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Sylphs Over Carlsbad, California, Jan. 3, 2007
January 3, 2007

Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007
From: Steve
To: Editor
Subject: Slyphs!!

Hi Ken-

Hope your holidays went well?

Have been seeing 'Slyph' activity here in Carlsbad lately, but today the whole frigging sky is FULL of them! Is something going down?

I am wondering if this has something to do with the 'Alien' sightings seen on New Years? I read your comment about 'Project Blue Beam', and CRACKED UP when you talked about NPR!!!(morning bike ride)

Anyway, I have seen some chemtrails, or at least they looked like chemtrails, and sure enough, the slyphs come in!

Please tell me what YOU think 'Slyphs' are?

Blessings, Steve


Hi Steve,

There are many articles written by ZS Livingstone on my web site that discuss Sylphs in great detail. Go to the Sylphs and Chemtrails page and you'll find many of them ( ).

Chemtrails have picked up in frequency and intensity in the past few weeks in southern California.  I have many photos taken daily of heavy chemtrail spraying followed by Sylp activity in some areas, but zero Sylphs in other areas. Those dead zones need orgone generator gifting in the worst way.

Today was a heavy chemtrail day locally, but the transmutation that I saw in early afternoon surpised me. I'll have to write about it and post some photos.

Sending a positive message to Sylphs will help more than you think. You need to ASK for their help AND to THANK them for their assistance. I call on ALL spiritual helpers and angelic beings to join in the effort.

Warm Regards, Ken


Slyphs & Chemtrails, Kim Hits a Homerun! (Apr.16, 2005)

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