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Overseas Teachers Working for DOD Told They Must Take H1N1 Flu Vaccine
August 20, 2010,
Updated Aug. 26, 2010

Overseas Teachers Working for DOD Told They Must Take H1N1 Flu Vaccine (Aug. 23, 2010)

[From Ken Adachi: This story began with an e-mail from Bruce on August 20 who told me that the Department of Defense Dependents Schools [DODDS] in Europe were now going to require a MANDATORY Swine flu vaccination for employees and students and sought my advice on what to do. He then sent me the article seen below which was published in Stars and Stripes on July 30, 2010. It outlines a "policy" requirement from the U.S. European Command [EUCOM] that ALL employees, teachers, and students connected with the Department of Defense Dependents Schools [DODDS] in Europe must accept a MANDATORY H1N1 Swine flu vaccination.

I find it astonishing that following the debacle of last year's utterly contrived Swine flu hysteria and the untold scores of people who either DIED or suffered SEVERE neurological injury (E.g. Desiree Jennings) from that wonderful witches brew of toxins, microchips, and nanobots euphemistically called the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine, and heralded by the mainstream Ministry of Truth as the greatest and safest "protection" against a non existent "pandemic," that marionettes and mouthpieces from EUCOM should now attempt to run the same propaganda gambit and attempt to take advantage of the European on-base location of non-military DODDS employees and students and force a deadly poison-with a now proven track record of injury and death-upon them. You will notice from the reader comments following the article that the outrage and resentment from those who are being told that they MUST get vaccinated is growing exponentially.

I recall receiving an e-mail last summer from a man whose wife is a nurse in New York state. She and other "health care workers" were told by the NWO sell-out blowhard running the NY State Dept of Health that they "had" to accept the Swine Flu vaccine or lose their job. They organized, got Gary Null and other anti-vaccine advocates involved and met on the steps of the state capitol building in Albany to protest. .YouTube videos got posted, court action was initiated, and the entire "mandatory" Swine flu "requirement" went away as quickly as it had appeared because ENOUGH PEOPLE MADE THE EFFORT TO FIGHT BACK. That's precisely what needs to take place here among teachers, students, and military dependent of DODDS in Europe. Suggestions from legal eagles and anti-vaccine advocates on how to fight back against the military blowhards in EUCOM are welcomed.

E-mail me at]

Subject: Re: Help
From: Bruce B
Date: Thu, August 26, 2010
To: Ken Adachi


Please follow link below. Not much to add beyond that. I have spoken with several colleagues and they feel the same as me. We have not been told anything yet by our supervisor. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for your concern.
Bruce .

Flu shots mandatory for students, teachers at DODDS-Europe schools

By Jennifer H. Svan <>
Stars and Stripes
Published: July 30, 2010

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — For the first time, flu shots will be mandatory for students to attend Defense Department schools in Europe, education officials announced this week.

The immunization policy, mandated by U.S. European Command [EUCOM], covers both the seasonal and swine flu viruses and applies to teachers and employees at more than 80 Department of Defense Dependents Schools [DODDS] in Europe, as well as 30,000 students. Children older than 6 months enrolled in base daycare centers and daycare center workers throughout Europe also are affected by the move.

“We fully support the EUCOM policy,” said DODDS-Europe spokeswoman Margret Menzies.

DODDS-Europe students already are required to get certain vaccinations for such viruses as polio, measles, mumps and rubella. Until now, however, the flu immunization, has been “highly encouraged,” but optional, a DODDS-Europe official said.

Students have 30 days from the date of enrollment to obtain required immunizations, according to Department of Defense Education Activity [DODEA] policy. But that could change for influenza, depending on the availability of the vaccine and when it arrives in Europe, officials said. Typically, flu shots are available in late September or early October.

Students could be given a longer grace period, depending on their family situation, Menzies said. And individuals could get a waiver for medical reasons or on religious grounds.

So far, DODDS students and teachers in the Pacific and in military schools stateside are not required to get the influenza vaccination, DODEA spokesman Frank O’Gara said. DODEA personnel are consulting with officials from the Defense Department’s military vaccine office about the recent EUCOM decision “to determine if this requirement will be extended to other geographic regions in which we operate,” O’Gara wrote in an e-mail.

The Defense Department isn’t looking at a mandatory flu shot policy across the department similar to EUCOM’s, said Michael Kilpatrick, director of strategic communications for the Military Health System in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs.

Requiring stateside family members associated with the military to get the vaccine when others in their community aren’t would likely cause “a tremendous amount of resistance” from teachers, students and parents, Kilpatrick said.

Mandatory inoculations may meet with less resistance overseas, where a military community tends to rely on the base for its health care, he said. In the States, even military families may have a civilian doctor “and parents get torn between medical communities.”

But EUCOM officials say the policy making the flu shot mandatory has been on the books for at least four years.

Armed Forces Joint Instruction 48-110 specifically says to administer influenza vaccine annually to schoolteachers, daycare workers and volunteers, on military installations, as a condition of employment. For children, it says that all other age-appropriate vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice are required.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and ACIP started recommending a few years ago that children get the flu shot, said Air Force Lt. Col. Matt Wyatt, EUCOM chief of Joint Force Health Protection.

“I can’t speak to why DOD isn’t enforcing it,” Wyatt said. “We’re probably leading the way here in EUCOM.”

EUCOM is enforcing the policy because “our mission is to protect the health and safety of our beneficiaries,” Wyatt said.

When a child gets sick, that can take a parent who has to stay home away from the mission, he said.

It’s about protecting the mission, as well.”

Wyatt said there’s no word yet on when the vaccine will arrive in theater. The vaccine for H1N1 will be part of the overall vaccination for influenza. “We anticipate only one vaccination,” Wyatt said.

EUCOM officials said there were 1,385 cases of confirmed H1N1 illnesses last year in the command, and many more that were not officially diagnosed. There are about 225,000 personnel and dependents in Europe.

Jennifer H. Svan <>


Pardon me for declining. My father has Guillian Barre Syndrome, and it is highly recommended that myself and my children do NOT get the flu shots. Thanks for playing anyhow.
Written by Sarah, 12 August 2010 12:12

I agree with all foresaid. Making those shots mandatory is absolutely unnecessary. If it comes down to it come August 30th that my children will HAVE to have the shot, I will pull my children out of school, period. DODEA is forcing something on us as parents that they should not have control over in the first place. The safety of the children is foremost the parents job, not the military's. Besides, if believing in God is the only option to get out of this, then this is plain simple discrimination for people that don't believe. As a parent, YOUR opinion people doesn't count anymore!!! You are getting muzzled by a higher power. BS!!!! Special family circumstances? Who is to decide what those are? I completely agree with the fact, that the pharmaceutical industry made a lot of minus with providing a vaccine for an illness that was not as bad as it sounded. The fact that they came out with this vaccine so quick leaves me just two opionions: Either they new about it in the first place before it happened, or they didn't test it well enough and just threw it out there and used the hype about it. Either way, my kids will NOT get this shot and I urge everyone to thoroughly think this one through. Our children CAN NOT bei guniea pigs for the military. What's next? Smallpox? Anthrax? Any suggestions?
Written by parent183, 9 August 2010 12:03

This is about the health of CHILDREN and parents. Children get sick all the time and for many who commented I'm glad your children didn't get the flu....that you know of, it doesn't mean they didn't pass it on to someone else though. The CDC recommends that all children aged 6 months up to their 19th birthday get a seasonal flu vaccine. This was not pulled out of the sky or something to keep people at work. Really who wants a sick child. It's like giving your child chickenpox on purpose. Why would you want to do that and make a child suffer? The flu is a communicable disease. Children have a very limited ability to perform basic hygiene as evidenced by how many children I see who do not wash their hands coming from the bathroom (even with the parent with them, YUCK) and they walk right out to the food court. Many parents don't see some diseases because of vaccines. I'm glad they are enforcing what was already a requirement in the first place. Vaccines are not new and I pray that no one has to be one of the few parents that will watch their child suffer with this illness or a preventable death because they guessed wrong.
Written by FactnotFiction, 9 August 2010 10:25

Absolute nonsense. These so called vaccines do not work. What about letting parents do the parenting. I have never had the flu neither have my children. No thanks. Not now, not ever. Take your mandatory flu shots elsewhere. Please order 6 less as our family will be opting out with the waiver.
Written by Jman, 6 August 2010 09:45

Unhappy doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this. My children have never gotten a flu shot AND have never had the flu. This is beyond stupid.
Written by wife2aSoldier, 3 August 2010 10:18

I knew this was going to happen since last year the drug companies lost so much money on unused flu vaccines. I will definitely get a waiver somehow. This is crazy.
Written by HIlda, 1 August 2010 03:19

These shots aren't even effective per the CDC. Making them mandatory is inherently stupid.
Written by parent, 31 July 2010 12:46

"When a child gets sick, that can take a parent who has to stay home away from the mission," he said. Enough said - Mr. Wyatt told the reporter in plain English what this is all about - protecting the mission, not our children.
Written by milspouse, 31 July 2010 12:09

This is nothing but government take over of a parents rights to care for their child as they see fit. It's one thing to make a shot mandatory for a serious illness, but first it was the chicken pox and now it's the flu. This is ridiculous! I guess my family will go back to homeschooling - I for one will NOT stand and allow this for my children. Everyone banding together to resist this is the only way to prevent it from happening. As the article itself explains - they are only doing this to us because we rely on them and will submit to their will (or so they think).
Written by Laura, 31 July 2010 12:05

Let's see.. 1385 cases confirmed out of 225,000 people. That's a rate of less than 1%. And this was supposed to be the killer flu virus. All of it was hype to support the drug companies. Now it's being forced on folks. Great thinking.
Written by Mike, 31 July 2010 06:29

I'm a DoDEA school teacher who is opposed to a mandatory flu vaccination. I got two flu vaccinations and in both instances got very ill following the shot. My son is also a student at a DoDDS school. He has never had the flu in his life. Why should it be mandatory he get this shot when his own immune system is obviously working well enough?
Written by NoForceAppreciated, 30 July 2010 17:57

This is wrong! It should be a parents choice. I am all for vaccinations but for the flu shot and the NEW H1N1? Lets call a spade a spade....You just don't want parents to miss work. Who cares if the kids are getting a shot they don't need!!!!
Written by Mil Wife, 30 July 2010 14:54


----- Original Message -----
From: Bruce
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010
Subject: help

Dear Ken,

I am anxious and writing to you because I have just read that seasonal flu and H1N1 shots will be mandatory for all the teachers in our system. I work for the Dept. Of Defense Schools in Europe. I follow your website faithfully ..(it's the 1st one I check every day). I know you have addressed this and am asking if you could assist me (and some of my colleagues) on how to avoid these shots legally. Or can you direct me to someone who could help? I don't want to jeopardized my job (I have 37 years invested.)

I would be grateful for any help.
Thanks so much.



Hi Bruce,

I remember your name.

You don't want the shot, no matter what. If they try and fire you for refusing, you got a multimillion dollar law suit to pursue.

You have to go toe to toe with them and confront them with the liability issue. You download the forms available on my Vaccine Dangers page and tell them they have to sign their name and take full legal liability for any harm that you may experience now or any time in the future from that vaccination. They won't do it. This includes the person who administers the shot, his supervison, and all the people who are telling you that you MUST take the shot.

Tell them they have to provide you with certifiable proof, peer reviewed studies, Hospital Review Board studies, and NIH/FDA/CDC studies from the vaccine manufacturer that the vaccine is guaranteed safe from any neurological damage or any other forms of injury from the vaccine, now or at any time in the future. They won't do it (because they can't; no such studies exists. ALL vaccines are listed by drug manufacturers as "esperimental")

While people in the military have signed away their constitutional rights, you, as a civilian working for the government overseas, still have full constututional protection.

They can't force you to take a vaccination. There's a Nuremberg treaty that prevents that. You have to let them know that you know far more about the law than they do and make it clear that you will go to the media and scream bloody murder if they pursue the issue. They push it as far as they can, but will usually back down when confronted with someone who has the facts and the backbone to stand his ground.

Now is when the tire hits the road. Are you ready to meet the challenge and defend yourself? No matter what?

Your life is more valuable than the job. Keep that in mind. You're going to be micro-chipped and be given lab-created toxins that are going to plague you in the future. Don't do it, no matter what. Just ask Desiree Jennings if she'll ever be coerced into taking another flu shot. See what she says.

Let me know



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