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Desperate to Avoid Cancer Surgery ~ What to Do?
October 25, 2010

Desperate to Avoid Cancer Surgery ~ What to Do?

Subject: Can't take surgery - anything else to remove tumour?
From: Tammy
Date: Mon, October 25, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

I read through the info on your site. I've been "educating myself" for a year but still have this tumour.

I went to a syncrometer tester and she found the ortho-phospho-tyrosine cancer markers in my stomach, intestines and liver a year ago. Apparently this means tyrosine is binding to the wrong thing (?) - Do you know if this means avoid tyrosine? I have a low thyroid and the supplements for thyroid contain tyrosine.

I have a tumour about 1-1/2" in diameter in front of my shoulder. The syncrometer tester did not find cancer in it, but had trouble testing that area. She did find strep. Zapping for a year with zapper, plus a Rife-type machine made no difference.

Have you seen anything that might work - if it's maybe caused by tooth problems? One problem wisdom tooth was extracted but it made no difference. I have one root canal on the opposite side. - I'm wondering if removing it would make any difference to the tumour.

**I'm desperate for a solution besides surgery because I almost died from a local anaesthetic years ago. I can't take adrenalin or epinephrine in dental anaesthetic.

Do you think Dr. Lorraine Day used something that Dr. Clark did not know about - besides her belief in God?

Have you seen ozone, MMS, cesium, infrared heat or anything else remove tumours that are visible on the body - whether cancerous or not?



Hi Tammy,

OPT (orthophosphotyrosine) is a marker for cancer. It's not something that is normally found in the body. It doesn't make sense that the Syncrometer tester said you didn't have cancer. You only get OPT when you have cancer. It's produced by a certain parasite working in league with a cancer complex in your body.

The best info on treating cancer is The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers. This is Hulda Clark's last book published in 2007. The info you need is in that book.

Your teeth can make all the difference in the world. You should remove root canal and any metal fillings in your mouth. The info on how to take care of your mouth is also in her book.

You are looking for a simple solution, which most people hope to find, but you need a wide spectrum of information from which to tailor your therapy. You need to study her book day and night and apply her info.

Lorraine Day is OK but she doesn't have the tremendous knowledge or understanding acquired by Hulda Clark. She cleaned up her diet and that will often cure cancer, but you need to KNOW WHAT'S CAUSING the tumor to grow. You have to first attend to your WATER source. If your water is contaminated with Clorox bleach (many water sources are), you can't get rid of cancer. All the info about the problem with the water in your home is explained in her book. Get the book and start reading it. You need knowledge.

Regards, Ken


Treating Cancer by Ken Adachi

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