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Thought Projection and Remote Influencing
May 15 , 2009

Thought Projection and Remote Influencing (May 15, 2009)

Subject: I will not remain silent anymore!
From: Tim
Date: Fri, May 15, 2009
To: Editor

Before I tell you my story, I really would like to commend you and say Thankyou ! Much of your personal expirence lines up perfectly to what I know also... At the young age of seven, I was given gifts that enabled me to use telepathy and remote viewing. Yes I'm a contactee as crazy as it sounds, It was difficult to adjust, believe me.. I come from a family that has been involved in the black budget programs of the United States. One member was a nuclear psychisist, electrical engineer, mathimatician. He was my tutor, as were others. They nick named me the "Wunderkund."

We lived out in the Vegas area then, and most of the researchers I came to know were German. I tried to get across the message to my family that the people they worked with, day in and day out, looked the other way when others suffered horrific torture. Not only that, but they were given posistions in our intelligence and aerospace areas that, in my opinion, were just unbelievable!

Also, I believe that is why I was given some gifts in the psychic realm. I was left with an overwhelming feeling that the research being conducted was completely out of control, because the ethics and moral responsibility that should be entwined within experimental work, just weren't.

The research and what the ramifications for future generations would be, weren't even considered! Yes, I do feel that we as a species are in great peril.That peril is from what renegade military-intelligence units, without legal authorization or justification, can do.

I learned a method involving thought projection,,,"remote influencing". Yes It does work. We ran some trials back in the 70s. I selected five people that knew me, but not well. I sent them a programed thought form that also had included within it all the emotion I could muster. The message simply said: "write me".

All five people wrote back and in every reply they said: "I don,t know why, but I just feel a real need to write you"

I have NO reason to BS you and after having my life threatened in regards to this, I feel that this method should be given a very close look!

There are several of us who are now beginning to do this.from time to time in the last year. We have had this feeling of being watched or that there was something close, very similar to that when a UFO is close, so we would take a walk and we would see the same vehicle every time. It wouldn't by directly by, but do a circle jerk a block off from where we were. I have a son who also is a contactee and we both looked at each other and knew something wasn't right with that.

So last week, that same feeling occurred while putting together this method in a consise and practical manner that will go to the source of the problem Not only that, I now know that there is a threshold point where, when enough people employ this method, a very great awaking begins to occur and those who are not yet aware, begin to see and feel things they never have before. While doing the number crunching I really had this feeling of being watched and turned around quickly ...well what I saw was a human shaped form that fled in a panic just as a human would if trying to get out of the house quickly. It didn,t go through the wall or vanish like a disembodied spirit or astral form. It had every earmark of being human.

I shot up and ran out of the house at 2:30 in the morning. I came upon the same vehicle we have seen before just a half block away from our home. I was on this guy in less than 30 seconds, probably 20, really, it was that quick. I knew what had to be done. I approached the vehicle and as the window went down, I could tell this guy was adjusting an arm band of some sort on his right arm. His left hand never left his bicep when we spoke. I could sense that we had caught this guy completely and totality off guard. He was on 100% defensive mode. I said " hi, how ya doin?" He almost stammered at first he said and then (I quote) ""I'm with the neighborhood watch program. There has been a rash of break-ins and we are just keeping a eye on things "

I just simply said: "well it good to know that someone is looking out for us. Have a good one" and walked the half block back to my home.

This guy was a slighty built computer geek type, maybe 170 lbs soaking wet .I called the police and told them I used to work nights and don't sleep at night so sometimes I take a walk to our local park. That's when I noticed an out of place vehicle that I approached the vechile and the guy inside it said he was with our neighborhood watch program. The police said, "what neighborhood watch program? We don't have one." They asked me to give a detailed description of the vechile and driver, which I did, and they asked if I carried a cell phone. Of course I do. They said if I ever see this vechile again, to call as it happens and they'll respond . Also, they said whatever this person is doing, it's outside of the law!

After that, I told my son the next day that when we had that strange feeling before and thought it was coming from a source outside, well now I know it was always within our home. I know the method I used before will work. I'm in the process of making a short video that describes in detail how to employ it .It was good to see them running and someday many of them will not be the kind of people they are now.My friend I know this is it! This is the way to approach their agenda and turn the tide around and see a unbelievable transformation occur...take care,,,,

from TIM....

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