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Establishment Lies About HIV/AIDS Tests
July 18, 2008

Establishment Lies About HIV/AIDS Tests (July 18, 2008)

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From: Karel Grenier
To:Ken Adachi
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008
Subject: HIV/AIDS establishment

Hi there Ken Adachi

I made a tour of your site and nowhere is there a text or article talking about the HIV and AIDS establishment. So I thought this subject could become something for your web site. I will give you an internet address which gives the majority of the facts, but first I will tell all I know about this entire lie ( and please forgive my writing. I am native French).

First of all, scientists and medics know about immuno-supression since the beginning of the 20th century. They also know the exploding drama of AIDS in the beginning of ' 80s coincided with the arrival of new recreational drugs as such as ecstacy, uppers, amphetamines, LSD, and others, which slowly destroys the immune system, but in 1984 the retroviral cause was adopted by governments and the media when Gallo informed people that he had found the real cause of AIDS: the famous HIV retrovirus (which is only a piece of dead cell tissue).

But he forgot to tell that on the subject affected by immuno-suppression, more than half of these people were not seropositive and didn't have a trace of HIV (which could not be scientifically accepted). But since that time, whenever someone is is identified as seropositive, he is condemned to death.

The seroprevanlency tests are based on nothing tangible. Since the virus was never isolated, we cannot identify correctly the antiviral charge specific to HIV.

Dr Giraldo did research about how was made into a test, but never found any answer. So if the laboratory says it's positive, that's all they say. That's how the test is made and that's all we know.

So Giraldo did his own experiemts. .

The first illogical fact is that with the Elisa test, the serum (purified blood), is dillued 400 times. Usually, for other viruses, the serum isn't diluted or only one time to seven times dilution, but 400 times is a critical dillution and nowhere can the reason be found.

If the antiviral charge go up a certain amount, the subject is declared seropositive. This is not science, this is science-fiction (or even anti-science).

For the Western Blot, serum is dillued 50 times, again this is illogical. So Giraldo tried something ingenious, he made a test with non-diluted serum and all were positive, even the blood of those who were originally seronegative. The result : everyone on earth is seropositive. :--) (even you)

There is about 60 factors which can make a false positive to the test. If one ever had hepatitis (A or B), tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, or even a cold or a rhume ... also if one ever have certain vaccines, they will be positive to the test, even if they don't have a real infection. And they will be given toxic antiretroviral drugs, inibitors of protease and transciptase which are really bad for your health.

I have a lot of thing more to say, but will let you make your own research. I've made mine and I am definitely non-believer in the official party line. The 30 diseases pasted on to AIDS can all be treated without collective psychosis.

Here is a complete website,

If you can't find all the necessary information on the newly configured web site, I think there is a link for the old site. Here is the French site :

Thank you.

I hope with your intelligence and your practical wisdom, you will understand everything and eventually denounce the lie on your website.

Karel Grenier


Hello Karel,

Thanks for your great note. I'm sure many will be interested in your comments.

I've written about HIV and AIDS being a bio-engineered disease in many earlier articles posted to my web site in previous years. Dr. Len Horowitz came out with an explosive book in 1994 titled "Emerging Viruses" which detailed with government documents how the United States DOD working hand in hand with Litton Industries and other contractors, shepherded the development of the HIV virus starting in the late 1960s, until it was actually deployed in the "field" in the late 1970s, in both Africa, by the World Health Organization (WHO), and here in the United States using homosexual guinea pigs who thought they were getting experimental Hepatitis vaccinations.

Dr. Robert Gallo, the man who attempted to take credit for "discovering" the HIV virus and became chief patent holder on the test used to diagnose AIDS-from which be gained millions and millions of dollars-- was in fact the CHIEF CONTRACTOR in charge of DEVELOPING the HIV virus for the Department of Defense. This man should be sitting in jail for the rest of his life along with his Pentagon buddies.

Other people had exposed the AIDS scam even as early as the 1980s. Col. Fletcher Prouty comes to mind, as does Tom Bearden, who came out with a book exposing AIDS as a government-designed disease somewhere around 1987 I think.

Your English is nearly perfect. I don't know why you are so critical of yourself? In fact, I still need a volunteer French translator for some articles. Perhaps you would be interested in translating one or two? Let me know.

Please continue to share your opinions. I'll post your letter.

Kind Regards, K en

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