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Using a Computer Tone Generator for Rife Frequency Therapy

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January 1, 2007


Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007
From: Christopher
To:   Editor
Subject: Hello, Mr. Adachi! From a 27yr old thanful reader/researcher, Re: Tone Gen. conversion to Rife

: from speaker of computer, to hand held electrodes or foot plates... I have colon problems and also gallstones and am VERY interested in seeing if this therapy could dissolve gallstones especially. Plus I have not much money or any savings, so this would be a God send... Thank you for everything! Your site is one of the best, I have been visiting it and Fwd'g it to friends for a good 3 years now...


ps. Your recent response to a reader who wrote you Re: Steven Greer and the Discolure Project was concise and exactly what I have personally thought myself. Thank you for having the foresight and intellect to string all these things together to the core issues. I very much appreciate you.


Thanks Chris,

I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

Yes, the NCH tone generator will give you the frequencies OK. The voltage will be very low, so the current will also be very low, but, it's better than not using the generator.

If you amplify the output of the generator, you will get more current--but you have to be careful and know what you are doing.

If you can find a high end audio amp, such as used for better stereo gear or even a high quality amp used for music (bands), you can first plug the computer output into a low impedance input of the amp and then connect your electrodes to the amp's output.

A 30, 40 or 50 watt amp is more than adequate. You want to disconnect the speakers and hook up a 50 watt 8 ohm wire wound resistor across the output (where the speakers connected) You hook up your electrodes to either end of the 50 watt resistor. Most of the current will go through the resistor, but a portion will go through you via the electrodes. If you use 3/4 inch copper pipes for the electrodes, wrap a single layer of wetted paper towel around each electrode (the blue industrial type paper towels work better and won't fall apart when wet).

You begin with the volume control on the amp at zero and only turn it up a little at a time. If you had an oscilloscope and could see the voltage waveform, it would be better. Ideally, you want something in the 9-15 volt range.

A) You can improve gall bladder and gall stones with a gall bladder and liver flush. See Hulda Clark's books for the details.

B) There are at least 7 homeopathic compounds that work well to alleviate the symptoms of this condition.

1. Nux vomica
2. Belladonna
3. Bryonia
4. Carduus marianus
5. Chelidonium
6. Colocynthis
7. Lycopodium

Regards, Ken


Tone Generator Can be Used for Rife Therapy (May 7, 2003)

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