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More Transformative Encounters: Elementals, Aliens, MIB, & Nature Destroying Technology Revealed

[Editor's Note: This is the second letter I am posting from a person who I have named "Jeanette Wakefield".I am so grateful that we can acquire such amazing information and insights from tuned in individuals like Jeanette, Ashley, Franz, Willy & Andy, the Etheric Resistance, ZS Livingstone, and others un-named. We can all participate in the rescue of Nature, Mother Earth, Father Sun and the human species by directing our prayers, healing thoughts, and focused intentions to all those (in this dimension and higher) who are attempting to mitigate and counter the life-destroying agenda of the Dark Side. It is an axiom of Universal Law that for every action presented to us, there is an equal and opposite reaction (e.g. solution) made available to us~ if we but recognize it and use it. Take advantage of the information presented here and use your mind, thoughts, and intentions to aid in the rescue of this planet. ...Ken Adachi]

From Jeanette Wakefield
June 20, 2012

More Transformative Encounters: Elementals, Aliens, MIB, & Nature Destroying Technology Revealed (June 28, 2012)

Dear Ken,

I'm writing to you again to share some of the things that have been happening here and some things I've been pondering over. For most of this year, I have been focusing my efforts mostly on helping the Elementals as they continue to counteract the technologies that are intended to harm the air, water, Earth, and Sun. I want to discuss this in more depth later in my letter. Some of what I write here will be based on my own memory and experience, but some of it will be based on what I remember coming through me (as insights that I have tried to keep a written journal of) from higher sources. Spirit Helpers and especially Elementals have their unique perspective, which can seem impossible or even at odds with the perspective of humans, as they put Earth/Nature/Holy Spirit always first in terms of consideration, and in this day and age, sometimes this can be hard to live up to. I'm writing this all in one go since I've been sitting on so much information I have to try and get a lot of it out, and also because so many topics are interrelated. I hope this letter is coherent enough.


I have not focused efforts on the Saurians (Reptilians) or Greys, or other alien groups for a while and have not been asked to. The healings I helped with were expanded (like an echo) by those who received it and passed it to those of their own kind who are ready for it. I think that it is understood at this time that my focus is elsewhere, although I will continue with these efforts to help alien groups who are ready to re-orient toward Creator/Source before year's end. One thing I can say about Reptilians is that when they break their contracts with the dark energies and negative beings, it is very difficult for them to do. I have felt that there are layers they have to overcome or break through (curses or cords possibly) that keep them bound in the lower astral. It made sense when I read Franz' article explaining that curses have also trapped some of these beings inside phony holographic identities such as 'demons' (as well as humans within the false hologram of a Reptile). I can see that Franz and other Etheric healers are being depended on a lot and need all the boosting and help they can get, so I have been concerned about that and want to support their efforts too as much as I can. I know it can take a lot out of you and your 3-D life.

It takes a lot of energy to alternate different dimensions so often (or simultaneously) and summon up enough energy for healing on such a regular basis. One other thing I can say with regard to aliens is that there is another group that I have had contact with that I call the 'Rainbows' simply because they appear as tall, slender, and translucent with shifting opalescent colors throughout their bodies. The only other description that sounded similar is the one I remember reading from a letter by Willie and Andy (perhaps they could share some more thoughts about this group of beings). In my experience, these beings are silent and peaceful. They have appeared at different times of my life (from when I was very little until adult recently) and have always appealed to my Higher Self. Based on the most recent experience with them (about 2 years ago), I believe they are helping people in terms of genetics (activating as well as facilitating a protective factor for their latent additional DNA). There are more specifics I would like to write about, but right now I feel it would be risking too much with regard to this ongoing process. Maybe there are others who have had similar experiences.


Another interesting thing that came up for me is the issue of (etheric level) snakes and I noticed that Franz has had quite a bit of experience with this. I can see these snakes, but I see that there are at least two different types, which I'd like to talk about.

First, I have heard/felt/seen snakes that are very reptilian in presence (it sounds silly saying that I know, but the other type I perceive is not truly a reptilian form). The true reptilian snakes are huge, at least that's the way they appear to me, like the size of buildings (although size is such a strange thing between dimensions it's difficult to grasp or describe, and is of little real importance other than to provide a reference in case anyone else working in the etheric has run across what I'm talking about). Anyway, there are these enormous snakes that are very reptilian in presence and seem at first aggressive and angry. Through dream-vision, I was given an insight into how to transmute them. I have psychic/spiritual dreams that give me insights in how to deal with things happening in the etheric that I perceive during times when I'm awake (which makes me wonder if Dream-World is a dimension all to itself, set a bit apart from, but interacting with, all other dimensions where energy takes the forms of archetypes and stories take the form of allegory).

It can be frustrating trying to piece clues together because often these dream-insights are not clearly explained and can come well before the time that I am dealing with the issue that the dream is giving me an insight into handling, so I guess they could also be called prophetic in nature. In this particular dream, I was hiking along a steep river bank, headed upstream. There was a steep drop down to a rushing river and on the other side of the bank were peoples' houses and backyards. I was climbing/scaling across the edges of this bank and there were snakes everywhere; all different types I remember. They were all trying to either bite me or spit venom at me. Now I must say that I have had several dreams with snakes in them in the past (actually many of my dreams feature animals) and all of them came before some discovery of someone in my life trying to deceive me, stab me in the back, and/or spread gossip and lies about me. Now I know this is just symbolic and I have nothing against beautiful Earth snakes that are a vital part of our natural Web-of-Life.

Anyway, during this dream, they were lunging and striking at me and spitting at me, some of them successfully because I remember feeling their bites and seeing their fangs in my arms. But each time they bit me, their venom didn't seem to harm me much (although I could feel it going into me and their bites were painful), so I just kept climbing along the banks of the river (towards what, is not clear). All the while this was happening, a song was humming in the background. I'm embarrassed to say, the song was one of the theme songs to Mary Poppins; the one that they sing when they are in the park. I know it seems totally stupid, but the main word that kept ringing in my ears was MARY. Then, as another snake -a very large one- bit me, I could feel a lot of pain from its bite, but I heard a Spirit Helper's voice over the song say "sing them to sleep." So, in my dream, I started humming along and singing along with the song, and soon the snakes all fell asleep and I was able to pass through the stream bank without being bit. That's all I can remember from that dream (there was more before and after this segment, but it is not clear).

After waking up, one of the insights that stuck in my mind (and in my heart too) is that you can sing snakes to sleep. Since snakes have always seemed to symbolize evil in an archetypical sense for me, I thought maybe this would be something I could try in my waking life. So, one day this past March, I committed energy and focus to dealing with these reptilian-type etheric snakes. Within my psyche I just sent out a message: simply my understanding that there are etheric snakes and if they desired healing to come forward. Sending out 'messages' like this is not an effort, it's more like opening your mind while maintaining a certain understanding or knowledge of an issue of concern. I should say that I start with a very strong underlying feeling that ALL can be healed if they so desire it (that all of us deserve the chance). With this feeling, I have no fear and show no fear to these entities.

Within seconds, an enormous snake came into my mind looking very fierce and had a dark-olive color. It just kind of appeared out in space. I had a visual of stars and being on some sort of planet (or moon?) and there appeared the snake. It was reared up like a cobra. I started singing to it, hoping to sing it to sleep and start it healing. I could not believe how easy it was - I just sang the snake to sleep just like the dream told me to. I quietly sang and hummed two songs I knew by heart (The Rose, and Amazing Grace). At first, it just kind of laid down on its side (I was singing while standing behind its head). As I kept singing, I also concentrated healing and love energy through the sound and toward the snake. Any type of intention energy can be carried by sound frequency, so I just attached my intention energy (intense heart chakra energy) to the sound of the songs. The snake began to resonate with the notes of the song and started glowing a bit. It was like fire, but many colors and I realized that this might be the chakras.

I remembered from other sources that had described the Reptilian (and specifically the snake) chakra system as being very strong and potent because essentially they are just one long spine or chakra system that is very in-touch with Earth energy, which makes them very unique and special when they are in a balanced and healthy condition.

As this was happening, it came into my mind that in the etheric, a 'snake' is just a stage of development for these beings and that they were being stunted and prevented - for a very long span of time (feels like thousands of years) - from completing their development (metamorphosis really) toward their higher form. I kept singing and concentrating on the emotion of the songs and concentrating healing energy and love energy on this sleeping snake. Soon the snake began to rise again and the radiation and light (many colors) grew stronger until there was a burst of fire and the snake started sprouting legs and wings and became a beautiful multi-colored Dragon. The colors were extremely bright and intense and the Dragon was filled with this light and spread its wings and there was an intense feeling of joy and release.

I kept singing (humming at this point and my whole body was filled with the vibrations of the song frequencies) and I also sent calming energy toward the Dragon. I felt a huge sense of gratitude from this Dragon-being. This process was not difficult, but intense. I felt very peaceful, but also tired and my head felt a little heavy.

I know that 'the Snake' is also the archetypical symbol for the kundalini, and this may have something to do with my own kundalini awakening, but I'm not sure about that, since this snake-Dragon was definitely outside of myself and I have had other chakra awakenings already, where I felt it inside of me. However, the snake-Dragon beings may be a kindred-type of spirit that I'm called to work with. A couple of years ago (in Spring I think), I had a vision of riding on Dragon being in the sky through the clouds during an intense experience assisting the Sylphs (that time it was a tornado and I helped spread it out and calm it down).

Last summer, I was able to actually see Sylphs as Dragons and sent a sort of fine line out to them to touch and wake them up and heal them. At that time, I saw hundreds of sick Dragon-like Sylphs in the sky, and the healing line (life-line?) I sent out I just kept connecting to more and more Sylph-Dragons and waking them up and healing them. Right after I did this (actually while I was still doing it), winds started picking up and we had a huge rainstorm (we had been having drought for weeks before that).

With regard to the singing-healing, I have not yet done any other such Snake-Dragon healings since March, but I have promised myself to resume this again. So, this was one type of snake that I have encountered, which was really a Dragon being that was trapped inside its larval form for thousands of years. The Dragon was beautiful and I did not feel any aggression as I had before - I think it had been suffering for a very long time. I know the Bible refers to snakes and dragons in a negative way, and it is difficult to say for certain when things are in etheric (and there can be so much symbolism in imagery). Of course, the visual representation of things can be a very personal thing. However, this interaction was very positive and healing and I felt completely at peace during and after the process. Also, I have had absolutely no negative things happen with regard to any Dragon-beings (there have been no psychic attacks or residual parasitism). I feel this type of Dragon is a positive being.

(Does this description and/or explanation make sense to anyone else or has anyone else encountered or knows more about these type of Dragon beings?)

I was concerned about the snakes Franz was describing and on a few occasions opened my mind to get any sort of visual I could about it. I did finally get an impression of a second type of 'snake', which I can only describe as more worm-like and parasitic in nature, and not at all reptilian. Their feeling is very hollow and I think they are completely devoid of inner presence or essence. I believe these may be the snakes that Franz has been describing. They seem like they are actually somewhat like robots, which is likely why they feel so empty.

I see many of them in etheric space, but my experience so far is that they can be easily destroyed as you can simply fry them up into nothing - the 'snake' fireworks that just turn to ash comes to mind as a visual description. But I think they can also be very easily replicated ; simple holographic robot worm-like parasites. I remember either Franz or another contributor wrote about them talking about having a "master." I opened my mind to finding/visualizing this master and what immediately came into my mind was what looks like an enormous computer-like entity, which seems similar to the astral machine I read about in another article. Since this impression came immediately without effort, I feel I can trust it.

What it looks like to me is that parts of it are sterile and white and other parts dark and metallic. That is only my impression, and I have only gotten a glimpse of part of it, but it is huge. I thought about it on several occasions, and in one of those times the words "cloud computing" appeared in my mind. This makes sense because of the intense agenda to get everything onto cloud computing technology, but this 'cloud' is on a much more extreme level and far surpassing anything that the mainstream tech community has envisioned. I feel (just as others do) that efforts should be focused on dismantling this computer entity, as I feel it may be attached to many different things (attached to the worm/snake in Etheric and attached to satellite and tower technologies in 3-D).


The above relates to a larger topic that has been crystallizing in my mind for some time. I know that some such technology is an effective tool for communication, buy it has been slowly dawning on me that there are other technologies that are completely overlooked and undervalued; technologies we humans used to know, but have been pulled away from for a very long time. What I describe below is a mental-spiritual work in progress mixed with some insights coming from the Elementals, so take that into consideration when reading some of the more seemingly outlandish ideas. I hope others can also share some ideas regarding this. What I've come up with so far is three broad categories for technology:

1. Primary (True) Technology: the 'technology' gifted to us by Creator; the technology of Nature, known in past civilizations and by earlier humans. Technology that is part of the original Earth Matter-tricks (Matrix). I call it Matter-tricks or Matrix as my own description because when considered from a perspective of Spirit, and as Christ explained, this Earth dimension (3-D) is just a material or 'matter-realm' body for the higher energy being that exists inside each living being upon Creation (e.g. your human physical body, a tree's body, an animal's body, a rock, water, air, Earth, fire, etc.) They are all just emanations of spirit into matter (matter holograms?). That's why I call it Matter-tricks or Matrix, which is not intended to be derogatory because it is referring to the original (unadulterated and natural Matter that is a gift from Creator for us to experience and learn from, and is created to sustain a perpetual balance (the Earth cycles; e.g. hydrological, carbon, nitrogen, etc.)

The Gnostics described it as the Creation of the Demiurge (at least that is what I remember learning). However, there is the spark of Spirit within all living beings as part of Highest Creator (God), which comes through into Matter, so I don't necessarily think Matter is a "bad" thing; just a medium where we can exist, experience, learn and grow in our wisdom and reconnect to the Spirit level.

Also, this Creator-based primary technology/matrix is the physical representation of our Web-of-Life and is to be set far apart from what I will describe later as the Artificial Matrix. So 'technology' based on this Creator-gift is what I'm calling true technology; what I think we have always been intended to work with and understand how to use (with respect).

Some of this technology includes soil, stones/gems/crystals, trees and plants, animal teachers or the gifted parts of animals such as spider silk, feathers, claws, bones, antlers, etc. I emphasize gifted from the animal, as opposed to being taken from the animal in an unsustainable way with no respect whatsoever given to the sentient being that is taken from (same can be said of plants or stones). This technology also includes an understanding of how to put to use observation and relationship with Nature (knowledge derived from observing/studying patterns of bird and animal migration, birdsong and bio acoustics, air and water currents, rain, sunlight, moonlight and moon-phases, and much more).

A while back I read in a book where a psychic could get impressions (read) from stones. I thought this was very interesting, but did not think about it again. Much later, when I went on a hike and sat and ate lunch under one of my favorite trees that is surrounded by stones of all sizes (put there by a farmer I think), I just sat and relaxed and meditated, leaning up against the tree and I thought about the stones and how old they must have been, and just sat there with them, stretching out my arm to rest my hand on one of them. I must say that I have always felt that stones do have a spirit presence, so that feeling was already there within me.

However, one of my Elemental friends came into my mind and told me that, in fact, all humans used to be able to psychically 'read' stones because they are living and are full of energy-of-place and can tell what has gone on in a location for thousands of years. I thought this was amazing. It is as if stones were once our natural information storage units. The words hard-drive came to mind. This does make sense if you think about primary ingredients used in the assembling of a hard-drive. So perhaps 'modern' computers are simply the artificial substitute for a lost technology we used to understand (it is perhaps by design that this primary technology is being artificially substituted).

I guess the word 'technology' is kind of cold-sounding, especially when it is a living entity being talked about, so I just keep in mind that this technology is actually a relationship or partnership. Trees are another good example. Trees are beautiful living beings, full of spiritual energy. However, they are also significant in other ways. They represent the meeting or intersection between ALL of the elements. They are connected to and communicate with Earth (absorption of nutrients but also a return of nutrients when they die), Water photosynthesis and transpiration), Air (photosynthesis and transpiration), and Fire (in the form of sunlight or photons). They are also potent energy antennas that are all interconnected under the ground through root grafts. In my experience, trees are very happy to assist in spiritual energy work and Earth healing. They can assist by providing a huge magnification antenna for energy coming from within a human; that is, healing heart chakra energy that is spiraled up through the brow and crown chakras and through the Tree and out into the Air and atmosphere . I visualize Unicorn symbolism or a Unicorn Spirit Helper for this type of healing. This type of healing can also be passed along under the Earth for miles and miles through Tree root grafts. These are just two examples of the Tree technology (partnership); however, there are many more.

Such primary technologies are a gift so potentially useful, and yet they are virtually ignored since very ancient times (although there are still remnants of this wisdom intact within Native cultures: E.g. Native American culture, Aboriginal culture, and basically all native indigenous cultures, who have been the keepers of such knowledge). I believe white Western culture was seduced far away from this hundreds (if not thousands) of years ago. The drawing away of an entire civilization from that which is natural toward replacement with artifice takes some sort of mass hypnotic effect. I believe it was black magic specifically aimed at Western culture (seemingly coming from within, but yet NOT at all coming from within). I hope to write more about this another time.

These true technologies, when coupled with humanity's natural, Creator-given gift of focused intent and high frequency (Love) energy, have amazing potential. All can be used and learned from for the betterment and wisdom of humankind. I know there are people who have been developing ways to tap into true technology for quite a while (solar power for instance); however, much of this is done using materials that are extracted at harm to Earth and are unsustainable, when actually, solar power is quite simple and easy and does not take so much artifice to use (e.g. passive solar).

A person can argue that stripping ores from the Earth is using something 'natural', and that even plastics are 'natural' in that they are petroleum-based, which, after all, comes from the compressed and decomposed bodies of plants and animals, but what do you have to do in order to procure those ores or petroleum? Lay waste to enormous swaths of Earth, without any respect or consideration to the Earth itself or all the other sentient beings who reside there. Fortunately, there are those who are relearning from Nature how to solve problems and applying this knowledge to innovation, as in the emerging field of Bio mimicry. If we can apply bio mimicry principles to find innovations to benefit humankind without harm to Earth, we are using yet another aspect of this field of true technology and doing so in the way of higher wisdom.

Another facet of this is the wonderful ways that true technology and artistic mind are beginning to merge (one example is the art of origami as a means to study sacred geometry which has applications in so many different fields and at so many levels of scale (although finding a way to use 100% recycled paper from sustainable trees, and using non-toxic options for processing, would be an improvement to origami!) Another example of remembering Primary Technology is how sound frequency and music are being studied for healing properties as has been discussed on this web site and others. One can even see this in the amazing discoveries made by Dr. Masaru Emoto in his studies of water and how sound and intent affect the health of water (its ability to form natural and complete ice crystals).

Of course the truest technology that can be tapped into is the 'field' of energy at what they call zero point; the field of energy that is the source for all the strings in String Theory and the 'God-particle' that will never truly be found using a supercomputer. This is Creator energy; I call it the Creating Realm, although the True Creator is still far beyond this realm. The Creating Realm sort of holds the energy of creation, transmutation, healing, joy, peace, prayer, etc. It can be accessed but only with alignment with Creator intention and what I call 'heart-mind' (the heart chakra working in connection with the brow chakra or third eye chakra).

I want to share a wonderful experience that ties the theories of sound frequency healing and zero point field/Creating Realm together. First, I should say that I believe any time we manifest something through focused intent, it is coming through zero point field. However, I believe I may have boosted my access to it and actually entered and experienced it via an OBE. This was achieved through meditation with sacred sound frequencies that were taken in via a natural technology that acts as a magnifier that holds the 'golden ratio' and is compatible with our own innate sound processing mechanism that also holds the golden ratio. To explain it that way sounds complex but it is really so simple that many people might laugh or dismiss, until they open up to actually experience it.

Basically, all I did was meditate using sacred music (Anonymous 4 singing Hildegard Von Bingen) but did so using a couple of good-sized seashells to my ears, which gave the already beautiful sound a sort of echoing ring, like if you are in a cathedral. I am not the only one who thought it sounded like a cathedral. Two other people described it as sounding like they were in a large church; that sort of echoing resonance. Anyway, I could really feel the sound penetrating into my ear (through the shell-shaped cochlea that is our innate frequency sensor organ), and then into my brain. My entire head was humming with the sacred music and I literally felt every beautiful note. It was an incredible experience. I was able to reach a state of meditation that I had never reached before. It was a place beautiful and peaceful beyond words. There were misty layers of cloud and sky that were shades of a violet-blue and it felt primordial. I saw Sylphs and water droplets emerging from the mists. My Spirit Guide told me that it was the Creation Realm and that I could create something to contribute if I wished. At the time I had been working on transmuting the pollutants of aluminum and barium in the chemtrails (this was last year Spring/Summer). So, I made a thought-form of an etheric energy spiral (looks kind of like a little top with rainbow colors) that flies through the air taking in the pollutants on one end of the spectrum, transmutes them, then spits them back out as pure air with increased oxygen. I put hundreds into the air over the Earth at the time. It sounds silly but it worked! It cooled down dramatically (at least where we are). I have found I can also do this with regard to water vapor (transmuting the chemicals into fresh pure water in water vapor form, which can help bring a beautiful rainstorm. I have used this little invention on many occasions and have tried to apply it not only to our area, but to the entire Earth (asking for higher help through prayer, not only manifesting greater numbers of Sylphs into this dimension, but also for them to help guide my little inventions where there may be most need for rain). I will say that there were some incredibly interesting rains last year in areas that do not normally get much rain (e.g. Middle East and Chile I recall).

I tried very hard to assist with rains for Texas, Australia, Africa, as well as wildfire areas out west. Sometimes, it seems like there is a definite correlation, and other times I think I must be trying too much or something I don't know of is going on and getting in the way. Often, I simply visualize immense thunderheads coming into existence and forming over dry areas, which I've had good results with. However, I find that if I simply visualize my little invention to assist with rain-making and sort of click them into place all over the planet, it has more of a wide-spread effect, with less effort Although, it can be exhausting because I always seem to want immediate results (which I do not always get) - but I'm still learning. However, it was fun to create with the heart and with a sense of helping Earth, and that is the point.

I'm telling the specifics about this because I hope that others can get to do the same type of thing in order to have a greater effect to help the Earth. A person doing this can create their own inventions as a gift, and as long as they are of benefit to all of life and created through love, it will be aligned with Creator Realm and be effective. It is a profound,but also a fun experience. It is only when we can start combining these true technologies artistic/creative mind (right and left brain hemispheres equally) as well as heart-mind with wisdom that new higher levels in civilization will be reached. Primary Technology is not about control, but rather harmony working in partnership with what Creator has already gifted the Earth and all of us with.

2. Secondary Technology (Artifice parasitic Primary Technology): This was the initial start of the Artificial Matrix (hologram within the original hologram), and includes technology from approximately the Iron Age onward. This is the technology of ores and mining; iron and steel, as well as petroleum and all of its spin-offs (e.g. gasoline and plastics). Look at the 'fruits' of this. The true fruits include weaponry and war, mechanization and waste, industrialization and pollution, disposability and more waste and pollution, damage to land, poison to ground and surface water, poison to air and soil, both short and long-term. The invention of the wheel in and of itself does not necessarily represent alienation between humans and Nature, but our wheel kind of turned into a snowball that got bigger and bigger. Now people would rather drive two or three blocks than put foot to Earth and walk. I know there are some honorable uses for plastic (e.g. medical innovations such as artificial limbs); however, it is the sheer excessive volume in which petroleum products such as plastics are produced (in great excess compared to true need), that is a big problem.

I guess one could argue that true technology is starting to replace plastics is by use of bio plastics or biodegradable plastics; however, some of these plastics don't degrade as quickly as they are advertised to, and mass-production of such bio plastics entails more use of the system of industrialized agriculture (monoculture) to get the large quantities plant material needed to produce bio plastics at the rate that petroleum plastics are produced. Again, it is back to the question of excessive production verses actual need. Not to mention what is entailed (in terms of resource use and pollution) in the process of rendering natural plant material into something resembling plastic. This is just one example.

The Secondary Technology subject I think is a really difficult topic because modern western civilization has grown so accustomed and dependent on it that many can't imagine existence without it, or think existence would be inferior without it. Maybe in some ways it would, and maybe there are some uses for such things as plastic that are worth keeping around as mentioned before (of course the Elementals say NO to this). But there is no getting around the fact that the sheer volume that it is produced is causing devastation even at the microscopic level. Oceanic plankton bodies have been found to consist of significant percent embedded plastic (in the documentary Oceans of Plastic I think the researcher said she found plankton with a significant portion of body mass as plastic), not to mention the metabolic damage done via ingestion of toxins from plastics (e.g. dioxin). It is true that these things can be transmuted, and transmutation and purification already takes place in the Creator-Matrix Web-of-Life through all of the natural cycles (Earth's metabolism); especially the hydrological cycle. However, these cycles are being tampered with and the sheer volume of pollutants that must be cycled is exceeding capacity. Therefore, further spiritual transmutation is required.

However transmutation of such magnitude requires a lot of high energy and if we keep producing such technologies as plastics in such excess of need, it will be a never-ending cycle of pollution and transmutation, which is a kind of etheric 'band-aid' and really not putting responsibility of spiritual progress where it should be; in our human lap. In other words, just because a few humans and Elementals (and the Holy Spirit working through Earth itself) can spiritually transmute the massive amounts of pollution, it's not OK to continue producing it in excess. That is not true spiritual growth on our part.

This Secondary Technology at least must be relegated to a place where we are no longer so utterly dependent upon it. The Five "R's" start with "Refuse" at the consumer end of the spectrum. If we refuse to buy such technologies or products when we, in truth, don't need them, and we do it with respect for Creator and Creation in our hearts, it will go a long way toward our collective spiritual growth and healing. Now this will not account for it all, as much excess is produced by corporations and entities ultimately owned by the Black Nobility, and they will not stop this waste-production agenda as it is part and parcel of their long-term plan to degrade the creator-gifted matrix, overlaying it with their own false-matrix. However, in this case, where it is otherwise out of the average human consumer's power to change, this is where the higher spiritual transmutation is a necessity.

Secondary Technology is about control (to a lesser degree than Tertiary Technology), but is more dependable (less refined and vulnerable then Tertiary).

3. Tertiary Technology (Artifice parasitic Secondary Technology): This is the latter part of the Artificial Matrix hologram within a hologram, within the original hologram), and includes all the technology based on using/abusing the electromagnetic spectrum for purposes of control; for example, the electronic and digital technologies (e.g. television, computers, cell phones, etc.) I'm not going to attempt to comment on the polluting and physically toxic aspects of this type of technology as there have been so many other contributors who have explained it so well already. I want to discuss the more subtle psychological and spiritual issues connected with it. This type of technology has progressed and spread rapidly because it is seductive and addictive not only because of what it has been promoted to symbolize (e.g. gadgetry=cool=powerful) but also because of how it is wielded in terms of often-prurient content that it is used for.

It has become, in a word, a drug. One of the things I have also noticed about this type of technology is how it nurtures the multi-tasking part of the brain over all others. Multi-tasking is a gift or talent, but it also can be a weakness. I have had many occasions to notice that those who are naturally gifted at multi-tasking tend to be impatient, have shorter attention spans, and tend to do things in a rushed manner with less attention to quality or detail. I think we are cultivating an entire society that celebrates this personality type and its qualities over all others. I also notice that people are walking around so mentally-overly-stimulated that they cannot relax and be still. Relaxation and stillness are necessary for tuning into life and higher consciousness. Tuning in to life (noticing what is going on around you and appreciating it) used to be a desired thing, now it seems that tuning things out is what is desired simply because of the mass bombardment of stimuli through technology.

People have to tune things out much more than they used to in order to have any focus at all. It takes us in a direction away from tuned-in-cohesive-focus and concentration and toward tuned-out-compartmentalized-focus and multi-tasking. This switch from tuning-in to tuning-out is changing the human brain and psyche on a collective level; this is by design of course. The desire of the negatives is to take us as far away as possible from our potential abilities to tune-in to life and higher consciousness and our abilities to be calm and still and focused, for these are the abilities that help develop empathy, psychic awareness, and focused intent.

Even with this in mind, it is tempting to believe there is great potential for such technology to be truly useful to humankind in that it could be run with perpetual energy sources, constructed with reused materials, and be wielded to communicate higher knowledge, wisdom, and goodwill. There are many people already trying to communicate higher knowledge, wisdom and goodwill through their web sites or blogs. Hopefully more will make use of the medium in this way.

However, it is still parasitizing electromagnetic energy and creating excessive pollution. Further, even if there is a collective change in how communication technology is being wielded, the problem is of an even more basic essence and is inherent within the technology system itself, as it is in the synthetic quality of the system that lies the real problem. The truly diabolical aspect to this artificial matrix or grid is not only control of humanity (and potentially all of Earth life), but that the synthetic or virtual comes to be a replacement for experience of the primary Creator-Matrix. For example, we can see this in children who would rather live virtually using the Wii or Guitar Hero than physically take part in learning or experiencing those things they are pretending to do virtually; or they are addicted to television and movies and never go outside to play (e.g. Last Child in the Woods).

There is also an agenda right now being pushed upon universities, libraries and other institutions to digitize everything; to create a digital or virtual doppelganger of every book, magazine, newspaper, map, museum specimen, etc., sometimes at the expense of the traditional (3-D) form. There are libraries that are liquidating source material in favor of digitization. In science circles, there is the agenda to create the Catalogue of Life, which sounds good, but it entails literally bar-coding and numbering all species specimens, as well as seeking patents for genetic codes of species, which is actually the anathema to the original intent of scientific inquiry (I have had much experience with all of this and plan to write more specifically about Science in my next letter).

Then, of course, there is also the 'cloud-computing' initiative that I mentioned earlier. I feel this is disturbing in and of itself, but also has farther reaching negative consequences. When we give up 3-D materials for digitized ones, they are put into a sort of dimension of 'pure information' or pure thought (supposedly). Does that mean those materials are now in etheric? Perhaps, but they aren't in the higher etheric. When pure thought is translated (degraded) into bits (ones and zeros), it is no longer pure thought, especially if that binary translation can be accessed and manipulated so easily by those not truly conceiving the thought, but rather stealing it and/or misrepresenting it.

Higher etheric has no need for cords, cables, towers, black boxes, digitization using binary code, or patents for control and profit off of Nature. Higher etheric comes through natural channels, already created via the primary Creator-Matrix. If higher etheric is the direction we are meant to be progressing toward, aren't we going the wrong direction by way of this technology and agenda? In fact, I would say when we digitize matter, it relegates such matter to be controlled by lower astral (lower 4-D), which brings me full circle back to the subject of that enormous astral computer-entity out in etheric space, which makes the concept of 'cloud computing' take on an even more sinister meaning.

By committing Creator-Matrix matter to digitization (by our own free will, In fact we seem to be clamoring to do so), aren't we imprisoning such matter within the artificial matrix/grid so that, not only does its existence in 3-D have less significance and meaning, but its virtual hologram can now be controlled by lower astral via the astral computer(s) and their "masters"? For example, think about this just in terms of all the minutia of personal information put onto web sites like Facebook (along with a biometrically-scanned photograph of the person's face). Identities/lives can be stolen, erased, misrepresented. This no longer includes just just bank accounts and credit cards. It now includes birth, death, marriage, property records, records of what you have said, participated in, etc.. This is already being done, but has not been institutionalized as a means for control on a massive scale.

So another consequence here is the essence of Truth, which is an aspect of the Divine. Where is the power of Truth within a system such as that? If Truth no longer has power, where then is Meaning? This cuts to the heart of existence. At least with 3-D, humanity has free-will and 3-D is infused with the spark of Creator/Holy Spirit, which not only keeps its integrity, but can be grounded in truth and therefore has meaning in space-time existence/experience. By electing to commit to digitization 3-D matter in such a way, it seems we may be denaturing its relationship with Creator/Holy Spirit in some basic way. Does this type of action constitute a contract or 'binding' with lower astral? I think this is what they (the negative forces) at least are hoping for, since much of their former energy (via black magic) has been weakening, they have placed much reliance on control through artificial technology.

The words lock down come into my mind when I think about it; as in the locking down of matter into a form that can be contained and controlled (not allowed to transcend into a higher form). It is a kind of hacking into the Creation force and attempting to put a sort of stamp or seal on it in order to hack ownership (steal the light or prevent it from becoming brighter). This is the agenda the negatives are desperate to achieve. When it first started dawning on me that this was a possibility of the direction we are going, I was very upset. Then when I looked around and saw the aggressive initiatives to digitize everything in order to make a virtual replacement, I felt pretty helpless against the tide.

Tertiary Technology seems to be about ultimate control; however, the artificial and refined nature of it makes it much more vulnerable to disruption/destruction (in both a physical and etheric sense). Even with all of its downsides, digital technology is having an empowering effect on humanity (which I believe has been a consequence the negatives did not expect or intend). While I believe that this technology can (depending upon how it is wielded) be the complete antithesis to Truth and even strip us of some sort of connection to our true Primary Matrix (if we let it); it also can be argued that it has been a boon to Truth with the many whistle-blower articles, blogs, and web sites (educate-yourself being the best of examples), which may guide many toward reconnection with our true Primary Matrix (Earth) and help them transcend to higher consciousness (through waking up, and connecting to Truth).

I also feel that the saving grace may be in what our intent actually is with regard to the technology. Since intent and thought are things, just as matter is, perhaps by binding the material (matter) things with a higher frequency intent or thought when we commit it into digitization, it will be protected from control mechanisms and phony contracts (remember they make you sign a contract to use the technology by agreeing with all of their terms of use. What are you actually signing on to?) The negatives make the argument that "if you sign, you are bound to the contract," and in fact, they have built the present-day worldly-world on that foundation. However, from the perspective of Higher Consciousness and the Higher Realms, this foundation is made of sand. If we don't really know what we are signing on to (i.e. they are being deceptive, which they usually are), then the so-called 'contract', from a Higher Consciousness perspective, is null and void. Further, if we can preempt those negative contracts (cords or links) onto the matter we are committing to digital by using higher frequency positive focused intent, we can keep our sovereignty and free-will rights (extend them into the digital realm).

Keep in mind, this is just a work-in-progress idea. I still don't know for sure about all this, but it has been a nagging feeling for me for some time. I felt I should at least put it out there so that others could take it into consideration and perhaps contribute some ideas and maybe we can come up with a solution. The conclusion I was left with was that the artificial technology matrix must be at least relegated to a position where it will never threaten to usurp Human mind, body, and Spirit. I also think it may be best if relegated to that of necessity (used only when there is truly a need) which is difficult to discern, and especially difficult to discipline our appetites for it since it is so easily accessed now (by design perhaps). I think this may be what has to happen in order for humanity to be able to re-focus, reconnect, remember, and recover our relationship with Earth/Nature/Holy Spirit and the primary technology Creator-Matrix. I don't intend to be a fear-monger or point fingers at people who use computers or internet (or other artificial technology) as that finger would also be pointing at me. I am only intending this part of my writing to be (hopefully) worthy of further thought and contribution by others.

MIB and other negatives

I want to include a little bit about my experiences with the Men In Black (MIB) and other negatives. Based on my experiences, MIB do exist, and they appear very much like that depicted in movies except all the ones I've encountered appear to be working for the negative forces (rather than 'saving the world' as depicted by Hollywood). I think it is important to say that while there is the higher, good side of etheric work, there is also evil that is real. I think that so many people are becoming spiritually aware and are trying to find good information, but are being told (whether through what they read or groups they are involved in) that there is really no evil or negative energy and are told to simply ignore it or 'not manifest it'. This is only part of the truth and leaves them vulnerable. I have read other contributors thoughts about this on this web site and they are explained very well.

There really is a dark side and it can be seen/heard/felt too. I wish to share some of my experiences so that others may be able to relate or even give me better explanations or insights, and to people suffering from these negatives I want to say you are not alone, and they can be defeated. The MIB usually appear in my dreams. I have met up with these types in 3-D (although they were far less flashy: no black suits and sunglasses to 'out' them). Maybe they appear that way in dreams or Etheric for some particular reason (although I have read that there are people who have seen these guys, all dressed up, in 3-D). Anyway, these 'dreams' I am talking about are not regular dreams, but are what I believe to be alternate dimensional experiences accessed through the dream process or Dream Dimension. They don't happen very often, but when they do, I know it.

All of a sudden the dream becomes much more 'real' or heightened (surreal). It is a palpable feeling. Then there is entry (insertion) of entities (often MIB) into your dream process. I think it can go both ways, because the first few times this happened, I believe that I actually must have (accidentally) wandered into another dimension. I call these dreams my alternate universe-type dreams (of which, not all involve MIB). When I am having one of these dreams, there is a shifting point where I suddenly find that everything has a more heightened focus (much more clear) and feels different than the dream, and I am often in a place that is very mundane (nothing really strange or symbolic like in regular dreams). I am not sure how I do this, but I do. I have also discovered that often I do not appear as myself to the people I interact with, but rather as a manifestation of one of my Spirit Helpers, and thankfully so, because I think it confused the MIB on different occasions. The first time they were quite surprised by my presence and wanted to know how I got there and how I knew who they were. I remember I just laughed and flew away, out of their reach (actually I think this type of thing happened on a few occasions).

Another time, I entered a doorway - this was a door that presented itself within my dream process but led to another room where the alternate dimension experience occurred. The room I entered into was a dark room with a small window across the room from where I entered. It was dark and dusty and smoky inside. There were cages everywhere of different sizes and I remember seeing beings in the cages - some looked like animal-like, but some looked human-like. However, it was hard to tell. The few that I saw were kind of hunched over, crouched in their cages. There were many cages, but they were harder to see.

There was also a stage where there were beings up on the stage. There were two MIB that I saw. One was nasty and mean and was throwing these kind of ball things (like the size of a ping-pong ball) at the beings on the stage. The balls had a floating sort of quality to them but they were definitely being thrown fast, and they would burn them if they hit them, like acid or something. The nasty MIB was laughing sadistically at the beings on stage because he could make them 'dance' by throwing the balls at them. Sometimes they got hit and cried. The other MIB was standing there watching without participating. There were also these security guard type guys around and they were very non-expressive, but it came into my mind that they were there to mindlessly stand guard; but I heard a voice in my head saying that: "they (the guards) don't know it, but they will be tortured just like the other beings if they (the MIB) feel like it". The voice was not a bad voice; it was a Helper's voice advising me about what was going on.

I spent what felt like about 5 minutes there observing. Then the mean MIB got this queer look on his face looking in my direction and blinking and trying to focus. The other MIB says "what is it, what do you see"? He answered saying what he saw me to be (which I will not reveal at this point). It seemed like I was appearing almost apparition-like to them. The other MIB looked in my direction and said "you aren't supposed to be here" and "come on, you better leave now." He actually looked kind of worried and looked over at the other (nasty) MIB who was continuing to throw the acid balls and then he tried to throw one at me. It hit me and felt like burning, plus a kind of like an electric shock too. I felt a bit dizzy when it hit me. So I followed the other MIB away and back out the door. That is all I remember from that dream (I think I woke up not long after that).

I could go into explaining the entire dream, but that would be a much longer explanation and I'm not sure it would be that important as it was not part of the MIB experience.

The other recent MIB experience was in another dream where this time, they inserted themselves into my dream. I was at a diner and was getting up to leave when, in they come; the same two guys (at least it seemed like the same guys). They approached me directly and in a very intimidating way (the energy they gave off was that kind of nauseating and a void feeling I get when I see/hear/sense those using black magic; where I get this pit-of-stomach feeling of fear). They got into my personal space so that they pushed me back toward where I had been sitting down and we sat back down at the table. The mean one was across from me and the other one was beside me. I can remember only a little bit of what they said to me because my sound memory of it is muffled (I'm not sure they were always speaking, but rather thinking; like psychic communication). The mean one had this really irritated and arrogant look on his face though. I think he said something like, "Ok, here's the deal " and explained what was about to happen.

They had this box and it had tubes and they hooked the tubes up to my lower back and turned the box on and it started draining fluid out of me. The fluid looked yellowish-white (cream-colored). At first, I had been taken so off-guard and I just went along with it. I think I asked the other MIB what it was and I think he said it was "nothing to worry about", blowing off my question. I got the feeling they were trying to do this to me with the least amount of struggle possible (for instance, if they could convince me to either be intimidated to go along or just be fooled that it was no big deal, they could get away with what they were trying to do to me). Well, my instincts started really kicking in and I started to pull the tubes off of me (it hurt some and I could feel the pulling sensation).

Here's where it gets really interesting: I can only describe it partly, as I woke up half-way (it's half-way between dreaming and waking which has happened on other occasions where interesting things happen in a positive way, but I'll save that story for another time). Anyway, I sort of woke up, but not really; I was still inside the dream, but had awareness of my body lying in bed dreaming (lucid dreaming) It was then that I just started to concentrate energy at the mean MIB and there was a very rapid reaction where he crumbled into ash and kind of imploded on himself. It happened so fast and it was all just instinct. I then turned to the other MIB and said very strongly, "Get out of it." What I meant was a warning for him to get out of the work he was in.

He just stared at me and kind of looked scared or surprised. I pulled the tubes out and that is when I remember waking up completely. When I have those alternate universe-type dreams, I usually wake up extremely drowsy and disoriented (which was the case this time). It took me a long time to fully wake up that morning.

The other interesting thing was that my lower back was very, very sore; like I had been punched in the lower back many times. It was hard to move. It started to dawn on me that they had been trying to suck out one of my chakras. I believe they were trying to literally drain my second chakra; the sacral chakra; the chakra that gives us not only desire, but also the male-type Yang energy to DO; the activity chakra; basic life-force energy. I believe they were sent to do this to me as a desperate measure to interfere with my spirit work.

I started looking up lots of information on the internet that confirmed some of what I believe. After a while that day, the pain was getting worse in my lower back. I started praying to God and Holy Spirit to eliminate any and all cords and attached entities from my second chakra (and all my chakras), and to protect my chakras from any and all evil. I prayed for healing and rejuvenation of my chakras and return what had been stolen from me. I prayed for Angelic and Archangelic assistance for this too. In my mind I saw the tubes being cut and flailing around and disintegrating into the etheric. After about 10-15 minutes, the pain in my lower back was completely gone. I have not run into any more MIB since that dream.

I am writing this part of my letter to hopefully inform and empower others. I don't think violence is the answer. Healing is always the best answer, but there must at least be something to work with and there must at least be the free-will of the other to let you help/heal them and the intention to realign with Creator. I know very strongly what my spiritual rights are and I know that I have the right to expect that my material and etheric bodies be respected. I know I have a right to defend myself from these sort of attacks, and I will not hesitate to do that. There have been other attacks by negative entities in dreams and in waking hours, but somehow I just follow instinct and know how to defend myself.

I hope what I'm writing will give others confidence that they too have physical and spiritual rights. All they have to do is demand they be respected (and mean it) and ask/pray for assistance from God/Holy Spirit. There have also been things that have happened during waking hours in 3-D.

I have been approached by intimidating men and women in very strange circumstances (I hope to get to write more about this sometime, but it will be quite lengthy). Suffice it to say that it is possible to send them packing using what I think is a sort of magnetic energy, but infusing it with focused intent of the Love frequency and aiming it at the person. Each time, they have backed off so fast, they couldn't get away from me fast enough.

I think through magnetic energy they can sometimes get a signature and read where my location is (if I am manifesting it in a big way). Maybe it is not magnetic, but that is what comes to mind (maybe someone more knowledgeable about this could add their insight about that). I also know how they use psychics if they are actually trying to read me (or follow or locate me). I can see and hear the psychics! It's a two-way street; they seem to forget that sometimes. My natural mental tendencies as well as a few learned techniques on how to control my mind when I need to, have helped me in terms of them not always being able to "read" me very well.

Basically, they hate spontaneity as an innate trait (something I have in abundance). It also helps immensely if you control your mind enough to actually not think much about what you are going to do; in fact, try not to even visualize it. Just know it at another level. This requires practice with different levels or layers of the mind. It also helps if you tend to change your mind; therefore, not thinking or planning very much can be an asset at times. Also, if you feel they are trying to get a reading on where you are or where you are going, just be sure not to look at road signs or other various signs or clues that would allow a psychic to read it and get info about where you are or where you are headed.

Remember that little invention I made to help the Sylphs? You can also make little inventions to help protect yourself too. It sounds funny (creation is often fun and funny), but I just visualize (create) this etheric eraser and simply erase information about me that is forming in the psychic(s) mind or better yet just erase your own visual memory of your path before they can get a fix on it (or even while they are still trying to get a fix on it). Just for effect, I even add in that classic eraser sound, which is funny. I have felt them get very angry about this and I feel kind of sorry for them because I know they might get into trouble if they are not 'producing' enough results. However, what they are trying to do has forced me to defend myself. There is nothing wrong with self-defense. One other interesting thing that I can tell about is that I think they (the negatives) use carrier energy waves to piggy-back their psychotronic technology or messages that are supposed to manifest as subliminal mind messages. Well, one of them obviously backfired. It was revealed to me, I believe by accident, within a radio wave.

I had the radio on one morning (I think I was getting ready for work). All of a sudden the broadcast was interrupted (over-lapped) by this weird female voice saying really evil, ugly and suggestive things. I just stood there looking at the radio kind of freaking out. It came into my mind that this was one of the female MIB or female negatives trying to mess with me. You see, if they use a female's voice to inject into a female target's head, they think they can get that female to think that it is her own thoughts (and vice verse regarding men). Of course they can inject voices of the opposite sex too, but I believe they think same sex is more effective. However, it was actually kind of pathetic and stupid. So if you are "hearing" voices that are saying things to you that are completely not your type of thinking or seem to appeal to base and selfish impulses (or whatever stress you happen to be going through that day), just take a minute to discern whether it is really YOU or not.

If it is you, just forgive yourself and focus on connecting with your Higher Self and the things you Love. Also, reassessing and adjusting expectations can be a key to having some peace of mind. That is, if you believe those voices or thoughts are actually your own.

Now, if you feel or believe very strongly that it is not you, you are probably being targeted. First, don't panic. Just remember, if they have targeted you and are trying to harass you this way, they in fact, must fear you for some reason. Just tune into your Higher Self so you can have a better perspective above what is happening. KNOW that it is not you and tell them so. Tell them how ineffective they are. Laugh at them. You DON'T have to listen (you may 'hear' them, but you don't have to listen). You DON'T have to be scared or do anything that YOU and your Higher Self do not want to do. Think about things you LOVE and connect with your heart.

Pray. The Good Guys do use clair audience too, but they don't invade your head-space like the negatives, and the fruits of what they try to get you to do always connect to your Higher-Self and the greater good. Even at times you may not feel like being good, they will guide you toward better ethics and morals in spite of yourself; those are their fruits; that is the difference. The bad guys will always (at least eventually) appeal to your base nature and selfish impulses, as well as fear and anger. I haven't heard anything like that voice since, but I'm not that excited about turning on my radio anymore.

I have also discovered that concentration of will and focused intent can rid you of those stupid electronic beeps/ringing in the ears. However I think that what I am talking about should be differentiated from tinnitis What I hear is definitely a mechanical sounding, high-pitched, extended beeeeeeep, and it goes away for long periods of time, and comes back from time to time in a seemingly-random way. I think tinnitis affects the person on a daily basis and doesn't seem to just go away. Well, anyway, one day, I just got fed up with it and it happened to be a day where I was feeling very much at peace and musing over the thought that nearly everything worldly is completely phony and thinking, "I have a right to be free of this". Well, there came the beeeeep. I got fed up and started concentrating on the thought, words, and feeling "I AM FREE". I repeated this over and over and within a few seconds, the beep was gone.

I have practiced this ever since, and even added to it thinking (and feeling) "I AM FREE. MY MIND IS FREE." I have also tried to focus and remember what I was thinking at the time of the beep, so that they do not succeed in disrupting my pattern of thought (which I believe may be, at least in part, the purpose of that technology). It is interesting too because I have noticed that they seem to be changing the amplitude of the beep as well as the frequency. It seems they are trying to fine-tune it so they can slip it in without me noticing or doing anything about it (or maybe they are trying to entrain with my brain frequency) Well, it isn't working.

I noticed that nowadays it is extremely quiet and high-pitched. Sometimes it will seem to fade away as I think my mantra, then it will come back much louder for another try, only to be put out again. It's pathetic, really. I believe many of us are walking around with this 'implant' stuff in our ears. All we have to do is know our spiritual rights and demand them (and mean it). Meaning it entails something felt in the gut and in the heart, and you must sustain it (know it as a permanent knowing); but I must emphasize that it is everyone's innate right (and the negatives know it too). Just know that those who are trying to take away your physical or spiritual sovereignty in this way (against your free-will) are doing so outside the bounds of God's/Creator's Will. They are not supposed to do that, and there are consequences both immediate and long-term. The immediate consequence is that their tricks are actually quite flimsy when challenged and if you want to, you can send them packing. You just have to believe in yourself and the Higher Self connection. The long-term consequence is the destructive ends that they will meet unless they begin to realign themselves with Creator. All they have to do is stop, and turn around.

The Elementals

I still must be very careful with what I reveal about the Elementals as I don't want to betray their trust. I can say that a couple of powerful things have happened this year already. There was a rescue of a very important Elemental who had been imprisoned for a very long time (millennia perhaps; my own human frame of reference for time and scale really just doesn't cut it). The entire rescue took months to work up to (in mind and spirit), but took only seconds to manifest with focused intent.

It is so funny how that works - so much thought about something and then when you do it, it is so simple and fast. What I perceive as fastness may actually be what Robert Kirk was talking about when he was in the Fairy (Elemental) Realm. You think about something, and you are automatically transported there or you think about something happening and automatically, it happens. From the 3-D perspective, it can be mind-boggling and sometimes a bit anticlimactic. What was also so amazing is that immediately after this rescue, there came a beautiful spring storm with hail nearly the size of golf balls. I was out in it and saw these large pieces of ice go PLUNK hitting the body of water I was standing near (of course I didn't stick around too long next to the water during a storm, but the whole thing felt very exciting and joyful). My immediate impression about this was Aetheric Ice. That was a great day and there was so much gratitude coming from the Elemental Realm.

After this day, the weather was exquisite for about two weeks. There has also been a beginning of healing of the chakra system of a particular type of Elemental (I do see them with at least a kind of energy system within some of them). Certain of their energy centers had long been atrophied and damaged (possibly through curses put upon them long ago). This coupled with the near total pollution and neglect towards Elementals through the human collective psyche as we have long been distracted away from our once close relationship with them, replaced by the over-emphasis on materialism, logic, science and technology. Elementals are our most immediate (or perhaps tangible) connection to the Angelic; they are the guardians of the very forces of Nature (which is an emanation of the Holy Spirit).

Elementals need love, respect and inclusion to thrive. It is reciprocal though, and we have felt the effects of our neglect of them as it manifests and returns back to us in 3-D as environmental pollution and degradation that is not transmuted. This damage is in the process of being reversed and healed. As more and more humans begin to interact positively with Elementals (at least with the Sylphs), the momentum of healing energy increases and begins to effect a positive tipping point; it gets easier for them. However, this is a long-term project as there is much hurt to heal and much to clean up, as well as much interference and damage from the negative forces. I can say that many of the Elementals have resided just outside this dimension or put their loved ones safely outside this dimension for a long time (it comes to mind that 3-D is a layered dimension itself, as dimensions are complex), and those Elementals that we are still able to grasp psychically, and sometimes see with our physical eyes (or hear or feel) are the very brave ones.

I believe many of them also reside in higher 4-D, trying to avoid the negatives and the not-love energy. Because of this, if there is to be a more complete restoration of the Elementals, they must be consciously pulled back into 3-D, but only through love and by human free-will, and only when there is an increase in frequencies that can sustain them. The litmus test is that it must come through the heart chakra and the intention must be aligned with Creator and Holy Spirit through prayer. It is a process of requesting rather than manifesting. There must also be humans willing and loving and respectful of Nature/Holy Spirit enough to hold/maintain the heart chakra frequency necessary for their reemergence here.

Those who have a strong connection to Elementals are being called to purify body, mind, and spirit so we can hold this frequency within our heart chakras for increasing duration both individually and collectively, serving as a bridge between 3-D and Higher dimensions. When done in this way, there is nothing that can denature this healing process. Such a process requires purification (body, mind, soul and spirit). Purification is not easy and can be a very frustrating and tiring, as you have to face-down (identify, validate, heal, change) many corrupting influences, temptations, weaknesses and energies within your own being. No room for lying to yourself and it is a two-steps-up-one-step-back process where only patience and forgiveness and perseverance will work. I was excited to read about the rainbow-like halo around the sun that Ashley describes. I have seen this too, and I think they also say 'Hi' in the form of small fleck-like rainbows in the sky - they look like little pieces of rainbow and appear sometimes after I've done boosting for the Sylphs. When they appear there is also a tickling-like feeling (like laughter) and heart-surge that made me have a similar reaction as she describes; like "Hi there! Thank you, I love

I hope these experiences grow in number for as many people as possible, as the Elementals health, numbers, and vibrancy will sustain and increase. For over a decade I've received impressions that the extreme weather and many of the "disasters" are completely bogus and artificial tampering with the weather systems and Nature, especially the wildfires. When I first noticed these impressions was the summer of 2000 with wildfires out west and I just had this immediate and strong impression come into my mind that it was arson.

At first, I wasn't really confident in such impressions, but I've been relieved to read the information of others and insights into this as it has validated what I have been feeling for so long. Now for the last few years (at least where I live) there has been such a back-and-forth of extremes in weather within each season. Even people I would say were still "asleep" feel there is something screwy going on. Unfortunately, some very young people cannot remember when it was not extreme, and must be told or reminded. For at least some of this waffling of extremes, it is what I have come to understand as a sort of 'arms-race' between the negatives and their technologies, and the Sylphs and other Elementals in response, especially when the technology is being used to cause more and more unseasonable effects.

For example, when unseasonable heat effects are produced through this technology and then the Elementals cool things back down to what they would be otherwise, it gives the effect of waffling between extremes, when actually all it really is, is that the Elementals are offsetting or compensating for the artificial effects, returning the system to what it would naturally be. I know this because I have been a part of this pattern, at least here where I live. However, when many people experience these extremes they panic and start to believe 'end of the world' or 'climate change' propaganda. There are a couple of new things I have found with regard to this tampering with weather and seasons. First, let me say that when I get a psychic impression, it is not always crystal clear, especially if it is technological. I get an impression and then I usually have to make the time to research the topic. I do this because when I have a better intellectual grasp on things, I am much more effective psychically to help counteract the damage.

This past April [2012], I had been struggling a bit with helping the Sylphs and I kept getting the impression that there was a technology being used that I had not experienced, yet that threw the seasons out of whack (although I know that seasonal conditions are relative depending on where you're located). The actual impression I got was a phenomenon (only word that fit) in the atmosphere is being thrown off or out of whack. Vague, but that's all I got. It was frustrating. I looked up as many articles as I could find trying to pinpoint something that clicked. I finally found (by happy accident) an article about the Schumann resonance being officially discovered (measured). When I read the article, it was like bingo!

I got an impression of the natural frequencies that hold a particular signature for a particular season are being interrupted or overlaid with an artificially-produced frequency that are causing the natural frequency to change and align with the artificial one to get an induced artificial resonance. I don't know if I'm right about this, so if anyone wants to contribute their knowledge about this, it would be great. The second technology I will discuss is one that involves the Sun. So far, I have only had psychic impressions - no articles found on it yet although there are lots of articles about what is happening with the Sun (solar flares). However, these impressions have been much more clear and have occurred since last summer.

There is technology that is being aimed toward the sun to agitate (cause solar flare conditions) and then sort of collected and aimed at Earth's upper atmosphere, vaporizing cloud systems even as they are trying to form. I believe I may have actually witnessed this happening several times already (three times within one day). The visual I get psychically is actually ships orbiting at various angles around the Sun, which are behind this technology. I am calling it the "Magnifier" because I believe it is intended to magnify the heat effects of the sun (artificially degrading light photons into infrared-if that's possible). That is the impression I get. Again, maybe someone with further insights or a better grasp on intellectual and psychic aspects of this can comment. I started getting this impression last year, but it became much clearer this year when I had boosted the Sylphs and there were enormous thunderheads (with the deepest blue sky ever) and it looked like it could rain any minute, but when I took my attention away for a while (thinking I didn't want to ruin things by going overboard on focused intent), I saw that those gorgeous clouds had sort of faded into haziness.

This happened a few other times and it started to become clear to me that there was something tampering with the cloud formation as well as dispersing the clouds that had already formed. The only thing I could think of was heat as I know cloud formation and rain is the process of condensation, and where there is heat applied there is evaporation. It came to mind that these cloud formations were being artificially vaporized. I have been trying to find the time to specifically review the hydrological cycle, the precipitation and evaporation patterns for a more in-depth understanding as well as archives on your web site that discuss artificial weather effects.

However, with regard to the ships affecting the Sun, I have been able to at least temporarily disable/eliminate them and boost the Sun (actually send love and calming/soothing thought forms to it especially in the areas of the solar flares) and boost the Sylphs. I also include the Undines in my boosting as their consciousness (as an emanation of Holy Spirit) is the life-force of water (and water vapor). This healing/boosting was very successful last summer and recently about two weeks ago, although perhaps too successful as things got kind of chilly (which to me was just fine since it was still May, but others didn't really like it). I think that is what happens sometimes when I over-express with focused intent; it keeps echoing or gaining intensity and goes overboard in effect (although the coolness and rain were wonderful!) The problem is, I think this magnification technology may be of the same type as the astral computer existing in lower 4-D and can be replicated very easily. I believe that the source of these technologies must be dismantled and destroyed so they can no longer be replicated. I am also concerning myself with the wildfires and flooding going on and will be assisting as much as possible with regard to that too. Although I did read (weather underground) that the floods in Florida had come after a long period of severe drought and so, if only in that respect, it was a relief. Of course, the mainstream news will not inform us of that.

Further specific details of the Elemental Realm that I have been witness to and have understanding of, will have to remain secret until such time as it is safe to share. This is only because those Elementals who have been resilient, strong and brave enough to make contacts would, at this point, still be targeted by negatives who are becoming increasingly desperate as they know the tipping point is getting closer and that they are losing ground. This desperation will become more and more obvious - pollution, earthquakes, solar flares, drought, wildfires, and floods: basically tantrums of the negative forces. These will be counteracted, transmuted and healed. Earth, Nature, and Holy Spirit remains whole and intact.

I hope at least some of this will be useful. I hope to be able to make the time to write again and hopefully send it to you successfully. Thank you again Ken. I think Ashley said it very well that what you have been doing and are doing with your web site, getting Truth out to people, is a special gift you have been given, which in turn you give to all of us.



Transformative Encounter with Reptilian and Gray Aliens Seeking Healing & Renewal (Dec. 10. 2011)


Subject: Jeanette's letter
From: Janet
Date: Sun, July 1, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr Adachi,

I really enjoyed reading this letter and was especially struck by the slyphs/dragons because that I how I feel/see them. I have a great picture I would like to send you, but am going to try separately to make sure this one goes through. Thanks for your website!

Janet R


Subject: Wakefield article
From: Brian
Date: Sun, July 1, 2012
To:Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I just finished reading that great article by Jeanette Wakefield. Towards the end of it my juices were really flowing with her addressing the subject of weather manipulation.

Ken, I don't know how much of my book you've read, but I want to direct your attention particularly to chapter 13 titled "End of the Beginning". In it you will find examples of my own unique take on what's going on which could serve as an adjunct, and perhaps explanation of Jeanette's own observations and intuitions.

All in the name of contributing to our understanding.


Subject: MIB's and Jeanette's letter
From: Carl
Date: Fri, June 29, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

[Note: This reader is very familiar with, and witness to, the Montauk Project. An unusual event took place at Fort Hero on August 12, 1983 when Duncan Cameron, Preston Nichols, and others involved with the time tunnel operation referred to as the "Montauk Chair" staged something of an in-house mutiny and closed down the entire operation by creating from the Aether, a huge Bigfoot type creature, (affectionately known as "'Junior" ~ STILL frozen in space and time on a hillside of Fort Hero ) who stomped around the entire operational area, smashing everything in his path. This so rattled the individuals who were in charge of running the show, that they closed the whole operation down (a lot of kids were being sent down that time tunnel and they never came back. This is a big part of why the mutiny was staged. Duncan was sick of seeing those kids tortured and used as human guniea pigs). The project was re-activated in August of 1992 and continues up to the present time. Al Bielek talked about this in his 1993 video lecture & workshop called The Montauk Project. ...Ken Adachi]

Hi Ken,

Hope you are doing well.

Regarding Jeanette's letter, wow. That was a pleasure to read. Maybe one day I will meet a woman like this. I doubt it, but it's nice to know they exist. So Jeanette, hats off to you. Nice work. As for MIB's I will confirm what she has said is true. They are real and they do exist. I have seen them "dressed up" on quite a few occasions, but a lot of times they are just trying to blend in and doing a horrible job at it!

They always have a "mission" and that one thing gives them away even more. As I told you earlier, I had an experience with them where they outright threatened me that if my story got out I would be dead. Well news flash for you goons: The story will get out. And others like me as well, will come clean. And it dosent matter if you kill us. The information is still there, it has happened; it will happen, so C'est la vie.

You can send the goons running for cover. They are afraid of you, that's why they are obvious and suggestive and try to appear powerful. Focused intent works, along with the creator spark you described so well. The unpredictable angle you spoke of in "spontaneity" is icing on the cake. The truth is, that no matter what you say or believe nobody knows for certain what will happen in the next moments. They know this. Psychics, though they exist and there are some really gifted ones out there, are not right all of the time and this is the reason why. You simply can not be certain of anything for 100%. Being creative means way more work for someone trying to figure out habits and other things they use against you.

Keeping you mind clean is also great. I have had more run ins with "intimidating men and women in very strange circumstances" than I care to name. I can tell you that I send them all packing; in a variety of ways. Jeanette, again, great work and great writeup on your experiences. You are not alone. I would be willing to bet you were at one time involved with Phoenix. There are many thousands out there that were. The magnetic energy you speak of came from Phoenix/Rainbow and MK Ultra. Yes they can track you, but just like anything it can be defeated. Either by the physical magnetic aspect or from a spiritual aspect.

The words "the matrix" have so many meanings that even those words are an artifact in themselves much like the holograms or virtual worlds their names imply. If you want to get a grasp on this technology just read all you can find on Camp Hero, Project Phoenix, Project Rainbow and MK Ultra. Then keep in mind the truth is stranger than fiction and multiply all of that times 100 and you are getting close to what's going on out there.

In the early days of Phoenix, "The Matrix" was used to describe the technology that brought things into being. Be that actual physical things or wormholes to other times and places. "The Matrix" was actually an array of crystals, coils, and wave guides arranged and focused in one area. These devices were "driven" by huge power amplifiers, which were controlled by an array or supercomputers. The amplifier's power output was in the megawatts. And there were many of them. Just as you suspect there were not too many willing people to go into the matrix. MK Ultra provided the people for that.

The computer you see existing at multiple points in space and time is a direct descendant of the one that controlled the original matrix, the computer from Phoenix. It had and has a "signature" which is how people involved with these projects "feel" someone who has been through it. It really has a mind of its own so to speak. There were several of them built and they are in fact linked, in way more ways than one.

Can it be defeated you ask? Yes, it can. In fact, it already has been one time before and I am happy to say that I was there to see it and to see the look on their faces when all of that technology was brought down by us, humans. Yes, crashed intentionally, by several of us on the inside; with the help of some very, very gifted and talented people. You can read about some of them here on Ken's great website. That was the end of Phoenix. There was one final huge mission and at the end of that mission the entire system was crashed. That was 1984. I would like to tell you all about that mission, my involvement with it and all the little details. Maybe next time.

For now, keep fighting the good fight. ZSL, you are a gifted, talented individual. Love and best wishes to you all.


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