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High Treason, New Tracks, JPL & "Aero Gel"
February 3, 2009

High Treason, New Tracks, JPL & "Aero Gel" (Feb. 3, 2009)

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From: Robert E
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Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009
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I can't begin to relate just how much sleep I have lost after finding this site and then I began to get confirmation from different people that say one works for the railroad laying track and has laid many new spurs to the closed bases and he has seen and heard the officers speaking what sounds like it could be Russian. He does not speak Russian so he was not sure, but it sounded like Russian. He made me swear not to give his name , city ,or state for fear of reprisal.

I know what the bulk of the chemtrails are too. It's made by JPL [Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California] and is called "aero gel" and is very nasty stuff, just by itself as a chemical or bio warfare delivery system.

I traveled from California to Arkansas by way of the southren route and I seen the coded info on the freeway signs. So far, all that you have published has proven to be right on target. I surely wish you weren't, but we Americans have been betrayed...

I watched a you tube video called "hacking democracy" and found more proof that you are right. Treason has happened and now the traitors run loose bringing us to our knees with the banking farce. Jefferson was right.

Robert E

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