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Letters to The Editor

Ted Gunderson
July 14, 2004

Subject: Ted Gunderson
From: "George Little" <>
Date: Wed, July 14, 2004 8:14 am

Dear Sir

Really like your website, except for anything to do with Ted Gunderson. You might want to ask Ted, "why did it take him 29 yrs. to figure out the FBI was a bad place to be."

I really don't like any "former agents", that want to come clean after serving the beast for so many years. They should all crawl back under the rock they came from.

Best Regards,
George C. Little

Subject: Re: Ted Gunderson
Date: Wed, July 14, 2004 12:55 pm
To: "George Little" <>

Hello George,

You don't understand. During the time that Ted worked for the FBI, it was not obvious to the public or to field personnel working for the FBI that the FBI was dirty and working for the Illuminati. You seem to forget that the revelations about the FBI's role in the cover up of the Kennedy assassination for example, only came out GRADUALLY and some years AFTER J Edgar Hoover's death in 1972. It's easy to judge and condemn people with the knowledge base we have in 2004, but I'm sure you weren't writing Letters to the Editor back in the mid 1970's complaining about the 'obvious' corruption of the FBI and their role in serving the 'beast'.

The FBI started in the 1930's under Hoover. They gained a national reputation as clean cut, all American crime fighters from the very beginning by going after Depression era gangsters like Bonnie and Clyde, Dilinger, etc. When World War II came along in 1941, they once again were seen as heroes by the American public by rounding up thousand of suspected Nazi agents in America who were associated with the Nazi Bund. When the 1950's and 60's came along, the FBI were still seen as heroes by coming down hard on the mafia and organized crime. I remember very well the Ester Kefauffer hearings and the Robert Kennedy hearings in which the mafia were really exposed and largely decimated. The FBI were viewed as heroes in helping to expose the kingpins of organized crime.

Furthermore, it's really foolish and simplistic to assume that ground level government employees and supervisors are 'in the loop' when it comes to the bigger picture of the Illuminati control and manipulation.

I didn't realize anything about the New World Order or the Illuminati or the 'beast' until I read Bill Cooper's book "Behold a Pale Horse" in 1995. That was the beginning of my awakening to the New World Order. Prior to that, I didn't have a clue and was just going along with the program assuming that the government was legit and working in the interest of democracy, etc.

Ted had mentioned in the first lecture I heard him speak at (1997) that he didn't have a clue either about the NWO until someone gave him a book in 1980 by William Carr called "Pawns in the Game". Prior to reading that book, Ted didn't know the Real Story; just like I didn't know the Real Story until 1995, fully 15 years after Ted started to see the bigger picture. By the way, when did YOU first learn the bigger picture about the NWO? What year did you wake up?

I'll bet you a dollar to a doughnut that your negative impression of Ted was gleaned by reading some of the voluminous smear disinformation that is all over the internet put out by the Gunderson Smear team which includes Barbara Hartwell, Stewart Webb, Virginia McCullough, Cherie Seymour, Kathy Sullivan, Kathy Kasten, Jackie McGauley, Kate Dixon, and even Mike Ruppert.

Perhaps you hadn't even paid attention to WHO was the author of the slam piece that you had read about Ted. Perhaps you just remember that you read it 'somewhere on the internet'? Well, if that's the case, then you have allowed yourself to be manipulated by a group of people who are INTENTIONALLY engaging in slander and disinformation about Ted Gunderson in order to undermine his credibility and ruin his reputation. Now why would these disinformation lackeys want to do that? Because of Ted's stature and former position with the FBI. The hidden hand of those who are controlling and manipulating this group of character assassins (the CIA and the CURRENT FBI mostly), is unseen by you, but their effectiveness in shaping your negative opinion about Ted is VERY evident.

How many people do you know that worked for the FBI for 29 years, rose to the rank of supervisor of over 700 FBI agents in the Los Angeles office (at the time of his retirement), have been lecturing publicly since 1980 about mind control, satanism, satanic ritual abuse-especially of children (the McMartin Preschool case), child pornography, pedophilia by government officials, involvement of the CIA and FBI in child kidnapping, white slavery, child pornography,etc., etc., etc. ? Not too many I bet.

It should be obvious to anyone who still has a brain WHY Ted's character and credibility is being attacked on the internet.

I hope I've given you reason to pause and THINK more deeply before rushing to judgment about Ted Gunderson, a genuinely loyal and courageous American patriot if there ever was one.

Sincerely, Ken


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