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Sylphs Over Finger Lakes, New York
Sept. 29, 2004

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From: Kathleen
Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 3:54 PM
Subject: Chemtrails and Sylphs

Hi Ken

I just read the letter from Jan and wanted to let you know about the skies here in the FingerLakes area of New York state: Many times last fall, winter, and spring, over and over again I would awaken to a lovely sunny day and see the criss-cross chemtrails spread out and turn it into a grey dreary day (and suddenly there would be a wave of "flu" or "respiratory illness" going around). Someone in this area must have started gifting because in the late spring the (beautiful) Sylphs began appearing and dissipating the chemtrails. When it wasn't raining, there were sunny days with REAL CLOUDS!

I had been observing all this without knowing what I was seeing till I found your site--thank you for getting this info out--am in the process of acting on info and becoming a gifter myself (many blessings to Don and Carol Croft).

To add to Jan's comments: My friends and I who don't watch TV have noticed that, no matter how intelligent or of good heart our friends who DO watch TV, they seem to be brainwashed to an alarming degree.

For instance, I can show them the chemtrails in the sky and they seem to be unable to compute or remember the evidence of their own eyes.

It is an odd experience to be awake in a country where so many are sleepwalking, eh?

Carry on the good work.


"There is ALWAYS hope..."




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