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British Reader Dubious of Sylph Existence
May 28, 2008

British Reader Dubious of Sylph Existence (May 30, 2008)

Subject: sylphs
From: Steve
Date: Wed, May 28, 2008
To:   Editor

hi ken,

i happened to come across your site while searching for information on radionics. i came across these things you call sylphs. i was wondering if you can clarify to me what they are??? from the photo's i am seeing , they just look like normal cloud pattens. e.g. these could look like anything your mind wants to... i.e. ink blot pattens that phyco-analists use.

i'm not trying to discredit the idea, i mean this because i'm well aware of chemtrails and tetra masts attacking my city just about every day.

i'm just looking for an understandable explanation


p.s. check out my webpage


Hi Steve,

I've already addressed that issue in a few different replies to critics who scoffed at the idea that these forms were merely clouds and not the intelligent beings called Sylphs. I'll post those links below.  Generally, if you take the time to study the photos posted at my site, you will begin to notice distinctive attributes of the cloud forms which Sylphs assume. They differ SUBSTANTIALLY from normal could patterns, once you've become sensitized to their appearance.

They are usually SYMMETRICAL in their appearance: two wings, two arms, etc. They often look like land or sea animals, but sometimes they take a humanoid form or an angel-like form.

Sometimes they look EXACTLY like a Japanese Flying Crane:

or a Flying Duck:

Sometimes they look like a huge Chinese Fire Dragon:

Or at times like a huge Amoeba:

Some Sylphs look like a fish skeleton with a heavy white central spine and radiating "ribs" coming off the center spine:

Some look like a spiraling vortex. Some look like Dandelion heads with trailing stems. Study the photos and you'll begin to see it. It's not that hard.

Here's a reply I wrote to a Sylph critic some months ago:

And here's another:

Go to this page to see all of our articles and photos on Sylphs:

Regards, Ken

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