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Letters to The Editor

Sylphs Over Leiden, the Netherlands , July 2006
October 8, 2006

Subject: Re: Pictures of clouds and contrails/chemtrails
From: "Marcel Wijnen" <>
Date: Sun, October 7, 2006
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

I have just been looking at the pictures of clouds on your site, the latest update to it. Earlier this year I was photographing some odd lines and clouds in the sky from outside my house and have been thinking to ask you to may send them to you, to hear what you think of them. There's one in particular, talking about human shapes.... this one needs no searching for it, it couldn't be clearer but it seems to have been made up of the contrail/chemtrail lines (or wasn't it?).

Anyway, is it okay to send you a few? Maybe it's nothing, but maybe it is... I have about three of four to show you, each about 300 kb. I'll wait for your approval and directions how to send them.

Thanks once more for your articles, some of them keep amazing me, they're magnificant!

Best regards,

Marcel Wijnen
Leiden, the Netherlands


Subject: Re: Pictures of clouds and contrails/chemtrails
From: "Marcel Wijnen" <>
Date: Sun, October 8, 2006 2:25 pm
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

Thank you... you'll find them attached. They were taken right outside my house, I can't give you an exact date but it was definitely in July this year... I am really interested in your opinion about them, and, as you can see in the figure-like shape, how it even widens a bit around the "waist". I didn't realise it when I took them because all I was focused on were the broken lines of contrails/chemtrails. They were all part of the same sky, at the same time. It was a very wide view so unfortunately I don't think we can overlap them. I have done no editing on these pictures, what you see is what I saw at the time...

Thanks Ken, best regards,

Marcel Wijnen

Hi Marcel,

These comments are just my impressions of your photos, OK. I don't want to come off as I'm THE authority on recognizing Sylphs. I'm just me. I had no clue what a Sylph was until Carol Croft pointed one out to me in the sky a couple of years ago. Of course, there are Sylphs in each of the four photos below. The straight lines are (or were) the chemtrails themselves, but they are being rapidly transmuted by the large, wispy-like Sylphs. I often notice that a transmuted chemtrail will transform into what looks like the body of one type of Sylph, the "fish skeleton" type. You get the denser white "central" spine appearance with the pointy "rays' radiating out from the center "spine". This was the very type of transmuted chemtrail/Sylph that someone sent to Jeff Rense some years ago and called it the "Death Angel". The photograher didn't realize that he was looking at a transmuted chemtrail/Sylph which was really a "Life Angel", helping to remove the poisons in the atmosphere over his head. ZS Livingstone used that very photo posted at Jeff Rense's web site to accompnay his June 2004 srticle about how Sylphs transmute chemtrails. .
( )

The third photo down does have  the appearance of a flying person wearing a robe with outstretched arms. Is the white, soild round circle seen near the "head" the moon (or an orb)? Reader comments welcomed...Ken Adachi


Sylphs A Leiden, the Netherlands july 2006


Sylphs 2  Leiden the Netherlands July 2006
Sylphs 3  Leiden the Netherlands July 2006

Sylphs 4  Leiden the Netherlands July 2006


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