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To Whom I Can Help
Oct. 28, 2004

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From: Juanita
Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 8:53 PM
Subject: To help...

To whom I can help:

I ABSOLUTELY love your site and have enjoyed many, many hours of reading. I am very new to this site, as I've only discovered it in the past couple of weeks since my brother gave me his ISP account info to use to get online again. It has saved me alot of frustration in just dealing w/ the 'new' life I've been given, which is a sober one. (Now currently six months!) I am married to a man who has no interest or beliefs in all that this site has to offer, and I have 2 young girls, one 4, the other 8, whom I am trying to teach w/ the best of my abilities. I try to keep their psychic gifts intact before they are 'trained' out of them, but when we know of almost no one who shares our interests, it is really hard.

I keep trying to send the people I know some facts (or opinions) of what I have read and are mostly met w/ skepticism. The only one I know in my life who believes as I do and will follow any leads I give him is the brother I mentioned above. (Thank my Higher Power for that!)

I have no transportation and no income source other than that of my unsupportive husband. I pray alot for a means of income to provide for my family, but things are as they should be - as I'm told. So even though most of the materials for certain devices are cheap, I still can't make them RIGHT NOW; But hopefully soon, that will change. Until then, I was curious to know if there was anything else other than financial that I could do to help out or possibly earn some 'perks'.

I have so much more enjoyable (as far as the knowledge) info to read and I am ever so grateful for this website. My thoughts and gratitude go out to all who help. I hope I can help in some way, also.

Thank you for reading this,


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From: Editor
To: Juanita
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2004 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: To help...

Hello Juanita,

Thanks for your note. Glad to hear that you are no longer controlled by the compulsion to drink alcohol.

I think a lot of people have stopped drinking alcohol and smoking pot lately because of the higher vibration dimension we are moving into. Don Croft has also mentioned this to me. It seems that we have to face reality soberly for the events that lie ahead and it's no longer the appropriate time for getting fuzzy headed and just slide from one day into the next.

I get a lot of mail from people like you who are also frustrated by friends or family members who can't recognize what's happening and respond with skepticism or ridicule. You need to realize that the world has ALWAYS reacted this way when old lies are being usurped by new information. Those who lead the way with new light are always attacked and ridiculed. Consider what happened to Jesus. Those who follow those pioneers are also subjected to similar treatment. Look how long it took for the Roman empire to stop persecuting and murdering Christians.

What makes it much worst today is the INTENTIONAL subtle brainwashing (school, preachers, etc.), misdirection (media, politicians, TV) and unseen psychotronic mind control technologies that are being applied by the satanic Illuminati worldwide to keep the majority of unaware people dumbed down and consumed with sensationalism, emotionalism, and immersed in the pursuit of gross destructive appetites (especially TV and movies in the USA. It's very different in Japan, by the way. Japanese TV dramas are much more concerned with spiritually uplifting themes and the promotion of love and kindness).

It's so VERY OBVIOUS to see once you recognize the game taking place, but for those still caught within the Matrix, they can't see it and usually respond with skepticism. But for those who do see the game and try to convince their friends of the manipulation, they are still accomplishing some good, for skeptics are SUBCONSCIOUSLY influenced by bearers of Truth. You have to remember that. The inner spirit or soul KNOWS the truth and will eventually respond on the conscious level.

You never know when you plant a seed that will eventually germinate and bear fruit. That's happened to me a lot. It may take them 8 years to get back to you, but often, former skeptics will wake up and thank you for getting them to THINK and stop REACTING to the CONDITIONING or brainwashing that we've been subjected to all of our lives. I was once in that boat too.

I was in the military in the early part of the Vietnam war and remember quite well how impatient and irritated I was with campus anti-war protesters after I got out and returned to civilian life. At the time, I believed Johnson, McNamara, Rusk, and that whole crew of lying, Illuminati puppets. I was getting my impressions from TV, radio, and Time or Newsweek magazine, so how could I have any OTHER opinion besides the one which the Illuminati WANTED me to have? It's the same for the skeptics that you are encountering. They haven't made the effort to read the hundreds of books now available that expose the NWO crowd. I found out about the NWO agenda by reading Bill Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse around 1994 I think. Prior to reading that book, I DIDN'T HAVE A CLUE. Ted Gunderson told me that he too, was totally unaware of the NWO agenda-even though he worked for the FBI for 28 years(retired in 1979)- until someone gave him the book Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr.

Don't feel isolated and separated from your husband. You, he, and those two kids are physically and spiritually BOUND together as a family unit and you must remain a close and loving family unit-no matter what. The Illuminati has worked so hard to ferment discord and dissolution of the American family. Don't give them another victory. Remain steadfast. Keep your heart wide open to him and realize that it's not right to blame people for ignorance. Lead by loving example. Don't preach. Be forgiving and tolerant. ASK for help from God daily and you will be given the strength you need. Your kids are learning from your every thought and deed. Inspire them with Christ-like behavior and you will produce two loving adults who will carry on in the service of love and humanity after you are gone. That's a mother's job Juanita.

Send me your address and I'll send you some orgone toys.

Sincerely, Ken



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