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Thermography Detects Early Breast Cancer & The Role of Root Canals in Cnncer Development
December 7, 2011

Thermography Detects Early Breast Cancer & The Role of Root Canals in Cnncer Development (Dec. 7, 2011)

Subject: cancer teeth connection video
From: Lorenzo
Date: Tue, December 6, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

My name is Lorenzo. I live in Munich, Germany. I was wondering if you could stick this video somewhere in your wonderful page

The video is this one (in ENGLISH):

Actually there is another one, sorry for the Italian Subtitles:

Root canals do cause a lot of suffering to cancer victims!

Ciao, Lorenzo

Thermography and detecting cancer; root canals and cancer

Notes from Ken Adachi, Editor

In the next video clip, an Australian woman describes how she developed a tumor on her pituitary gland following her decision to have s root canal done on one of her teeth. After diagnosis of a Pituitary cancer, rather then submit to brain surgery to remove the Pituitary tumor, she looked into alternative medicine and decided to have her root canal tooth removed. Following removal, her blood chemistry returned to normal. Her previous high readings of a Pituitary hormone returned to normal and her Pituitary tumor disappeared entirely when she had a scan taken.

Root canals are a continual source of energy drain and immunity diminution. There is a body organ associated with EACH tooth in the mouth as well as a meridian network. If that tooth develops any form of infection (or is toxified in any way by metals, such as amalgams), that infection will adversely affect the organ system which is connected to that tooth. Root canals often lead to cancer in the same organ that is connected to that root canal tooth.

The connection between disease conditions and infections in teeth has been well known since the mid 1930s with the work of Dr. Weston Price. Dr. Hal Huggins discovered in the 1980s that mercury from amalgam fillings and root canals were poisoning the body and resulted in the development of disease conditions, cancer being prominent. Dr. Hulda Clark alerted the public to the dangers of ANY metal in the mouth (and root canals) starting with her first book on Cancer in 1994. Dr Frank Jerome laid out the whole ugly story of the downside of ANY metal placed in the mouth in his important landmark book "Tooth Truth" first published in August of 2000. Dr Jerry Tennant also discussed at great length in his book, Healing is Voltage , that root canals lead to organ dysfunction and sometimes cancer in the in the organs connected to root canal teeth.

Root canals are Bad News. If you already have root canal teeth, have them REMOVED, sooner rather than later. There is no other choice. You cannot live with a dead, root canal-ed tooth. It is a continual source of infection migrating into your different parts of your body. All living teeth have a tubule network throughout the tooth called the Dentin tubule network. These tubules are lined with living cells that are nourished by your blood supply. When you have the tooth root canal-ed, you remove the blood supply and that tubule network of cells will then die, but the dead cells remain in place INSIDE your tooth. Pathogenic organisms then FEED on those dead tubule cells and produce a continuous stream of toxins which poisons you.

Ken Adachi


From the Back Cover of Tooth Truth by Dr. Frank Jerome

"No Tooth Is Worth Damaging Your Immune System

The dental profession, through its leadership, has generally ignored or denied the truth about the risks of using mercury and other metals in fillings. Therefore, this book has been written directly to the consumers, their patients. It is hoped that consumers will decide with their dollars what type of materials and procedures they really want once they are better informed. It is time to reexamine what dentists do and for better choices to be made.

This book is your call to action. Tell your friends about the problems with current dental practices. Spread the word to anyone who will listen...This is your opportunity to directly contribute to the health of all Americans. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. "

Following are excerpts from the Tooth Truth book.


This book will discuss disturbing information. Most people have accepted whatever treatment their dentist has recommended without question. No one wants to learn that what dentists have had implanted in their bodies is a source of growing levels of substances that can wreck their immune system and destroy their most precious gift, good health.

Most of us expect good health, even while doing most everything we can to undermine it. We eat too much and rest too little. We actively seek vices that can slowly or quickly destroy us. We take unnecessary risks, as if we earn points for foolhardy behavior. The last thing any of wants to know is that there is another major source of ill health that is to some degree affecting all of us right this minute and will probably worsen every day. It is easy to turn a deaf ear to this information, but ignorance does not make it safe.


Mercury in fillings has never been approved by the FDA, which has avoided classifying amalgam at all. The FDA says mercury fillings are a "reaction" product made by dentists, and therefore it is a dentist's responsibility to assure the product's safety. Does that make you feel safe?


Unfortunately, patients have little ability to tell one dentist from another. Many believe that all dentists are the same, performing procedures equally well. If you think about that belief for a few seconds, you will realize how wrong it is. Patients who believe they can go to a big clinic staffed with dentists recently graduated from dental school, and still get quality care at rock bottom prices are deluding themselves.


A tooth is an organ, just as the heart or kidney or any bone in the body is an organ. An abscessed or gangrenous tooth is not only a dead tooth, it is a dead organ. The body does not like dead organs. The immune system does not recognize this now dead tissue as a part of itself and immediately sets out to eliminate or isolate it. The system must fight for as long as the tooth remains in the body and in many instances, it must fight against bacteria and toxins left after the tooth has been extracted.

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