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Reader Pleasantly Surprised by Thrive Film
November 16, 2011

Reader Pleasantly Surprised by Thrive Film (Nov. 16, 2011)

Subject: Just saw Thrive film and was pleasantly surprised.
From: Jason
Date: Wed, November 16, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken, in regards to your post on Thrive:

I just wanted to quickly say that although yes the film does have people like Steven Greer its actually very interesting and the main guys story and journey and the info hes revealing is quite good. Better for those who are new to this stuff but an excellent primer on suppression and control by media, education, health and government. Also there appears to be no agenda to sell us some future new-age ideal either. I take it all with a healthy bowl of sea salt however. It talks about Royal Raymond Rife, and many other pioneers in health, exposes the banking elite, Icke has
his say on things.. its similar to Freedom to Fascism in many ways and about the same budget or slightly bigger, but that doesnt necessarily mean its deception. The pyramid in this film only goes as high as the banking elite and bilderbergers. There is no mention of negative beings higher up the ladder or esoteric info. Its not meant to go that far, and I dont think theres deception there.. its just as far as it can go I recon for a sheeple film. The info speaks for itself in some ways. No sign of Amy Goodman thankfully although her mouthpiece Democracy Now's interview footage is used in one small segment. I wouldnt pass judgement so quickly without actually watching the film first. Its actually good info regarding the tourus energy field and its applications for giving everyone free energy. Loyd Sweet and many other pioneers are talked about.

Watch it here in full for free:

Jason B


Hi Jason,

My caution was not so much to avoid watching this video as much as a desire to forewarn viewers that this type of format is used as a platform to sell hidden ideas and hidden agendas~ in a most subtle way. I doubt if there's anything in this video that I haven't heard about, read about, or wrote about myself, but I realize that this information is new and fascinating to many new viewers so it's OK to watch it and learn from it.

I appreciate your comments

Best Regards, Ken

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