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Some Thoughts from Guy
Aeptember 3, 2004

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Hello Ken,

It's been quite some time since I've emailed you. I hope all is well with you.

The Suspect Zero commentary by Bill Phillips is, I feel, spot on. I have only seen the trailer and everything he wrote, I picked up from seeing the trailer. I wonder what his thoughts were on A Beautiful Mind? If I find my notes on the movie, I send them to you and him. I happened to be carrying a notebook with me at the time and some things simply jumped out at me during the movie. Took several months to throw the thoughts off and I was aware of them. Since watching A Beautiful Mind I have never passively watched a movie. I always want to be aware of what is going in. Got enough crap in me already. Don't need more.

Reading Matthew's messages are heartening. He's one of the few who has a clue. It's funny comparing what Matthew says regarding the split in the Illuminati with two halves battling for the whole and popping over to Rumor Mill News. They used to have some good stuff there. But more and more it's 'Bush is Faction 2 and a hero' and 'Kerry is an evil liar'. I'm thinking it's more like Freddy versus Jason and whoever wins, everybody else loses. I
find it rather humorous.

A talk show host I sometimes listen to (Bernie Ward) mentioned that the Republicans seem more like the Pharisees of old. This thought had popped into my mind several months ago. It's like they're doing everything to remain in power (Leo Strauss techniques) and get so upset when people point out the truth (weeping and gnashing of teeth). What a show. And how few people think for themselves.

I turned on the boob tube the other night and the Republican convention was blaring. Zell Miller was on and speaking. I HAD to turn it off. My first impression seeing him speaking was that of a lizard. No joke. The body language, facial expression, how he spoke. Yuck! I couldn't watch him. Not that I'd want to. I seem to have a low tolerance for listening to people tell lies.

Well, I'll write more later. Filling the world with Light and Love,

Guy :)


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