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UK Reader Cites Propaganda Fallout
October 22, 2006

Subject: Not sure about this stuff but thanks
Date: Sun, October 22, 2006 2:54 pm
To: Editor

Not so sure about a New world order needing to manipulate people so much, as you only have to look at the population of Britain (so called educated) for an example of how simple propaganda can have a powerful effect (refer to the Falkland/Malvinas war). Current affairs are dished out or supressed these days, and reference to historical events such as the Iranian Rervolution of the late seventies gets blank expressions on peoples faces, do we appreciate that Mesopotania was and is a beautiful culture, steeped in history....mmmmm, the David Ike's theories could be just another propaganda blanket to give people outlets.

Its simple though...I love my daughter and want a safer saner world, she's two now, so if your organization is gonna print stuff, I'd like one point to be made. Keep your action local, and simple, and if your successful locally, contact other groups of individuals on a broader playing field to compare notes... there are too many NGO knocking out pamphlets about this or that, and not enough real action is taking place....or have I been numbed!!!!!

Thanks alot for the information it's very interesting stuff...

Yours.. a concerned Ecologist



What you witness as dumbing-down propaganda visited on the British people and their distorted perceptions of what happened in the Falkland War is a result of thought control manufactured at The Tavistock Instutute, located at Sussex University and the City of London. You live at the center of propaganda and false history manufacturing that is dessiminated world wide and delivered to televisions and radios around the world as daily " news."

Dr. John Coleman, who used to work for Britain's MI6, has revealed the entire propaganda machinery in his latest book, The Tavistock Instutute for Human Relations. You should read it.

Regards, Ken

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