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Thoughts on the Joe Cell
July 2, 2006

Subject: Thoughts on the Joe cell
From: Paul <>
Date: Sun, July 2, 2006 9:25 pm
To: Editor <E-mail>

Hi Ken,

Just a thought I had on Joe cells - although I have been reading about them, I am not building them. I dont know who to suggest this idea to.

What about combining the joe cell with the Genesa Crystal. This 3d sacred geometrical shape is supposed to 'wash' negative energies and, depending whether you place it on the square or triangle base is it supposed to draw in or push out energy (I am not sure which draws/pushes).

I actually wondered if enclosing the joe cell within a Genesa Crystal would make it (the JC) more stable, "happier" or productive.

Maybe find a dowser and 'ask' the Joe Cell if this would help.

Best wishes



Hi Paul,

It's a good idea. I'll post your note. I have a good friend named Luke Gatto who is an absolute expert on the topic of Genesa crystals. Plus, he's always in touch with Dan Winters, who is one of the world's leading researcher on the subject of sacred geometry.

Glad you brought it up.

Kind Regards, ken

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