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Working with Sylphs over France and Germany
March 5, 2007

Working with Sylphs over France and Germany (March 5, 2007)

Subject: Sylphs!
From: Mary
Date: Mon, March 5, 2007
To: Editor

Greetings, Ken!

I live in north Germany and just wanted to briefly tell you about my experiences with Chemtrails/Sylphs. Last year, during the 1st week of June, I visited Lourdes, France. Although it is a Catholic pilgrimage spot, and I am not Catholic, I was profoundly emotional moved by the beautiful energy there. It was pure love!! I highly recommend this spot on earth to anyone who is wanting to feel love.

Oddly enough, I saw, for the entire week, chemtrails every single day, like I have never seen anywhere else. It was a major spraying action, big time. BUT.....I saw these amazingly huge and gorgeous, elegant Sylphs, doing their thing. And while the spraying was mostly in the morning, so that the skies were trying to cloud over, when the Sylphs got going, the afternoons were mostly very clear of chemtrails and the skies were filled with these Sylphs. It was very, very impressive.

Lastly, I, too, work mentally to clear-up the skies, that seems to work fast and almost (ha,ha) like magic. Naturally, I got the idea from a Post from one of your readers. I decided on a little rhyme that would awaken joy and gladness in myself that I would then send to the Slyphs, in order to support them and to show my deep appreciation of them. Even if I only see the chemtrails and no Sylphs visible, I say my little rhyme aloud, with passion, and either soon I will see them or I just feel them there. And, like I said, magically the chemtrails just disappear. So, if you like to experiement, try out my little rhyme, and see if it works. I say;



Isn't it so, that truth IS simple? So, keep it simple!

With love, Mary

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