ne Generator Can be Used for Rife Therapyo
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Tone Generator Can be Used for Rife Therapy
May 7, 2003

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From: Melocco János <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 4:26 AM
Subject: tone generator et al

Dear Mr. Adachi,

I am grateful for your web page for several reasons, I have been a frequent visitor for a month or so. I am a Hungarian-American presently living in Hungary. I think your articles and comments on the NWO are courageous and revealing. I am also grateful for your introdution of the Tone generator into my life, I have a painful nasal polyp which was misdiagnosed by the doctors (the X-ray was turned around and subsequently every single doctor stated that my polyp as on the right side, although I have been having pains and obstruction on the left side exclusively), and a few treatments already produced some symptoms of dissolution, in plain English, some stuff coming out that was obviously clogging me up, and a subsequent easing of pains. My wife started to use it for sinus headaches.

I wonder about the sources of this promising therapeutic practice, since it proved so useful in my case. Does it relate to homeopathy? I could not quite connect the articles on the web site on sound therapy to the TG, since they seem to be mostly about ultrasound used topically, not audible sound used via earphones. I also wonder how the person who prepared the frequency chart arrived at these particular numbers ( in a way, the chart is like a mini-repertory). Coming from yoga, I understand the general theory of vibrations, what I am interested in whose research resulted in these particular values?

Please let me know if there is a link or an article or if there are some useful hints. Presently I am using several sounds at the same time, also their harmonics. I guess if a particular tone value is valid for destruction of bad tissue or bacteria etc, or reviving a particular potential of the immune system, the octaves (double, half etc.) and possibly the fifths (two third of the original, and its doubles and halves) will fortify the effect. If not, they are at least musically pleasant.

Sincerely yours,

Janos Melocco
2517 Kesztölc, Kosari u. 14, Hungary, Europe

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From: Editor
To: Melocco János
Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 8:29 PM
Subject: Re: tone generator et al

Hello Janos,

The frequencies come from Rife frequency charts used in Rife therapy. You can expose the body to different forms of frequency energy and get somewhat similar results, but not exact results. There are roughly 3 methods used: acoustic, skin electrodes, and RF plasma waves. Plasma waves produce the best results because they produce scalar waves, skin electrodes are next, and acoustic next. Some types of special acoustic energy works better than the electrode or plasma type, but we aren't talking about those types here, only regular frequency generator waveforms are being considered.

By the way, Light Therapy can work in union with sound to get much better results. Read the info about the Dinshah Spectro-Chrome light therapy on my Products page ( )

You can take the output from your sound card of your computer that is normally connected to your speakers or headphones and connect that output to handheld electrodes or foot plates and get the skin electrode type of effects. The output is very low in terms of voltage, so you won't feel much in the way of tingling (except perhaps in the lower frequency ranges of 50-900 HZ, but even that is doubtful).

You can AMPLIFY the output by plugging the sound card output into a simple AUDIO AMPLIFIER AND USE THE SPEAKER OUTPUT OF THE AMPLIFIER TO FEED YOUR ELECTRODES. You can even use those small speaker type amps that can run on batteries or wall electricity. The higher quality the the amp circuitry, the better the results. If you have an oscilloscope, you can look at the input signal to your audio amp and check it against the output of your audio amp and see if you get any distortions. Using SQUARE waves instead of sine waves will reveal distortions. I'll have to get some pictures up on this.

I'll run some tests on my computer here and let you know what I find. I've wanted to explain this to everyone for a long time now anyway.

Regards, Ken

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