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Warning on Tachyon Crystal Technology
May 17, 2007

Warning on Tachyon Crystal Technology (May 20, 2007)

SSubject: Tachyon Crystal Technology - BE CAREFUL!
From: Allie  <>
Date: Thu, May 17, 2007
To: Editor

Hi there!

As always, I love your site and all the information you post. It is a strong beacon for truth and it is helping people to wake up.

I want to take a moment to alert you and the readers to a very significant issue. You may have heard of "Tachyon Crystal" technology... I hadn't really looked into it until a healing client of my colleague's brought in a set and asked for a hit on them.

He places the crystals, as directed, in the four corners of the room. The initial feeling was giddiness. It felt good - like things were aligning and all was clear. But then something happened. Now having been an energy healer for years (studied at Barbara Brennan and certified as a teacher there), she described a very troubling set of effects. First, her heart chakra completely closed. The man, her client, who brought the crystals in commented "wow I can hardly see you!" They were still in the fog of the giddiness as all this was happening. Next, she sensed and then physically saw energetic barriers - like prison bars in a grid form all around them and between the crystals. When he asked what she thought (as he was considering marketing them and selling them in Ann Arbor, she commented... "this is an energetic prison cell". He immediately removed the crystals, but it was at least 10 minutes before the effect wore off.

My concern is this... These are rapidly becoming very popular in the "new age" arena. I know that this is a fuzzy grouping of folks - some are very grounded and others are not. The crystals are interesting and they are attractive in many ways - even to people who have been working with these energies for decades.

As these get distributed around the planet, I am very concerned that this is yet another effort to create, literally, a prison.

Please let your readers know, either by publishing this or mentioning it in your blog, that they need to have their antennae WAY up when they come across these. My colleague and I are looking into ways to disable this effect... but I am sure there are other, more technically minded folks who read your site that may have some ideas.

Thanks & keep up the great work!

Yours in support -
Allie <>



Subject: tachyon crystal tech
From: Laurie Brodie
Date: Tue, May 22, 2007
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

Regarding the concern about the tachyon crystal technology and the "lines" seen around the square, these lines are the emf/ magnetic prison we already live in. They are nothing new, somehow the crystals must have illuminated them for their knowledge. I'm not sure, but maybe those barriers are what gives the protection from emf attack? Maybe a little dowsing would be in order?

Best Regards,
Laurie Brodie


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