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Tunisia, Boarding School, Influential Father, Military/Embassy Links
& Attempted Suicide at 16: Are they Connected?
April 6, 2005


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From: PB
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 6:26 AM
Subject: about the 'Teen Self-Mutilation' letter to the editor

Hi Ken,

I just fnished reading this letter

I made an intuitive connection with my own story. Maybe it has sense for you and can help me understanding what happened. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Spanish and my English is limited. I made a donation from Spain recently.

Now I'm 25 but when I was 16, I tried to suicide myself when living in Tunisia. That was on the last months of living there. The date was 6/6/1996 and I was 16... curious date. It's curious too that I cut my arms with a piece of broken bottle and didn't feel any pain. I couldn't do it now...

I lived there for 6 years because my father was managinig 2 hotels and other touristic companies. We were only about 400 spanish people in Tunisia at that time, and we had much contact with the spanish emabssy. For example, the daughter of the embassor [ambassador] was an occasional girlfriend of my step brother. We were also friends with the daughters of the 'military aggregate' (agregado militar, dont know how to translate this [military liason]). My father knew him and that man personally told my father he was part of the Spanish secret service (like your CIA).

During my 6 years in Tunisia I saw a lot of things that I only understand now. Ben Ali is a dictator there and was trained by the CIA. There's police at every corner, and you can go to prison for your beliefs as with any dictator. I use to drink a lot of water there but not from bottle, and now my teeth are a bit damaged because of the fluoride. I was only 10 when I arrived at Tunisia and too young to see what was happening, but it was a known thing that all foreign people where under more or less surveillance.

Another interesting thing is that during 11 months or so I was internate in my school (a French school). I mean sleeping and eating at the school. During that time I use to see my parents once a month or so.

Then I came back to Spain and never again had contact with Spanish people from there, but I suffered from many depressions on the next years.

Do you think my relation with the embassy could have triggered something?... or maybe just the fact of being in Tunisia?..

Maybe this is just a problem I had, but now that I begin to see how the world works, many questions arise...



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From: Editor
To: PB
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005
Subject: Re: about the 'Teen Self-Mutilation' letter to the editor

Hi PB,

OK, your situation in Tunisia. Let me begin by saying that at the age of 16, 17, 18 , you are changing from childhood more into adulthood and MANY teenagers get thoughts of suicide during that age period. Of course, for most teens, (inlcuding me when I was that age) you only get THOUGHTS here and there, but don't actually do anything to try and kill yourself. You just have these occasional thoughts about how it would it feel to drive off that bridge or crash into that tree, etc. Probably the majoirty of young people get those kinds of thoughts during the mid to late teen years, but they are only rare and occasional, not everyday. To actually go so far to cut yourself and not feel anything, that tells me something. Your other details also tells me that you might have been subjected to some kind of mind control situation, but I'm only GUESSING based on your details. It doesn't mean it's true; it's only a POSSIBILITY.

Here are some reasons why I say that:

1. The political environment is obviously under CIA type control.

2. Your father was a man of some position, power, and influence. If he was just a low level worker in the kitchen of the hotel, you might have had a different life there. They always try to mind contorl the children of influencial and powerful people to extend their range (CIA, secret police, etc) of influence and power. They do it with the children of government people like the diplomatic mission, the career military types, anyone who works for an intelligence group (CIA) for SURE or secret police type families.

3. You were the right age for the current Montauk style electronic mind control-they usually get boys around 12 or 13 years old, the age of puberty. If they wait longer, the personality is too set and it's not easy to put kids under mind control. 12 or 13 is the ideal age for electronic type of mind control.

4. You were away at a BOADING SCHOOL and only saw your parents once a month. That's VERY BIG RED FLAG. These mind control operations are most often carried out at boarding schools, especially since you were in a foreign country. The more expensive and well known the school, the more likely you will have been exposed to this activity (more children of elites attend expensive schools). You need to know that when you are in such a location, you can be drugged (without your knowledge), or you can be hypnotized (without your knowledge) and you can be made to FORGET anything they want you to forget.

So you might have gone to sleep one night and had some drugs slipped into your food or drink a few hours earlier (just an example). They come and get you while you are asleep and under the influence of their drugs. They take you to another location and subject you to more drugs and then electronic mind control equipment and program you. After a couple of hours, they take you back to your bed, and you wake up in the morning feeling a little strange, but you just thought you had a bad dream or something and you go about your day, not having any idea of what really occurred to you the previous night. That's just an example, There are many other ways it could happen, but you get the idea.

5. As I mentioned in the letter, ONE possible SIGN of mind control programming is cutting yourself to stop you from remembering events that happened while you were drugged or under mind control programming. There are many ways to make the mind control programming hold the victim so he cannot remember what really happened to him. Cutting yourself is one of those control mechanisms. They PROGRAM the kids to do that and in doing it, they are REINFORCING the mind control programming. So they accomplish TWO things with the same act:

1. the kid will continue to forget any memories of being programmed and
2. the very act of cutting himself will reinforce the existing programming and locks it in tighter.

It's more than possible that the kids who get together (cult-like groups) and all engage in self mutilation, may ALL have been programmed with mind control and they are reinforcing each other's programming by thinking it's something cool to do. I have a feeling this is what's going on with those groups who talk about mutilation as if it's some type of art form and a desireable thing to do.

The fact that YOU DIDN'T FEEL THE PAIN when you cut your arm is another BIG RED FLAG. You had to be under the influence of 1, hypnosis, 2, drugs, or 3. mind control programming for that to occur.

The date is also very suspicious. All the 6's Eg. July (6), day (6) and year ends with (6) = 666 satanic number

6. Suffering from depression is another possible symptom of the body trying to bring up memoires of being programmed, but can't bring the information to the conscious mind yet, so you experience the frustration as depression. Of course, it's also true that teens get depressed for many normal reasons as well: girl problems, wrong diet, too much stress, etc.

7. The embassy connection is also very suspicious. These type of mind control operatiosn can take place there as well as hospitals or psychiatric facilities or military bases. They are all favorite locations for mind control programming).

You can find out from a VERY SKILLED psychic if you have been exposed to mind control programming. The information will register in your subconscious mind and in your aura, so a really good psychic can pick it up, but that person must be an exceptionally sklled psychic, not the ordinary kind.

Hypnotists or psychologists or even your average psychiatrist cannot discover this type of programming because it is buried too deep and they have installed programs to fool anyone trying to discover the programming.

I'll send this email to Carol Croft also. She may have the time to look and tell you whether my guess is correct or not. If she can't do it, then you'll have to ask around and find someone in your area who has a very good reputation for being accurate and see what you can find out.

And remember that I'm only GUESSING about this. I may be completely wrong in your case.

Regards, Ken


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