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Sylphs and Chemtrails In Orange County, Californnia: Jan. 13, 2006
Jan. 14, 2006

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From: Kim
Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 9:16 AM
Subject: CTs & Sylphs busy in Orange County Calif.

This is all new to me.

I noticed sylphs on your site, having never heard about them before. Then it clicked, what I had been watching in my skies for years! I just KNEW these were not normal clouds. Then this whole week I feel them calling my attention very strongly. So I grabbed my camera a brought it with me to work. I work in the flight path of John Wayne Airport 2 miles away, so I am well aware of how low the planes fly around here and of their flight path. These little CT spraying planes seem to ignore all traditional flight paths as well as elevations. They are way up there.

I wanted to learn more besides what "Google" searches were offering me, so I tried to remember a search engine that my son uses. I remembered it had something to do with a dog. So I tried whoa! Was that what the universe wanted me to see? That is the site for a worldwide distributor of geographic satellite info and high resolution images. Operators of the "SPOT" satellites. Anyhow I finally did find the search engine I sought which was of course something simpler, I have yet to find the answers I seek as to why we are being sprayed, who is immune, what damage is already done etc., etc.

I am a newbie to all this and I find your site quite interesting, though I am still a bit skeptical these images are what they are. I was able to transmute some CTs using that "blue skies" mantra. These angelic-like "beings" , these sylphs, make me feel protected. I am still considering experimenting with a chembuster as you can see the activity near me is amazing and has been going steady for weeks.

Please feel free to use my images with my permission, also have the hi res images available for you.


Orange County California

Sylphs and CTs over Ocange County CA Jan 13, 2006

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