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"Sylphs... Are Clearly Only Cloud Formations"
May 6, 2007

"Sylphs... Are Clearly Only Cloud Formations" (May 6, 2007)

Subject: Everything on your site.
Date: Sat, March 31, 2007
To: Editor

I will attempt to respect your request for civility in this message. In fact, I normally enter a conversation with that very thing in mind. I do, however, find it difficult to understand how you can present the stories you do on your site with any amount of seriousness. I can't say I read every page, but my concern is that there is not a shred of proof for anything you state on the site (I expect all articles are of the same nature - heresay, no scientific evidence). Things can be interpreted so, as with the "sylphs" which are clearly only cloud formations. Any meteorologist could tell you that. There are also many holes in your claim that cell phone towers are mind control transmitors. I'm sorry, but this all just comes across like paranoid what-if-ology to me. I expect you will not have the inclination to use my comment on your site, as it may have the effect of people becoming more sceptical of your claims. It is my opinion that those who have enough support for their claims should not fear debate. Pictures of pretty clouds do no qualify as proof that sylphs exist.


Dear Coward,

If you truly possessed the intrepidness and critical authority that you pretend to own in this flabby admonition, then you would have identified yourself with your name-your full name and location. Your Toney comments carry little credibility for no other reason than the all-too-obvious fact that you're frightened to claim them as your own. You prefer the shadow of anonymity. You're a coward.

The evidence of what I write about is amply available to those who WISH to verify it. I'm speaking of the NWO agenda and connected stories like chemtrails and the phony War on Terror and all of the liberty-robbing baggage that goes with it. The same goes for mind control and psychotronics and cell phone towers: there are dozens and dozens of well researched books and articles available for those who want to know the facts. You have not stated specifically what "stories' you are referring to other than the topic of Sylphs. Sylphs is a new topic to modern readers and the info and photos presented here are pioneering and not intended for dull and reactionary minds. I'm quite sure that you pooh pooh any subject of inquiry that you can't hold in your hand and examine under a microscope. You're a Newtonian materialist. How imaginative and original of you!

I have not really broken new ground here with the possible exception of being the most widely read website that discusses Sylphs. Everything else I post at this site is merely an amplification or relaying of information that has already been documented by others-and can be found at scores of other web sites and often in books as well. . In many instances, I have presented summaries or overviews of extremely complicated and complex stories. It takes a great deal of time to compose an article that will adequately present a succinct picture of something as complicated as the New World Order agenda or mind control. Just reading a summary takes a fair amount of time. If I tried to fold in all of the supportive "proof" that you claim is indispensable -within the body of the article- it would take a week to read it-presuming that I had the time to write it at such extreme length. For major stories like the NWO, or mind control, you will find that I reference both BOOKS and articles amplifying and supporting my comments.

Your declaratory statement that Sylphs are "clearly only cloud formations" is telling. It tells me how utterly dull and unperceptive you are. You lack both an eye for detail and a knowledge of how natural cloud formations normally appear. Since you're a dullard, I'll explain to you what others can see and recognize immediately, without an explanatory lecture:

Sylphs are almost always seen at mid elevations, at elevations where cumulus or stratocumulus are normally seen. When you look at a Sylph photo you will see a "mixture" of cloud types -for example cirrus and strato-cumulus-like 'clouds' within the "body" of the Sylph. In natural cloud formations, you never see two different "types" of clouds -normally found at VERY DIFFERENT ELEVATIONS- "fused" or mixed together. It doesn't happen. Real cirrus clouds are found ONLY at the highest elevations and strato-cumulus clouds are found at lower elevations. The winds are different -in both direction and speed- at different elevations. They affect the appearance and density of the clouds that form at a given elevation. Beyond the 'mixture' aspect, the cirrus-like "wings" or "appendages" of Sylphs will be both SYMMETRICAL and will point, or curl, or terminate in an OPPOSITE direction from each other. THIS, also, cannot happen with natural cloud formations. The winds at a given elevation would blow normal clouds in the SAME DIRECTION, not in two OPPOSITE directions. One cirrus cloud would not curl to the right, while another cirrus cloud in close proximity, could curl to the left and both of them appear balanced and symmetrical. We also have the impossible-to-explain fact that many Sylph photos also reveal an astounding similarity in appearance to earthly creatures such as the Flying Crane Sylph which I photographed on June 12, 2004 or Fred Gunn's Flying Duck Sylph posted on February 26, 2007.

There are many other examples of Sylphs posted at this web site which bear a remarkable similarity to creatures from both land and sea -as well as dragon-like Sylphs. Sylphs will often reveal a "rainbow" effect at a certain location on its "body". This rainbow effect was explained by ZS Livingstone in an article he wrote about 3 years ago. You would never see this very-limited-area rainbow effect with natural cloud formations. Of course you didn't read the ZSL article because you've already established that you're an authority on "cloud formations" and you don't need to read such "heresay" (by the way, Clyde, it's spelled 'hearsay', not "heresay").

When I first started to post articles and photos on Sylphs three years ago, I included photos from Trevor James Constable's book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, which included his INFRARED photos of huge aerial creatures-unseen by the naked eye - moving over the southern California desert in 1958. Trevor called these creatures "critters' because he didn't know he was looking at Sylphs, but Sylphs they were and Trevor today agrees that what he had photographed in 1958 are the SAME species of beings which we are calling Sylphs at this website today (end of lecture).

I'm responding to your dunning e-mail on May 6 because I didn't get a chance to read it until May 6. If I was worried about pin pricks from skeptics or arrogant blowhards like you, I would have never even started a website such as The material you see posted here is a product of NON CONCERN about the opinions of Establishment marionettes. My audience is seated in another part of the theater, far removed from the Penny Gallery.

By the way, I notice that your e-mail address spells out "Son of a Window Dresser".

Somehow, I think that says it all.

Sayonara, Ken Adachi


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