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Sylphs Provide Sense of Hope Over Chemtrail Agenda
February 6, 2007

Subject: Sylphs
From: Jill
Date: Tue, February 6, 2007
To:   Editor

Mr. Adachi,

I try not to focus on all the negative energies that linger on the planet now so as not to give them any more focus or attention than they already get. I try to focus on keeping my energy up and standing in truth. However this evening, as I was driving home from work, I observed 4 large chemtrails streaking across the sky and observed more being created high in the atmosphere as I watched. I have to admit, I gave in to some feelings of anger and fear, and noticed and responded to the aggravation of other drivers around me, where normally I am able to keep my cool in intense traffic.

Feeling despondent and rageful as I got home, I googled chemtrails and was led eventually to your site and the numerous articles on sylphs and the work that they do. I had never heard of them before, but I felt a sense of validation - I knew I had seen angels in the western sky back home in Oakland [California]! In fact, I think I have a picture of one in my photo stash taken in Baja California around 2001 as a friend of mine looks on.

Thank you for the website postings and information - it turned my dark mood around and gave me some hope and joy for today.



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