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U.K. Report: Chemtrail Resistance Fighter Affirms Effects of Orgone Generators & Sylphs
March 18, 2009

U.K. Report: Chemtrail Resistance Fighter Affirms Effects of Orgone Generators & Sylphs (Mar. 25, 2009)

Subject: Orgone Adventures!
From: Carol
Date: Wed, March 18, 2009
To: Editor

Well hello Ken,

What have you and the Women Warriors done? You have set me off big time into orgone! BUT IT WORKS!

Just got all of my materials to make some orgonite in a small pyramid form. They tend to 'tell' you where they need to go..In my case, into the fridge to charge food and filtered water, my TV unit, my outside courtyard, and gift one to the church at the 'altar end' so that all the projected love feelings are focused towards the altar in church, which, when mixed with organite, makes for a pretty powerful amplified punch. It also serves to deal with any 'pharisees' within the church! ;)

So days go by, and we get some lovely blue sky sunny weather; cheers everybody's mood in the village. Nights were clear, so the full moon shone and I could charge my orgone and crystals, and my new Lemurian crystals (another story!) Next morning, I see two planes agressively chemming over my house, and the mast on the hill near me. This mast has no purpose objectively. It's not a TV mast because I cannot get a TV signal on analogue full stop. It's not a phone mast because I cannot get a signal either. It's just there, begging to be gifted. (was my next target!).

All day and all night, til 3.30am, the planes chemmed and turned a beautiful day into a dark, overcast cold day. Instinctively, I thought that they can pick up positive OR readings and spray accordingly. I also didn't feel that the shite they sprayed was particulary harmful; it just dampened everybody's spirit, and kept the heat from being able to escape naturally. Damage enough though, as I live in a rural area, and farmers depend on good weather, especially as there are small farms doing (well, trying to do) organic free range produce: i.e. TRUELY free range hens lay free range eggs when it is warmer.

I boosted, prayed, made a blue hole, and the sylphs did try, but we were overwhelmed; it was that intense. I made some more organite, then came back to your site for help, and found THAT VERSE..."No more chemtrails"... just what the reikipath ordered he,he

I put more orgone pyramids outside, and said that verse on the night as I heard the planes again prepping to ruin the sky for the next day. Then spoke it again today, though refined it, mentioning the sylphs and asking for 'a true weather day' instead. I said it repeatedly, and put another few pyramids out.

Oh I have had some fun watching four jets try to spray over here today, let me tell you LOL!! Still CLEAR blue sky!! One even came over my house as usual now, and the chem stopped mid spray, as a syplh was there ready for it. The sylphs just need us to go about asking for their help in the right way. We need to be specific. And that's what that verse does; it's very specific. It also works well as it is like a spell..that's what spells are, verses of focused intent. All we need to learn is to ASK correctly.

Anyway, that woman who posted that verse...cheers!

I am on gifting mission these next few weeks, reservoirs so people somehow drink the OR water, gift the sea, the streams, tourist beauty spots, so when people come to recharge away from the towns, they CAN recharge. That is vitally important! Of course, masts will get it too, though for hard-to-reach masts, I have another approach...find the nearest big tree, ask it if you can gift its roots to help you against that mast nearby, and you will find that it will readily say yes, even with urgency, (I'm not making this up, it happened LOL!) Its branches act much like that of the phone mast, but with added life force and wisdom.

Sorry for the ramble, but the more places people know where to 'gift' if masts are hard to reach, the less defeatied people feel. We also need to get creative so as not to get our gifts discovered. Needle in a haystack is a good way to go.

I find it wonderfully eccentric for us all to be taking on the NWO from our kitchen worktops. Thanks for the info Ken, I just wish I knew this years ago!!

Kind Regards and all the best...


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