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A Note from Turkish Batman
January 12, 2007

Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007
To: Editor
Subject: educate yourself

Hi Ken,

I'm just wondering why you seem to think everyone wants to kill you? I've used Google for years, and Big Brother hasn't come after me yet. I get a flu shot every season, and I'm perfectly healthy.

I believe and always trust in the guiding power of Jesus Christ to guide us in all things. We are all redeemed in his light, and I don't believe that our Lord would let the evil forces you describe influence our lives to such an extent as you suggest. Also, I believe in the Jewish people's right to inhabit their sacred homeland in Israel. They are God's Chosen and you cannot argue with God.

I hope you can find comfort and hope by accepting Christ into your heart. If you're ever in Bagley, MN, you're very welcome at my church (Faith Hill Assembly of God, 521 Schilling Road).


Dear Anonymous,

Before I address your remarks, I'm curious as to why you indicate your church address , but you don't sign this letter and identify yourself? Surely, your name isn't "Turkish Batman", is it?

I find myself taking less sophisticated and less educated people to task for sending anonymous, unsigned mail, but I find it odd that someone in your position would do such a thing (?).

Anyway, in response to your comments:

1. Where have you read on my web site that I'm of the opinion that "everyone wants to kill" me? You haven't read such words from me. You've PROJECTED this idea in your imagination. Obviously, you've already jumped to the conclusion that I'm paranoid and delusional, so, in your mind, a paranoid person is someone who thinks the world is trying to "get" him or "kill" him. Right?

2. Google: It's your prerogative to expose yourself to web tracking and data mining if you wish. I think it would have been appropriate for Google to have informed us (they did not) that they were tracking and data mining, so we could make a decision about whether we wanted to participate. If you see no evidence of the growth and expansion of Big Brother control mechanisms in your life, and you find no reason to be concerned about such things, then by all means, use Google to your heart's content. I place information on my web site for readers who WISH to take advantage of that information. You are under no obligation to do anything.

3. Flu shots: Again, your call. You are free to get every vaccination that the Wonder Boys at Merck can concoct. Don't forget about Bird Flu, Anthrax, SARS, Smallpox, and Hepatitis; you never can be too careful you know!

If you wish to remain unaware of the research of Dr Vera Schiebner, Dr Len Howowitz, Dr Neil Miller , Dr Sherry Tenpenny, Dr Gary Null, Dr Hulda Clark, or dozens of other authors who have tried to alert the world to the dangers of ANY and ALL vaccinations, then you have that right. However, your assumption that there are no negative consequences of getting vaccinations because you feel "fine" right now is a little naive on your part.

Vaccines COMPROMISE and WEAKEN the body's immune system. The research is voluminous and conclusive on that subject. Depending on the vaccine used, the damage can manifest quickly in babies or small children (SIDS, autism, brain damage, etc.), or take decades to manifest in an adult (MS, auto-immune disease, etc.). You are not likely to make the connection to previous vaccinations when you have a manifestation that results in organ failure or some other form of disease manifestation, but you will experience the consequence of those vaccines all the same. Apparently, you are unaware that "flu"or any other disease that is said to be prevented or ameliorated by vaccines (mostly exaggerated hype), can be handled much more safely with Nature-based medicine such as Homeopathy, Bio-electric therapy, herbs, or even something as simple as colloidal silver.

You will find much more information here on vaccine dangers. Ignore the data if you wish; you have that right.

4. I have no argument with you concerning the guiding help offered by Jesus, or any of the saints and angelic beings who give us quiet courage and insights when we ask for Divine assistance.

5. Concerning the dark forces at play in this country, they are there and they can be seen by anyone with the brains to recognize treason and deceit, especially when it's so boldly thrust in your face. The idea that God would "allow" evil to exist is a philosophical debate that has been debated many times over the centuries. I won't rehash it here.

If you think you are immune from the dangers posed by One World Order fascists and Satanists because the Lord will "protect you" from such things, then I think you need to get out a few history books and see what happened to Catholic priests, nuns, and Protestant ministers in Nazi Germany after 1941. You are in the world, Rev. Anonymous, and you will suffer it's slings and arrows, regardless of what goes on in your imagination. The Lord, by the way, INTENDED it that way. You're here to LEARN spiritual lessons, not coast

6. The Jewish people have every right to live in peace and security as do the Arab people who are the rightful occupants of Palestine, which was annexed by Britain following World War I with the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. The vast majority of Jewish people who live in Israel are not of Semitic background, but rather are of Khazar, Turkish, and Mongol ethic background. Israel is not their "sacred homeland" . Nor are Jewish people "God's Chosen". We are ALL God's Chosen People; every single one of us.

Fortunately, there are many decent Jewish people in Israel who agree with my comments about the right of Palestinians to live in their own land and they recognize the evil and destructive One World agenda of the Rothchild-created Zionists who have control of the Israeli government and the IDF (and of OUR government). Some of them are even aware of the full extent of the British Israel "End Times" scheme and the evangelizing of Pharisee-ism via Christian/Zionist such as yourself. If you're curious why I would say such a thing, then you might want to read the articles posted at this link:

Hoping Jesus will bless you with greater insight and understanding,

I am Sincerely Yours, Ken.

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