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Tennessee Cops Worried About Chemtrails, Looking to Croft Toys
Jan, 12, 2004

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From: Billy
Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2004 5:32 PM
Subject: hhg


Could you please e-mail me a hand drawn blueprint of an hhg with dimensions and ingredients? My entire police department wants to make them for their homes. Also can you advise us or have any idea what we are being sprayed with or does anyone know what is going on with these chemtrails. The sky over West Tennessee is filled every day. To the extent that the sky is always yellow or gray. We see as many as eight sprayers at a time.



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From: Editor
To: Billy
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 10:24 PM
Subject: Re: hhg

Hi Billy,

I don't have a blueprint, but here's a link with complete instructions for making a HHg. I'll also include a link with HHg construction update notes from Don Croft. The original version or the newer updated version both work fine.

If anyone wants to get a ready made HHg, you can see the models offered here.

You can read more about Chemtrails from my page devoted to Chemtrails.

The spraying has been going on in earnest all over America (and other countries as well) since Fall of 1998. There's a lot of junk in the chemtrails and there are multiple objectives for spraying. To summarize it very briefly, it's part of the New World Order agenda to install a single, one world fascist ruling system largely founded on a feudal principle. They have to destroy America in order to pull this off, so that's exactly what they're doing, and doing it on multiple fronts. Chemtrails are only one leg of that strategy. Another part of the strategy is worldwide electronic microwave mind control via "cell phone" towers, HAARP "towers", the HAARP network, satellites, and underground installation equipped with mind control electronics developed at the Montauk Long Island during the 70's and 80's. The chemtrails also add to the mind control mix as well. The techniques for affecting the human psyche and producing emotions from apathy to enragement using scalar, microwave electronic means had been worked out decades ago. The goal is to keep people unaware, on edge, and in a belligerent state of mind or at least supportive of the Bush regime and unwilling to consider the deceit and lies of the propaganda blitz that has taken place in America since 9-11. Nothing is as it seems. The planners of the takeover agenda in America need to create the excuse for martial law. Therefore , the 'terrorists' threat and "terrorist attacks' were made to order for the job. You can read more about the takeover agenda and the planners behind it at this link:

Concerning the junk that's in chemtrails, the best source to obtain Chemtrail fallout analysis info is from Chris Carnicom . William Thomas has a lot of chemtrail analysis info. They've both done a lot of microscopic analysis and have found different disease organisms including mycoplasma (Gulf War Illness), 'stealth' viruses, molds, etc.), desiccated red blood cells (this is why the chemtrail clouds look so "pink" at sunset), a type of bacteria that only grows in the presence of gasoline, jet fuel (the reason you would see a 'corona' around the sun in the past few years that looks like the colors of an oil spill on the water), lots of very tiny submicroscopic fibers. Also, different types of metals that are produced so fine that you can only see them with an electron microscope including barium and aluminum.

If you can remember how your town's air used to look, say 5 or 6 years ago, you have likely noticed a BIG increase in smog from what you used to have. This isn't due to increased auto emissions, but rather the DOR energy produced by the combination of the chemtrails, the HAARP system and the so called "cell phone" towers.

Of course, distributing the HHg or tower buster type of orgone generators in the immediate vicinity of the town's towers, will have the effect of changing that negative DOR energy field into the positive form of orgone called "OR" energy. This will cause the smog to largely go away and bring in real clouds and some rain. If you were to 'gift' all of the towers in your town, you would also notice that the emotional temperament of the people in town would decidedly swing upward in a positive direction. Anyway, you can read what Don Croft has been doing in this regard in this country and abroad by going to this link:

Up till now, I've only heard from a few retired cops who seem to realize what's taking place, so it's nice to hear from active duty people for a change. Billy, we really need to hear from more cops who are aware of the agenda and are more interested in their country, their liberty, and their family's future, rather than their jobs because the day is fast approaching in which ordinary city cops will be used as enforcers and robots to enslave Americans in their own land, just like those tens of thousands of Russian and Chinese troops that are billeted in secret underground base/cities across America from Canada to Texas, to the Bahamas, and the Panama Canal, will also be used as Pawns in the Game to topple the American republic, or at least what's left of it.

Hope to hear from you.

Regards, Ken


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