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"I'm not entirely convinced that chemtrails are worse or different from contrails"
June 27, 2007

Subject: Regarding sylphs and others
Date: Wed, June 27, 2007 1:48 pm
To: Editor

Ken Adachi:

While I've not read through your entire site, I have read through your Sylphs/chemtrails section. I'm not entirely convinced that chemtrails are worse or different from contrails, the land-based smog over major cities leads me to believe that fossil fueled aircraft emissions are bad enough on their own. Especially with the ever increasing number of planes flying about. Not to mention all that waste the military does in training and experimentation.

On the other hand, Sylphs are something that I was mostly ignorant of before finding  your site. I agree with "" in that most of the photographic evidence does just look like clouds, but that's how the mind works with trees, humans, birds or anything. A chair is just a tree cut up and stuck together differently. If the body of a sylph has the same makeup as clouds, which have a bewildering assortment of shapes and sizes on their own, it's understandable why someone could be confused. There's only so much information a static 2D image has. It took a video of a Sylph to convince me, where I could see their form stay mostly constant in comparison to a dynamic sky.

Maybe there isn't a lot of data out there to begin with, being "a new topic to modern readers" as you mention responding to a previous letter, but I wish there was more information on them. Could you put up some links to websites, books, videos or anything else related to Sylphs? Maybe other sapient beings, as well?

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

John S.
Young America, MN


Hi John,

If you really are not convinced that chemtrails and contrails are different, then talking about Sylphs is far too premature.

I can't hold it against someone if they truly can't recognize the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail, but I can't have much of a conversation with that person either.

It's like telling me that you aren't convinced that your left hand is different from your right hand. The evidence is obvious and overwhelming to a child, let alone to an adult.

You are parroting almost perfectly the unfounded and absurd propaganda that the Air Force and the pentagon are trying to inculcate the internet world into believing about chemtrails. Namely, the idea that increased jet traffic is responsible for spewing out these TONS of materials that morph into what they are calling "cirrus clouds" etc. That's explanation is ludicrous and utterly unscientific. It's errant nonsense. You could have 2,000 commercial jets flying wing tip to wing tip from one side of the the horizon to the other and still not produce enough visible "jet exhaust" to generate even a haze, let alone "cloud banks of cirrus clouds." Chemtrails are NOT smog and they are not the fallout from jet "exhaust" They are substances being SPRAYED from tanker planes and other exotic spraying platforms that we know nothing about. Some of these planes and exotic platforms have invisibility technology on board that allows them to disappear from view if desired. This information has been available on the internet for past 7 or 8 years. Where have you been?

I have hundreds of articles and dozens of photos at my site showing you EXACTLY what chemtrails are and how they are CLEARLY and VASTLY different from contrails-which only occur RARELY, at certain times of the year, and only at very high altitudes, and when the water vapor and and temperature are just right for the phenomenon to occur.

Find Cliff Carnicom's video at youtube called "Aerosol Crimes and Cover-up" and watch it. After watching it, write me back and dare tell me that you still can't decide whether chemtrails are any different from contrails.


Sylphs are described by the ancient Greeks. T. Lobsang Rampa described all of the earth elementals, including sylphs, in one of his books, but I can't recall which one. I have 17 of his books and it would take me considerable time to find it, but I do remember reading his description. You won't find this info in Reader's Digest or Time magazine. This info is found in books that discuss nature spirits and elemental beings. The Findhorn book deals with elementals of the plant kingdom and may mention the air elementals.

For those who can't get it, I've tried to show that the infrared photos that Trevor Constable took in the late 1950's of HUGE aerial, floating, creatures -that could NOT BE SEEN with the naked eye, were in fact Sylphs. They are intelligent life forms that exists in the borderlands between the 3rd and 4th dimension. I could say the same thing of aliens and their spacecraft. They can switch from the 3rd to the 4th dimension at will. From our point of view they are seen in one moment and then disappear in the next. They've just altered their frequency to a range that is slightly above our own, and therefore they become invisible to us, but it doesn't mean they aren't there or that they are not real. They merely became invisible to us by switching to a higher frequency of vibration.

I posted a group of photos sent by Fred Gunn a month or two ago and you clearly see a UFO in one shot and then it disappears completely a moment later in the following shot. For that one brief moment, the craft was vibrating in the 3rd dimension and it was caught in that one photo.

We are being slowly and steadily poisoned by chemtrails daily and it's been going on for 9 years. Whether you are "convinced" of anything is immaterial. If I slipped a little arsenic into your coffee every morning and you were completely ignorant of my activity, would that in any way prevent you from dying as a result of my poisoning efforts?

Like I've told other fence sitters: skepticism, or ignorance, or lack of a basic ability to recognize right from left is not going to serve you or help in any way. You are still being poisoned right along with everyone else-with your head in or out of the sand.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Regarding sylphs and others
Date: Thu, June 28, 2007
To:   Editor


Thanks for the information, I'd never heard of "Aerosol Crimes", Findhorn's "Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings" or Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. The film has convinced me that there is a whole lot more to chemtrails than I thought and I hope to find some of the books at my local library. I've not looked into chemtrails over the past 7 or 8 years, depression and 56k don't usually combine for extensive research. High-speed internet is a blessing upon humanity in my opinion.

If you were to add a little arsenic to my coffee daily my body would build an immunity to it, probably saving me from arsenic related death in the future. If you place a fence where someone is standing, that person is not fence sitting. Do chemtrails increase the chance of death? No. Everybody dies eventually. My awareness is limited and as a result my ignorance is not. If I lack the ability to recognize right and left, it is perhaps because it's your right and your left.

Also, I don't understand why not being convinced of chemtrails would make talking about Sylphs premature. Wouldn't more information about Sylphs be supportive of chemtrail understanding? I'd really like to be able to talk in some way with Sylphs, because I'm sure most of
them know a lot more than I ever will. If you know how to meet with them could you explain how?


John S.


Hi John,

Do a search, you'll find the video. The books are also out there.

Your logic is faulty. Arsenic is a poison, not a pathogen. You don't build up immunity to it. You build up a concentration of dosage and eventually die from it; as it is a favorite tool of cold blooded females who wish to gain their husband's wealth and has been used for a few centuries to kill people covertly.

Sylphs have manifested into visible form as a consequence of worldwide chemtrail poisoning and the dangers it presents to humanity. Most people first come to recognize and accept the reality of chemtrails and THEN may come to recognize the existence of Sylphs. You apparently are ready to accept Sylphs as real, while you are doubtful that chemtrails exists. That's not the order most people follow. Chemtrails are much easier to recognize, while Sylphs are a more 'advanced' topic for most people. That's what I meant.

Anyone can talk to a Sylph if they wish. You may or may not get a response. Go outside and look around. If you see one, talk to it in your mind and ask it to communicate with you in some manner that you'll will know and recognize. You might be in in for a big surprise.

Be Well, Ken


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