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Ted Gunderson Described as a Straight Shooter
March 18, 2007

Ted Gunderson Described as a Straight Shooter (March 18, 2007)

Subject: Ted Gunderson/ Jed Schlackman
From: Paul
Date: Sun, March 18, 2007
To: Editor

Hi Ken.

Good article about Ted and Stew Webb. I am not going to pass judgment on Stew Webb yet, but Ted Gunderson strikes me as a straight shooter. His involvement in the Dr. MacDonald case and with the Franklin case and with Brice Taylor left me with the impression of competence and balance. His work with exposing child sex/porn rings and just getting the word out has enlightened me a lot.

I have started my own website and writing my first article linking some of the above stories together.

Lastly; Stew Webb's website reflects his personality to a degree. Try as we might it is hard to disguise out inner self at all times and when the old ego pops out..... well it shows a lot.

Thanks for the great work, Paul


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your note. Ted is a good guy through and through and he's been maligned badly by a man whose entire life can be compared to a garbage can. Webb makes a mockery of the concept of honesty and integrity. Anyone who can't see through his rank prevarications and wholesale fantasies concocted to slander Ted Gunderson has the discernment IQ of a slug.

Best Regards,Ken


Ted Gunderson Update by Don Croft (May 19, 2006)

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