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[Editor's Note: You might notice the spelling in the word "G-d" below. It's not a typo. I've gotten a few e-mails in the past in which "God" is spelled in this way. Often, the author of those e-mails will claim to be 'Christian', in the same manner that Freemasons often claim that they are 'Christian'. The "G" seen with masonic symbolism refers to Gnosticism and those are the folks who don't spell "God" in the conventional manner. I wonder why?

Gnostics believed in a remote and unknown Supreme Being. They also believed that an evil and subordinate being called the Demiurge created the world, and that the world was ruled by evil spirits. There were both Christian and non-Christian Gnostic sects. The movement flourished from roughly 100AD to the 700's in Europe and the Middle East. Gnostics were seen as heretics by the church since their beliefs included a sizeable mix of paganism combined with the denial of Christ's death on the cross and the Resurrection, as described in the New Testament.

There is a movement of late to re-package Gnosticism and resell it to radio talk show audiences as a kinder and more 'understanding'  version of Christianity in which the search for 'knowledge' is touted as supreme. The Nag Hammadi 'bible' is held up as the Real Deal when it comes to the life of Christ, even though Gnostics themselves will admit that the Nag Harmmadi text was written 200-300 years after the death of Christ.

Recently, I posted another letter in which I addressed the "Holy Grail" promotional work of Sir Laurence Gardner with a summary of his efforts to convince the world that Christ never actually died on the cross, but rather survived and escaped to France where, we are told, He impregnated Mary Magdalene and started the "Jesus Clan". Sir Gardner would have you believe that the Merovingian bloodline in France were the descendants of Christ's "children". Do you notice a connection between the story line pitched by the Gnostics, that which is touted by Sir Laurence, and the recent promotion of the Nag Hammadi text?

I'm more than slightly suspicious of the 'discovery' of Nag Hammadi library and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Not that the 'discovery' didn't take place or that the text may indeed be roughly 2,000 years old, but rather that the person who obtained a complete set of photos of the Dead Sea scrolls in 1961 (being held in secrecy by the Vatican controlled Ecole Biblique et ArchZologique) was none other than Mrs. Elizabeth Bechtel, wife of Kenneth Bechtel of the megalithic (and shadowy) Bechtel Corporation. She gave the photos to the Huntington Library in California which announced their possession in 1991. If you've read the Project Blue Beam article, you know that there is a scripted plan to arrange for the 'discovery' of ancient text which supports the idea that the traditional versions of organized religions were 'flawed' and that newly discovered 'evidence' points to a greater amalgamation of spiritual thought which would eventually cause us to embrace a One World religion. Now, let's see. Who would be interested in setting us up for a One World religion I wonder? ...Ken. ]
November 29, 2006

Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006
From: <>
To: Editor

Sad. It's sad that someone like you with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm for making the world a better place would waste your time on the total BS your site presents. Free energy, Illuminati, vaccine dangers. For G-d's sake, man, if you and your like-minded friends turned your energy to helping people in your local community with simple things like housing, food, energy efficiency, oversight of government spending, the world would be a much better place. Instead, you waste your time trying to convince people they can run an automobile on NOTHING.

Very sad.


From: Oliver
To: Editor
Reply-To: Oliver
Subject: Support for you!

Hi Ken,

I have just come across some very insulting and ignorant comments on your website written by people who obviously try to discredit you.

Your website and attitude, insight, self-education and self-criticism, openess and responsibility is admirable. People who slander you are either consciously or subconsciously mind-controlled. I encounter such people every day in my fight for creating awareness. They cannot be helped. However, if I reach one human being once in a while who listens and is willing to consider what I have to say and actually starts doing some research on his/her own, I am very happy indeed. Not quantity but quality counts and people who are ready will listen. The signs are indeed encouraging and a more and more general awakening can no longer be prevented.

So, when you are attacked in such a way, be content because you are upsetting the "New World Odor" muppets who start realising that the heat is turning up on them and all those who actually care beyond their own house, car and dog should continue to turn up the heat.

Please carry on giving information to those who want to make a real change in their lifes and who want to change the world for the better.

Thank you for your great efforts.

Best regards,


Hello Oliver,

Thanks for your supportive thoughts. It means a great deal to me.

I often publish negative letters instead of congratulatory ones in the interest of helping readers see the deficits in the thinking or awareness of the critic. Sometimes I respond to a critic while at other times, I'll just post their letter, with or without commentary. Sometimes, I just delete negative letters because they're too boring or moronic to bother publishing.

Of course, I don't expect to turn around the critic, but you affect other people's thinking by coming at them sideways, instead of a direct confrontation. And it's always possible that you can even cause a change in the thinking of the critic, probably not immediately, but at some point down the road.

Best Regards, Ken

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