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TASERS & Those Who Approve of Their Use
November 11, 2010

TASERS & Those Who Approve of Their Use (Nov. 11, 2010)

Subject: tasers
From: timthompson
Date: Thu, November 11, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

[re. Police with TASERS (]

I cant believe what you wrote about tazers.Police officers years ago were respected and given honor now kids spit on their cars,trash is set free because some one feels bad for them because they were abused and now you contact police officers that put their life on the line for people who have no respect for them.Yes it is sad these people died but realize if you were called hoorid names all day long and society hates you it would take a beating on you as well to where you come to a point that if you dont get respect from any one it gets to your very heart.I bet you have never been in one police car driving around with a police officer to see the crap they deal with.

Infact youprobaley have no idea the pain and heartache most police officers see.So many in law enforcement I knew have had to cut down a hanging body or put up tape because some one has blown their brains out or died of a massive over dose.See you life is easy but just be around law enforcement just one hour and you will see just how easy your life is with no one wanting hurt you just because you wear a badge.If your going to write about tazers why dont you write about what happened in Oregon to where a guy walks in and kills for police officers in cold blood.


Hello Tim,

If you want to have a conversation, sign your name to the bottom of the letter, as the box you filled in told you to do whenever you send me a letter. If you want to criticize, then you have an obligation to state the facts accurately, especially when you refer to what I wrote. Vague references to "I can't believe what you wrote" doesn't cut it.

BE SPECIFIC. What, exactly, did I write that you found to be unfair or untrue?

When it comes to more respects for cops in earlier times, this is something that I had already mentioned in the body of my TASER article. I also explained WHY cops got more respect from the general public when I was a kid in the 1950s. It's because cops behaved more like HUMAN BEINGS who possessed both COMMON SENSE and a desire to ASSIST law abiding citizen to maintain peace and order. Cops of that era IDENTIFIED with law abiding citizens and saw common purpose in reporting and stopping crime. The common ENEMY was the criminal, not the ordinary law abiding citizen.

Today, the "new" NWO Robo Cops being cranked out of police academies in this country are TRAINED to behave with cruelty and non-humaneness towards ANYBODY they encounter in the street (even SMALL CHILDREN in schools!!!), not just hard core criminals and gun-toting gang members. And THIS is the reason that unarmed, diminutive, elderly, female, weak, or frail individuals are being TASERED to death over "nothing issues" by UNTHINKING and SADISTIC NWO Robo Cops.

When cops view ALL members of the public as the "Enemy", they form a closed-rank, Us against Them mentality and it is that mentality itself that FUELS the sadistic and cruel over-reactions that I'm referring to.

None of this occurred by ACCIDENT. This was all accomplished by design, but you're too dumb to see the hand of the NWO planners in all of this. You're also too dumb to see that cops THEMSELVES are being victimized by this agenda and it is THEY who feel the brunt of the public's anger towards unreasonable and abusive mistreatment by their warped colleagues who are protected and shielded by bought-off POLICE CHIEFS who have sold out to the NWO agenda writers (and the federal funds which flow in to all who play ball).

A perfect and timely example is that BART cop who killed a handcuffed black man in San Francisco claiming that he thought he was using his TASER instead of his gun. Who in their right mind is going to accept garbage like that? Who?

Yet, he got off from a Los Angeles jury of "his peers" with a 2 year sentence. Yea, that's Justice alright. "Justice" for cops, a "special" class of citizens who can get away with murder and thugery because they are minions of the larger agenda of the NWO Beast. And there are always masonic judges and sway-able (and carefully 'chosen' juries) who will allow that special treatment to go forward--again and again.

When the public senses that police personnel are genuinely interested in PROTECTING them and can sense that they can TRUST cops to do the right thing, then they will ALWAYS assist the police in apprehending criminals and thugs, no matter how poor or down-trodden the neighborhood or ghetto may be. Cops would not be worried about patrolling in rough neighborhoods or having insults or garbage hurled at them. They are on the receiving end of a bed of thorns which their ABUSIVE colleagues created for them --and the Police Chiefs who DEFEND that abusive behavior.

Only when citizens in towns and cities across America begin to finally focus on the Mayor, City Council and above all, the POLICE CHIEF who defends and permits barbaric mistreatment of its defenseless citizens by sadistic and unfit thugs masquerading as policemen, will the tide begin to turn and police will once again be viewed in a favorable light.

Only when the nexus to federal training programs and the REFUSAL TO ACCEPT federal dollars (on the local level) for equipment or training, or liaison with FBI training facilities and other paramilitary federally operated training schemes, is CUT will the change begin to manifest itself. It is the FEDERAL government, owned by the NWO planners, who has been the prime mover and promoter of NWO Robo Cop training and the USE of TASER guns.

We must:

1. Get rid of NWO sell-out Police Chiefs and the political hacks who put them into office
2. Get rid of sadistic, abusive cops and see to it that they can't join another police department anywhere in the nation.
3. Stop recruiting cops from ex-military Special forces and from similar sadistic/brutalizing background training.
4. Stop accepting the federal dollar bribery of the local police force with equipment and training that is designed to turn them into NWO Robo Cops (with no allegiance to community or its citizens, but rather to the larger NWO police state agenda).
5. Get rid of, and declare a permanent BAN on TASER guns.
6. Change the police academy training curriculum to reflect humane treatment and to DISCOURAGE excessive, over-reactions and get rid of sadistic trainers.

This is how you create real and meaningful change, Tim. This is how you make a soup that is enjoyable and palatable to all: you change the ingredients. You don't complain about the fire or condemn the pot; you change the ingredients. It' simple.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


Subject: Re: tasers
From: TIM
Date: Thu, November 11, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Thank you for taking the time to write back,I understand now what you are talking about and I understand what your seeing. I am so heart broken though seeing real nice police officer I know be shot in killed in a restaurant
because they were in a restaurant or they pulled over to help some one in need and they lost their life for it.............Tim T


Hi Tim,

I'm in complete sympathy with cops who behave in a decent, honest, humane, and just manner while doing their job. I am not a cop hater or anti-police. The page you read talks about cops who have abused their authority and power and have unnecessarily tasered people who were not presenting any real threat to them and in almost all cases had not done anything to justify being tasered.

The cops I'm talking about on that page are callous-hearted, emotionally underdeveloped bully types who need to lord it over defenseless people in order to prop up their egos and their sense of self importance, which is buoyed by power tripping and pushing people around. These are NOT the type of people who should be wearing police uniforms, or carrying guns, or carrying TASERS. They are unfit for the job and the only reason they stay in the job is because the Thin Blue Line fraternity mind set dominates modern police departments, and abusers keep their jobs because Police Chiefs won't deal with them adequately or appropriately.

The ratcheting up of abusive police conduct is directly linked to the MILITARIZATION of police departments across America and that, in turn, is the consequence of FEDERAL intrusion with funding and training programs INTENDED to militarize local police and make them subservient to the federal NWO takeover agenda.

Cops, themselves, are not going to stop any of this. It's only going to get worse. It's up to local citizens to DEMAND that their police departments become de-militarized and break the nexus with all federal funding and training programs and liaison partnerships.

Banning local police from using TASERS would be an excellent way to start.

We MUST take back this country and our police departments from the NWO schemers who are steering this country straight into a Stalinist type police state.

Regards, Ken


From: Jerry
Date: Thu, November 11, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

I just read your response to Tim on Jeff Rense's web site regarding police. You could not have been more accurate, You really nailed it!. I have been on several ride alongs and if they know you, they hold nothing back. Law enforcement is a tight group. The unspoken rule never turn on your own. Therefore a good cop does not turn on his partner, now we have two bad cops and a department of bad cops. Like you, I grew up in the fifties when they viewed citizens as good people and the criminals as bad people. Now most of law enforcement view everyone as potental felons ready at the drop of a hat to tase you, club you or kick you in the head with their military type boots. I remember when they wore street shoes. What I tell people is if you need help don't call a policeman, call a FIREMAN.


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