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The Truth Is The Truth
July 22, 2004

Subject: compliments on a nice web site
From: Rajni
Date: Thu, July 22, 2004 8:26 am

Dear Sir,

Satnam, Well done on such site , I found it useful to bring myself up to date with issues that surround us in our daily lives.

We do need models of excellence that will make the world into a place that is both sustainable and workable.

People allow themselves to be controlled, to such an extent that they may be completely oblivious to it.

I have a strong faith in the Judeo-Chritain and unity of all religions in that the truth is the truth is truth.

I believe we can live on the moon and there is enough power on the planet to make this planet like heaven for all.

If it is the case that many nefaroius acts are being commited in this world for the sake of the illuminati, then this is indeed very sad.

We all must do better to stop the prevailing debasment of moral thought. and create a fair, just and tolerant society.

I think it is important for individauls to have easy access to your site and much work needs to be done . Fortunately, history will remember the pain of this century more than most. I hope by 2010 the world is a morally safer place with the Nazi eugenic thought process having thawed like an ice cream in a hot oven and being replaced with a more liberal and IT / Diversity is our strength / can do compassionate peaceful future. As true genetics and AI have already replaced humans as the purveyors of all knowledge. The truth is the truth, satnam

I wish you peace.

Om shanti



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