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More Comments on ZS Livingstone from Tim Hicks
September 3, 2012

More Comments on ZS Livingstone from Tim Hicks (Sep. 3, 2012)

To use your words, "awestruck" is how your intuitive and intellectual interpretation, seen in your latest article, has effected me. The depth of understanding and the ability to accurately express it are rare gifts indeed. We are so blessed that you are inclined to share them.

Most striking to me is the similarities of your Spiritual understandings with mine and yet they are expressed in different terms and in a different context. I accept this as that you have had a disciplined and organized life-path, rich with Gifted Teachers and the ability to absorb and retain these teachings and Gifts. In comparison, I have had no formal or regimented path to my life and the fruits of understanding that have evolved within me. There is no measurement of better or less than; only different and perfect is each one.

Yours, mine and every others' that is willing to set aside the aspirations of this physical world and contemplate our existence beyond it.

Your ability to recognize and verbalize this expression of Oneness that is All is most surely God speaking through you. My ability to "hear" your meaning is also a God Gift that has been evolving for a few years now. Quite intense has been this growth. It is as if this understanding has been hiding deep within and I have passed through time until it was ripe to step forward from within me.

I have always been dissatisfied with the things that seem so enjoyable and entertaining to others. These things seemed empty and valueless to me. I had just accepted that I was different and most others agreed to the point of considering me "weird". Friendly and helpful, but weird. After the release of a large amount of what I now see as internalized Ego, the time became ripe for the emergence of the Oneness Understanding. By internalized Ego, I mean self definition.

Definition of the little self, separate from all others, separate from all other Creation. This internalized Ego then demands to express itself, and then creates the need to perceive itself as apart from all else. From this springs forth the need for self protection, self procurement, and self satisfaction. The sense of "me before thee".

From this, springs forth a need to label and compartmentalize things, people and situations as good, useful, and harmful or dangerous. Thus the need to further separate and group together likable and dis-likable things, people and situations. From this is born into being the sense of tribe or nation. The sense of need for domination of one little self over another. The need for government and arms and war. In this rising of the internalized Ego is the loss of the Sacred Sense of Oneness. The knowing of the Abundance of God as Our-self. The replacing of this Abundance ( the ability to unlimited manifestation by and from God ) with the sense of limitedness and struggle for "my slice of the ever shrinking pie of happiness" be it water, oil, or fertile soil; or a better mate; or just a better job, or a better car or home, or a better phone, or more leisure time. This is the root of that which we call Evil. I see now that this internalized Ego is the machine of vibration that has set into motion the return Home of All. All that God has Created.

For the briefest of nonexistent moments, God wished a portion of His Wholeness (Holiness) into an unlimited number of Sparks of His/Her Magnificence. These sparks are what we call our souls. These began to condense and form into the perceptions of separate ego. Never have we been truly separate from the One Existence, but we have perceived our little self-spark to be alone and separate from Creator and other Sacred Sparks of Creation.

God has given us unending Life and unmeasured Abundance. This is so because we are and have always been and will ever be Him/Her. We cannot be anything else. There is nothing but the Oneness. Even that which the little self (internalized Ego) labels as Evil is only another Spark of Oneness that is less evolved than our own self definition. That which we aspire to is only another Spark of Oneness that is more evolved than our own self definition.

By more or less evolved I mean a larger or smaller sense of little self definition as opposed to Knowing the Truth of Our Oneness. Many worlds have been Created to provide playgrounds and school yards for these Holy and Sacred God Sparks to grow and evolve; to learn (remember) that we are not separate. These are as diverse and varied as are needed to provide an appropriate environment for the residents of said worlds at any slice of time and space.

Those worlds and universes that we perceive as physical, move in great cycles of physical space in great cycles of time to provide that none are asked to "Carry the lower vibrations" for too long. In the Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Love that is Creator, provision (precise vision) is made for the recycling of worlds and universes by Galactic motion around, and from close by to far away from a physical manifestation of Creator known as the "Great Central Sun". This is not Creator, but only a physical wave of Creator. Creator both exists and does not exist beyond Physicality. God/Creator is not limited by being only Physical. The Great Central Sun is the Source of All Vibration.

Known as Om in the Eastern religions. This is also the true meaning of the term "in the beginning there was the Word". This is the Word of God. The Creative Vibration. The Holy and Sacred Christ. This Galactic motion is at this moment carrying us into a time and space of higher vibration. A vibration of higher manifestation. A manifestation of Harmony given by a greater sense of Oneness. When looking at our world though this context of understanding, one "sees" the changing from the old order to a world of God Abundance.

From a world operated by the unenlightened (both seen and unseen both embodied and not) acting in little self Ego service and calling themselves "Illuminated" by the Light Bringer, aka Lucifer, to world of unlimited God Abundance. These are the changes you have spoken and written of. These are the changes observed in the etheric worlds by those who have chosen to be able to "see" in those worlds. Lucifer and his minions are done here for a long time.

They will be busy erecting their controls on other worlds for the allotted time those worlds will house the"lower vibrations". They will "control" those whom choose to embody on those worlds and partake in that which exists there, but not here on Earth any longer. When we look into the heavens and see many diverse worlds and races of beings, some will look to evil and some will look to be divine. All are God the One that is All.

It is only we that still perceive ourself as separate that sustains the need to label. Thus in labeling, bringing the need to fight, align, hoard and live in hatred and fear. To live in limitedness and not in unlimited God Abundance. Those that are ready and prepared to live in that unlimited Abundance are here now doing the work of administering the change-over. They are not here to "fight the good fight", to "slay the enemy". They are here to lovingly move situations from one set of circumstances to another set of higher manifestation. This administration is not painless. It is change. And we know change is disruptive and painful, but change IS change.

Much has taken place in the month of August between the full moon cycles. Heart centers are being opened that have long been closed. This is extremely painful in many ways to those that resist and insist on "keeping the way it has always been". "The way I was raised". "The old ways daddy taught me used work so well". This is why Lucifer and his minions have left. They could neither change, nor control the change. The only choice was to leave. What we see here and now is the remnants of their control. Those so far down the laddr, so to speak, that they haven't yet seen the real Light. Their day of awakening is fast approaching. Their heart centers are activating. They will have to change or leave for a more vibration friendly world environment.

I would like to ask for your permission to post your article on a new and "still under construction" website. It is As of now there is only one entry there. An unedited written recording of a message received though myself a couple of weeks ago. Your article and this letter exchange may fit there very well. With much appreciation,


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