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Thailand's Future & the NWO
July 25, 2011

Thailand's Future & the NWO 9July 25, 2011)

Subject: Thailand and the Future
From: Kevin
Date: Sun, July 24, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Subject: ZS Livingstone's Previous Comments

Hi Ken

Firstly, let me compliment you on your site and the good work that is happening as a result.

I read what ZS Livingstone wrote about Thailand ( having been protected from 'realms outside this one' against the invasion of the NWO agenda, and I can accept this is likely to be not far from the truth. Thailand's protectors until now have been a long succession of Kings who have ensured continuity of a way of life and Thailand's independence and self sufficiency. At least I perceive these Kings to be the representatives of that protective power on Earth. However, it seems to me things are about to change.

Thailand has been my home for the past seven years, and I doubt if I will ever return to my country of origin, the UK. I have plans of doing many things there, including making a spiritual retreat of sorts - a place of refuge when things get very bad, which is not going to be long now. But it seems the rot has followed me from Europe, since it looks like Thailand is set to become another nation under the rule of the Global New World Order.

I feel sorry for the Thai people. Their ignorance results from a ruling elite that saw no reason to educate them to the point where they might have been capable of critical thought. As a result, that ignorance has been used to great effect by the leader [ Thaksin Shinawatra ] of the faction that has just taken over the Thai Government and now is setting about to sell off the country to Global Corporations. When the Thais that voted for this criminal realise what has happened, it will be too late.

My question is this: Does ZS Livingstone thing that Thailand is still protected by benevolent forces, or is is fait accompli on the part of the NWO and we have one more country less that is a refuge against this Global Satanism. And with a little help from us, might these forces yet prevail and Thailand is not lost?

Best wishes


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