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Chemtrails Busted by Sylphs in Phoenix, AZ, today, February 16, 2007!
February 16, 2007

Subject: Chemtrails Busted by Sylphs in Phoenix, AZ, today, February 16, 2007!
From: Chris R
Date: Fri, February 16, 2007 4:09 pm
To: Editor

Hi, Ken!

I am relatively new to your web site, and just wanted to say thank you for all the great "inside" information. I've spent the last week intensively reading many of the articles posted here. What an eye-opening, empowering education it's been. Thanks a-plenty.

My other reason for writing you is I was lucky enough to bear witness to what appeared to be several sylphs cleaning up a chemtrail that didn't get very far at all! It was, indeed, a glorious sight. The spewplane was effectively shut down, as the sylphs swirled in an ethereal slow dance of airy beauty. I know it was sylphs, because they very much resembled the pics you have, and in particular the one that looks like a long backbone with a "head". I should have taken pictures. I could even make out the "stomach" of one, swallowing the chemtrail up like the garbage that it is. The interesting thing is, that later in the afternoon today I noticed a another spewplane farther up and away with a broken chemtrail behind it that was not
spreading out at all, and was broken in, like, three places. I saw no evidence of sylphs being nearby, either. Perhaps this is evidence of "mental" chembusting going on? I also saw another spewplane that looked like its cargo had been dispatched, as it had a chemtrail, then petered out, as if the contents had run out.

I've alerted many friends here in the Phoenix area to the chemtrail and cell tower problem, who are beginning to look up and take note. I think the momentum against the dark cabal - just people being aware and opposed to them - is having an indirect, but no less powerful effect on their machinations. It's been oddly peaceful here, also, the last few days. Blue skies, REAL clouds, little smog. The CBs here are definitely doing their job. Nevertheless, I am learning how to make my own CB, HHg, and just good orgone in general.

Thanks a lot, Ken, for the outstanding information and bravery in putting it out. Bravo.


Chris R


Thanks Chris,

I greatly appreciate your note. You're right, there is a cumulative effect as more people tune in and it does change the equation.

I've also noticed what you have mention here as far as the Chemtrail not spreading out. The sylph can remain invisible and still be there. I think that they chose to take on cloud form so WE CAN see them working on the chemtrails. When Trevor James Constable filmed Sylphs in the late 1950's, he could NOT SEE them with the naked eye. He and his partner photographed the early morning sky using INFRARED film and after developing, he was able to see these HUGE amoeboid shape sylphs which he labeled "critters' at the time. I'm going to put up an article showing Trevor's photos of the critters.

As far as mental chembusting, I think that you're on to something. I just posted another good essay about using positive thought forms to upset the apple cart of these genocide freaks.

You probably read the Letter from Kim who used positive affirmations to enlist the help of the Sylphs and she saw some amazing "chembusting" as a results of projecting her thoughts and INTENT.

Keep me posted.

High Regards, Ken

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