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Turbine Engineer Dismisses Chemtrails as 'Pure Fantasy'
November 24, 2007

Turbine Engineer Dismisses Chemtrails as 'Pure Fantasy' (Nov. 24, 2007)

Subject: Chemtrails
Date: Sat, November 24, 2007 5:44 pm
To:   Editor

Ken Adachi-

Your articles on chemtrails are pure fanatasy. I worked for a gas turbine engine manufacturer for 10 years in engineering. The fuel purity requirements are extremely tight for jet fuel. No commercial airline would dream of sacrificing millions of dollars worth of engines to support some crazy government depop. plot. For every pound of fuel burned you get almost a pound of water vapour which at 30,0000 feet -60 F freezes to form, guess what , ice crystals or cloud like con trails. When there are on average 7000 commercial aircraft in the air over the US every day that is a lot of water vapour. If they were trying to burn a heavy particle load in the fuel the engine fuel nozzles and hydromechanical fuel controls would plug up causing shutdowns and failures not good for the safety of passengers or the bottom line. Follow the money man and do some homework!!!

Doug A


Dear Doug,

I'm going to respond to your comments, but it's more for the sake of my readers rather than any desire to assist you in surmounting your grievous ignorance, due to your belligerent and arrogant tone. There are grammar school children in different countries around the world who are fully aware of what chemtrails are and how they are sprayed from flying platforms using discrete spraying equipment. Yet this ELEMENTARY fact is lost to you- Mr 10 Year Turbine Engineer Professional.

I don't know what planet you've lived on for the past nine years, Doug, but if you haven't seen chemtrails being sprayed nearly every day right over your head (you are in Canada I presume) then you are an EXTREMELY unobservant individual.

If you had taken the time to read even some of the articles on chemtrails posted at my web site, you would know that chemtrails are not a by-product or a mixture that is combined with the aircraft's fuel; nor is it coming out of the turbine's exhaust.

These substances are being sprayed out of separate nozzles, using special spraying equipment. They have their own supply tanks, pumps, etc. There are a variety of platforms used today to spray chemtrails. Some of them are conventional aircraft and others are not. In the earlier period of chemtrail sprayings (ca. 1998 -2003), a certain percentage of passenger airlines were retrofitted to spray chemtrails as well, but today I don't think they are still using commercial airliners, at least not to the extent that they once did. Today, most of the chemtrail spraying platforms are robotic craft under complete computer guidance.

I'm not going to bother going into water vapor or ice crystals even with a numbskull like you because it has nothing to do with chemtrail spraying. The principle Cover Story for chemtrails - from the very beginning - has been the "contrail" canard.

Beyond that, there is nothing more to say except to remind you that while God has allowed special dispensation for drunks and children, no such protection is afforded to arrogant, self-assured clods. You're on your own pal, and you are your own greatest impediment to advancement.

Sayonara, Ken


Subject: Re: Chemtrails
From: "Linda" <>
Date: Mon, November 26, 2007
To: Editor

Hey - Thanks for your reply. Must of hit a nerve there Ken. Whatever happened to intelligent debate.

Boy I'm sure a lot of people are relieved that commercial aircraft are not burning contaminated fuel but spraying it from the flap actuator fairings or is it your military? Amazing that thousands of government employees would work in a program to poison the entire continental US including their own families! By the way my comments were aimed at the statement in the article " Chemtrails " that a true contrail is rare and shortlived, that is patently untrue. As an editor you should check your contributors sources. There are pictures from World War 2 bombing raids of piston engine powered B17's and B 29's leaving thousands of con trails across the skies.

Modern high by-pass ratio turbofans produce massive contrails almost continuously at high altitudes and are modifying cloud and weather patterns no doubt. I am an avid listener of Coast to Coast , Alex Jones and have spent a lifetime researching the hidden power structure behind human history but this chemtrail story is pure fanatsy. There are many more efficient and cheaper ways to kill off the population they used low ground level fogging to spread the plague in the Middle Ages.

If they are messing with weather I can see that but not for the spread of disease or carcinogens. The chemical and pharma industries are doing a better job already. The logistics of building drones large enough to carry this spray medium I would assume they would need to carry several thousand gallons to be effective at 10 lbs. per gallon if the medium is water based ( pretty large aircraft). Plus be deployed simultaneously all over the continental US because contrails are seen every where every clear day every day of the week! Gee Ken now do you see why I'm skeptical it would be a truly massive program wouldn't it? If you would like to reply this time drop the infantile school yard name calling and have a logical debate.



Dear Doug,

I replied to you in a manner befitting the tenor of your unsolicited opinions. You disgorge your disparaging and arrogant comments on a topic of which you are wholly ignorant and you expect a polite reply? You're a died in the wool knuckle head, Doug. You're just dumb my friend, and pathetically so.

The evidence is so overwhelming, a 12 year old child could recognize it, but not you because you're either too stupid or too lazy to examine the mountain of evidence readily available on the internet. You're also easily convinced by superficial and contrived "evidence".

The only people who have posted World War II gasoline fueled, piston engine airplanes to the internet are chemtrail debunkers and government disinfo artists intent on persuading morons like you that chemtrails and airplane exhaust are one and the same. Obviously, they've succeeded beyond their wildest dreams with you.

The exhaust seen in those WWII photos are NOT contrails! True contrails are frozen water crystals which can ONLY form at very high altitudes (much higher than World War II planes could fly!), and even then only when the atmospheric conditions are just right for their formation. Contrails are a by-product of high flying jet planes, not prop driven, gasoline fueled, low level World War II vintage aircraft.

Debate? Are you kidding me? You don't have even an elementary grasp of the facts and you want to debate; as if you're competent enough to do that? You can debate with readers who want to take the time to deliver you from your appalling ignorance.

You are equally uninformed of the New World Order depopulation agenda because you would know that chemtrails play an important role in that agenda. And as far as "logic" goes, you don't possess very much because "logic" should tell you that chemtrails are the MOST effective vector -among all the available possibilities (including vaccines)- of reaching the largest number of people worldwide. Everyone has to breathe while walking around outside, but not everyone is going to take vaccines or eat contaminated food or drink city water, or take prescription drugs, etc., etc.

Our little "debate" is over Doug. I'm not going to invest any more time in responding to your towering acumen and vaunted opinions. Had you addressed me with politeness and respect the first time around, I've might have taken the time to respond to you in an entirely different manner.

The old saw still holds: You reap what you sow.

So long and good luck, Ken


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Subject: chemtrails
From: Pam
Date: Tue, November 27, 2007
To: Editor

Thank you for the information on Sylphs I am a sky watcher and analyzer for as long as I can remember. The sky now where I live, is a whitewash
and a fraud. Contrails are confused with chemtrails because people are too busy or cannot remember. I am 44 years old and I have intently looked at the sky since my teens.

We are robbed of sunshine every day vital to well being. This is Greedyberg Alberta Canada. I have seen the formations I can only hope that it is true CHEERS SYLPHS.

Observation IS the scientific method.

Love, not fear

Edmonton,Alberta Canada


Subject: pompous disinfo minions
From: J. Stearns
Date: Wed, December 26, 2007
To: Editor

Hi, Ken:

I hope you're having a pleasant holiday season. I reviewed the thread you posted regarding chemtrails from the alleged turbine engineer. He ought to practice what he preaches. As I already have thoroughly done my homework on this subject and can attest to personal experience from the bizarre health ailments I experience concurrent with spraying, it's tiresome to see the blatantly obvious continually attacked and/or ridiculed by pompous, brainwashed scientists assigned/programmed to propagate the asinine fantasy of "persistent contrails", offering the most ridiculous, one-sided arguments in defense. As you aptly put, you can't have a debate with someone who is a willing ignorant of the most basic tenets of the subject being discussed (a primary reason why I tabled my conversation with those morons at NASA).

On a better note, since June, the skies have had an overall clearness I haven't seen in years. There have been a couple of "stinker" spray days here and there, but it's a delight to not see the scrawl and artificial cloud covers on a daily basis like before. I'm doing my best to stay focused on the positive, and I can sense it working.

J. Stearns


Hi J,

Yes, locally, chemtrails are more infrequent of late with many blue sky days. It really lifts your spirits to see the sky free of chemtrails, even if only for brief periods. .

There's no way of knowing the true identity or genuine beliefs of those who debunk chemtrails. Agents or dolts? It's hard to believe that people who claim to be professionals can utter such rank stupidities, but formal education is no guarantor of intelligence I suppose. Of course, claiming professional credentials of some sort is the oldest trick in the book when attempting to elevate your opinion above others. The technical arguments this guy makes in his reply to me is pure rubbish. One example:

"Modern high by-pass ratio turbofans produce massive contrails almost continuously at high altitudes and are modifying cloud and weather patterns no doubt."

What crap! This is the same sort of garbage that I read at disinfo web sites that claim to explain away all of the 'new' types of cloud formation we have been witnessing in the past decade with cute latin-sounding names (much as the US Postal Service did in 2003 with their "cloud" series of stamps). It's merely coincidence, of course, that this effort to inform us about these "new" types of clouds just happens to coincide exactly with the advent of chemtrail spraying (and HAARP affected clouds) which began in the winter of 1997-98.

Yes, it is tiring to constantly rebut the "persistent contrail" refrain from debunkers, but how do you feel when I respond to their lame-brain fantasies and distortion of facts? While lies are smothering, the truth is exhilarating! That's why we need to respond to debunkers and reaffirm the truth of what we are plainly seeing and experiencing and not allow the robots, the non-thinkers, the dumb, the blind, or the propagandists to spread their manure unchallenged. Eternal vigilance:

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: pompous disinfo minions
From: "Jim Stearns" <>
Date: Thu, December 27, 2007
To:   Editor

Hi, Ken:

I'm confident the ultimate answer lies on the world's geopolitical structure and chain of command, which is heavily based on minions intentionally selected for leadership positions, or else threatened, bribed, and/or brainwashed to carry out a specific role, such as Patrick Minnis of NASA.

It's easy to say these people are stupid (they may very well be), but the power of mind-wash dwarfs one's rational perspective on things and cannot be underestimated. Add enough money to the equation, and many in applicable roles will willfully support an agenda even if their assignment violates their own principles.

It's reprehensible and often treasonous, but people need money and is a key reason the world is in the state it is today. I also believe (and I may be reiterating an earlier comment) that there exists little incentive for one to go out of their way to write a disparaging E-mail to an alternative news site unless the government put them up to it for money. The note you received was disrespectful, lacking substance, and overall is consistent from what I would expect from an "agent". NASA seems notorious for this; they certainly seem to have enough free time on their hands as I learned from experience.

What can I say about ridicule? Austin Milbarge in the movie "Spies Like Us" summed it up perfectly:

"We mock what we don't understand."

FYI, these are my physical ailments from chemtrails, and I ONLY experience these symptoms during repeated/heavy spraying (note in general I'm very healthy and rarely get sick)

- sinus irritation
- reduction in breathing capacity (typically during exertion)
- development of dry, scaly skin with eczema
- acne breakouts
- strange pains in various parts of my anatomy, such as pain in lifting my arm
- urge to sneeze, up to several times a day, but can't
- sickness to my stomach (I ended up in the hospital early last summer due to repeated vomiting. I'm confident the cause was aerial spraying and not food poisoning, and this has happened several times over the past few years).
- a red, splotchy rash over my stomach extending to my chest and navel, as well as partially on my back (only after I develop an infection, and also after the aforementioned violent regurgitation)
- overall feelings of weakness

As you can see, there exists a strong incentive for me to help put a stop to this treasonous, noxious activity.

J. Stearns


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