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Sylphs in Tennessee
May 23, 2008

Sylphs in Tennessee (May 23, 2008)

Subject: Sylphs in Tennessee
From: Crystal
Date: Fri, May 23, 2008
To:   Editor

Dear Ken,

Like many others, I fell upon your site by accident. I think I am in contact with a sylph here in northeast Tennesseen. We live near a nuclear fuels
processing plant that has been poisoning out region with free reign. The people are poor, often undereducated farmers who blindly trust their government. There are so many miscarriages and bizarre illnesses that it is laughable there is no public outrage.

I moved here 8 years ago but am trying to take my family back to Texas. I have often seen star patterns in chemtrails and many V's, they are so commonplace here that the locals believe the jets do it in support of the Univ of Tn Vols. I have also seen many objects race across the night sky like stars with no running lights very high, maybe 25,000 ft, they are visible for about half the night sky then disappear. Satellites or something else?

Yesterday I saw a face of a wolf in the clouds. He was looking past me and had two front legs. His shape stayed the same but the clouds around him/her changed. Very soon after three high flying jets flew over our area.

The first chemtrail was eroded into tight swirls and quickly dissapated, the second jet had a short wake of a trail that never lasted long behind him. The third was very far away and his trail persisted. I did not know what to feel or think. I did root for the wolf to tear them up and feel he did. On the way home I saw a dragons head in a very very white cloud.

As we pulled into our driveway, my son and I saw a white silvery object moving quickly towards the south. My children are very intelligent and compassionate. I think they are indigo children. I have felt strongly that I needed to get them to Austin and make sure they are well educated. They are destined for great things.

Tonight I walked my dogs and asked the sylph to say hello, they did by turning on a dead streetlight. I promised I would help and also asked them to help me get back to Texas. I know I have rambled on and I'm sorry.

Thank you for providing a light to show the way.



Hello Crystal, ,

What a great note. Glad you wrote.

Keep a digital camera with you. Try and take some videos and stills of what you see.

Orgone generators will greatly reduce the DOR energy from that nuke plant if you spread enough of them around.

I'd like to know what's racing across the sky at night. Not satellites, that's for sure. Do they look like fireballs, or dark objects?

Keep up the dialog with the Sylphs. They will definitely respond as you've noticed.

Wait till you see the stills from a huge Sylph over my house on April 24 . Unbelieveable images. Cherubs, animals, dragons, a clown face, etc.

Regards, Ken


Subject: dark blue beam
From: Crystal
Date: Sat, May 24, 2008
To: Editor

Hi there,

I just remembered something from long ago. As a HS school student in the early 1980s I saw a dark beam like in the pictures on your website, Exactly like the pictures. I must have seen 5-6 of them in San Antonio. We have several military bases there as well as the electronic warfare facility at Security Hill near Kelly AFB.

What do the beams do and why were they used so long ago?

Thanks., Crystal


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