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Sylphs Neutralize Chemtrails over Cairns, Australia
-with 'a Little Help from a My Friends'
December 27, 2007

Sylphs Neutralize Chemtrails over Cairns, Australia (Dec. 27, 2007)

Subject: Chemtrail Miracle over Cairns
Date: Thu, December 27, 2007
To:   Editor

Hi there Ken and all readers of,

This recent sylph activity has to be the most amazing of all chemtrail engulfments I have ever witnessed (even better than the Air Force episode I told you of, which by the way seems to have been swept under some rug somewhere). I shall paint a quick picture of the event.

My cell phone was stolen, and I was also a little lonesome because my son is away visiting his Mum for Christmas. So to lift myself out of the doldrums, I got myself off to the largest shopping centre in our city, to firstly fix the cell phone problem, and then get lost amongst the other shoppers seeking retail therapy through Christmas shopping.

Having completed these tasks, I'm walking to the bus stop in the 33C [temperature] tropical heat, when I notice a very large conglomeration of sylphs covering almost the entire vista of the sky, like they were celebrating the festive season with us and putting on some kind of show, at least that's what it looked like.

Having wiped my eyes because I could not believe what I was seeing, I missed the first bus home deliberately so I could just keep glued to this phenomenal "show". Of course, most people thought it was just clouds and that I was loony.

Then, at about 20,000 ft up and out of nowhere, came this jet (certainly not civilian), which began laying this massive chemtrail that took at least 15-30 minutes to reach its maximum width, then disappeared. I immediately began some feeble attempt at a prayer directed to the sylphs and just kept saying it. I could not afford to miss the next bus, so I sat down near a window and kept watching, and what happened next took all of my inner strength to observe and comprehend, and it lasted the entire length of the bus trip home. And I'll be damned if there was not one person on that there bus who had any sign of a camera.

Well, we all watched at least three huge groups of sylphs meld into two, then break off slowly into what one could only describe as a group of seven to nine sets of claw-like/miniature jetstreams, which enclosed small sections of the chemtrail, and then each of those sections believe it or not, just disappeared into a cloud/sylph shape, kind of like a vacuum cleaner.

THIS, I had never seen before in my life on such a scale. It might only have been a single chemtrail, but I DO believe there was something in it that was quite sinister, and these sylphs knew it!!

By the time the bus had reached my destination I was in complete awe of what I, and many others, had witnessed, and for the life of me I swear, I'm going to find someone who must have taken video or photos. Surely I am not alone in understanding this event and the importance in trying to film this evidence?

Whenever we contact the airport or the Air Force, they kind of act dumb, take a few particulars, but never ring back with an explanation. Hmmmmmm!

Since the beginning of my access to your website years ago, I've had an education to die for, but as much as I do my best to introduce people in my country to this site, they seem to be either afraid to learn the truth about many things, or, as one of our illustrious Prime Ministers described us, are "basically stupid".

This man also described Australia, as "a country you fly over on your way to Europe". I rest my case!

I'd like to wish you and your staff, and of course all the readers of your website (including the covert ones and their families) a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year.

Sincerely, :Kevin-John: Morgan. PO Box 419W Westcourt, Qld, 4870 Australia.


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