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Dr. Hulda Clark's Protocol for Treating Alzheimer's Disease, Including Zapping and Iodine Supplementation

April 6, 2012 /

Dr. Hulda Clark's Protocol for Treating Alzheimer's Disease, Including Zapping and Iodine Supplementation (April 6, 2012)

Subject: Zapper Cures
From: Rajesh C (India)
Date: Fri, April 6, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

We would like to know whether zapper cure has worked well for Alzheimer disease as were unable to get anything from net search confirming success in Alzheimer or any testimonial in this regard.

Would be really glad if you provide us with a success formula in treating alzheimer for my dear family member(who is aged 78 male and otherwise in good health).


Rajesh C
Mumbai India


Hello Rajesh,

Thanks for your interest.

Dr Hulda Clark mentions in all of her books (http://educate-yourself.org/cn/huldaclarkbooks.shtml) that ALL disease conditions include the presence of pathogens and solvents.

In the case of Alzheimer's, the pathogens involved would include species of parasitic FLUKES that can be killed with a zapper. Hulda Clark reports that daily zapping will reduce the population of all species of pathogens, but targeted zapping, called "Plate Zapping," can focus zapping current to a particular location, such as the brain, and focus on a specific pathogen species, such as the flukes, as well.

Hulda found that taking Iodine/Iodide as "Lugol's Solution" can make a tremendous difference in helping Alzheimer's patients. You can now obtain a freeze dried version of Lugol's solution in a capsule form called "Iodoral" Each capsule contains 12.5mg of Iodine/Iodide. Dr David Brownstein reported in his book on Iodine, that you could safely take up to 4 capsules (50mg) of Iodoral daily and not overdose on Iodine (for most people al least, but there are always exceptionally sensitive people and some who are allergic to iodine). You can obtain Iodoral here in the United States by going to amazon.com. Perhaps you can also order it online in India as well. You'll have to check.

You can read Dr. Hulda Clark's book, The Cure for All Disease, online at this link:

The Cure for All Diseases (1995)
http://educate-yourself.org/hc/cure.pdf (for pdf version)

I'll paste in pages 269 - 272 below so you can read what Hulda has to say about treating Alzheimer's:.

If you wish to order the Mini Silver Terminator zapper, you can read more at this link:


Pages 269-272 from The Cure for All Disease by Dr. Hulda Clark :


What was once a rare disease has become a household word because it now affects so many. Two new pollutants of the brain, inviting an old parasite to a location it would not normally be, is the explanation. The new pollutants are solvents that seek the brain.

Xylene and toluene are pollutants of popular beverages, decaffeinated powders and carbonated drinks. At first, the body can detoxify these but with a steady stream of solvent arriving, detoxification slows down and parasites begin to build up in the brain. Common fluke parasites which we eat in undercooked meat and perhaps get from our pets, can now reach the brain and multiply there.

Other toxins are also present, such as aluminum, mercury, freon, thallium, cadmium. Aluminum buildup is seen in all Alzheimer's sufferers (100%). This is undoubtedly part of the true cause. Did it come before or after the parasites?

Whatever the answer, your job is clear. Remove every bit of aluminum from the food and environment. Throw out the pots, the aluminum foil, the cookie sheets, the tea ball. Throw out the kitchen salt, the pickles, the baking powder. Buy things made with baking soda (not baking powder), use a plastic salt shaker, buy salt without added aluminum. Stop using commercial soaps and lotions. Make the soap recipes in this book. Finally, tape over all aluminum handles in the bathroom and elsewhere (e.g. the walker) with masking tape. Then find a chelating doctor to help remove aluminum from the brain. Also use thioctic acid [more commonly known as Alpha Lipoic Acid] (100 mg; take 2 three times a day).


Kill the four common flukes with the first frequency genrator or zapper you can get your hands on. Prevent reinfection from meats and pets. Stop all commercial beverages, including water. The processing has left xylene and toluene in them. They are not put in intentionally. For the same reason, health food beverages are similarly polluted. Only milk is safely bought from the store. You must still sterilize it, however. Make your own fruit juices. Select beverages from the list of recipes given. Drink water from your cold water tap, filtering it with a small pure carbon filter as in a filter pitcher (see Sources).

As much as xylene and toluene are brain-seeking solvents, Shigella is a brain-seeking bacterium. The symptoms it causes are not always the same since they depend on the location of infection. Sometimes they cause tremor, sometimes loss of balance, sometimes speech problems. But they are very serious problems. Kill Shigellas every day at bedtime with your zapper. Start the Bowel Program (page 546). When improvement is lasting you know you have stopped reinfecting from your own bowel or from polluted dairy products.

Remove dental metal and use thioctic acid [Alpha Lipoic Acid] as a help to clear tissues of metal. Use vitamin C (3 grams) and B2 (300 mg) to assist the liver with detoxification. Use B complex (2 a day) to assist the liver generally. Avoid food molds; ergot especially has strong mental effects (see Moldy Food, page 381).

Start a kidney cleanse (page 549) as soon as you can. Follow this with a liver cleanse (page 552). Clean up environment and diet. Your beloved family member or friend with Alzheimer's can regain her or his mental function to a considerable degree. Most important is stopping the mental deterioration before it is not reversible.

[Case histories]

Lisa Anne Reed, 60ish, was tentatively diagnosed with Alzheimer's 10 years ago. She needed complete care at present but was able to walk (could disappear quickly) and eat. She could occasionally say her name. Her brain had intestinal flukes and their eggs and


was toxic with aluminum (cooking pots) and aluminum silicate (salt). One week later she still had the parasites because nobody could skillfully give her the parasite program. She was also toxic with benzene so reinfection was occurring. In addition she was toxic with bromine (from brominated bread?), chlorine (chlorinated water? [also from perchlorates] ) lithium, bismuth, vanadium, and tungsten, all known to have strong brain effects. She was also toxic with moth balls and iridium. She harbored Naegleria, another brain parasite. In another week there still were no changes due to inability to administer the treatment.

Isabelita Ufford, 77, was in a wheelchair, brought by her two daughters who took turns caring for her. She was on ClanopinTM medicine, did not try to speak and needed total care, including feeding. She had been ill about seven years. She had intestinal flukes and their [intermediate] stages in her brain (the cerebrum) as well as intestine. She also had isopropanol solvent [Iosopropyl alcohol, found in drug stores], aluminum, chromate and high levels of arsenic in her body. She was given the parasite herbs plus instruction to get rid of solvents and metals but the plans could not be carried out. The parasites could not be killed without considerably more help than was available. She was a dear, sweet person. The daughters were highly motivated, but were overwhelmed with the size of the task.

Beth Hamm, 60ish, arrived led by her ever-vigilant, ever-caring husband. She was started by medical doctors on EDTA chelation to remove aluminum from her brain. My [Syncrometer] tests showed aluminum, toluene, sheep liver flukes, asbestos and Shigella bacteria. The parasites and bacteria were zapped immediately and her husband began the difficult task of excluding non-sterile dairy products from the diet provided. In four days she was able to walk by herself, knowing where she was going. She could finish a short sentence and comply with directions to sit down and get up. Then she had a set back—she had acquired Salmonellas in the brain from a bit of dairy food that had slipped by his attention.

She was given Lugol’s and she improved further. In ten days she was a new person; an interview of twenty minutes length did not reveal Alzheimer symptoms. Will she be able to hold on to her gains? Only if the aluminum and asbestos are removed from her home environment,
his vigilance with dairy food keeps up, and she stays on a maintenance parasite program. But her husband appeared intent


on her recovery. She is a person again. And there seems to be a delightful companionship.

Ruben Camberos was brought by his wife and a friend for Alzheimer's. The first day he arrived, the intestinal flukes in his brain were found and killed. He was started on EDTA chelation. They were warned about non sterile dairy foods. His Shigella was zapped. Four days later he spoke his first meaningful sentence: it was three words long. He could pay attention to the appointment proceedings. Two days after that he was reading a newspaper. This was utterly shocking to his wife. In another three days, he could hold a conversation consisting of very short sentences.
Larger ones became hopelessly garbled. He was started on ornithine (4) and valerian capsules (6) at bedtime: this produced a beautiful nights sleep (especially for his caretakers!) and his days were less agitated. There were still setbacks later but his wife was determined to get him well.

(You can read the entire book at this link: http://educate-yourself.org/hc/cure.pdf )


Regards, Ken

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