm' warning has particular significance to you. In that it was depicted as a slot machine also has meaning for you. Life is a gamble? Now is the time for the real Catherine to wake-up?

Paracelsus who named these beings 'sylphs' five hundred years ago, also saw them as tall slender beings.

It is interesting that googling the typo 'slyphs' also brings you to Ken Adachi's website. I made that typo four years ago and it is still there. There is something 'sly' about sylphs.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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